Don’t Sweep Heresy Under The Carpet


I notice from various corners the tendency or some orthodox Catholics to react to the Apostolic Excrementation in one of two ways: by saying that some parts raise “concerns”, but there is a lot of good in it, too; or by just ignoring the heresy and say that Pope Francis upheld Catholic doctrine.

Both attitudes are very dangerous, and are an unwitting help offered to Pope Francis.

If I gave you a poisoned cake, would you try to describe my gift as something with a lot of good ingredients in it, but whose poison causes you “concerns”? Heresy is poison for the soul. Francis is trying to poison the faithful with a 260-pages-cake, hoping you focus on the cream and chocolate whilst the poison works on the faithful. No, you would reject the entire cake as poisonous.

The same goes for the “ignore and resist” tactic. Heresy can never be ignored. It is there. It is there for a reason. It is being used as I write this to create a system of “parallel churches”, in which some Countries – or dioceses, or parishes – keep being faithful, whilst Francis allows the others to do as they please, safe in the cover not only of factual complicity, but of a written papal document.

Nor does it matter how much poison there is in the cake. This particular cake does have an awful lot of heretical poison in it; but even if the heresy had been hidden in only one or two footnotes, the heresy would have been just as grave anyway.

Things must be said as they are. The reality of a heretical Pope is blatantly evident. To ignore both the man's obviously heretical mind and the heretical documents he publishes is tantamount to allowing the man to spread his heresy among the weak, the ill-informed, and the stupid, merely because we are confident we aren't going to fall into the trap ourselves.

We don't live in countless little Catholic islands. The heresy spread among others concerns us. It is our duty to warn the weak, the ill-informed, and the stupid about what Francis is doing. To pretend that nothing is happening is not only intellectually dishonest – an awful lot is happening – but it makes the work of Satan, who will much prefer to be ignored by the faithful as he works his “black magic” on the others.

Do not sweep heresy und the rag. Denounce it very loud in your blog, in your office, with your friends, in your parish. Profit from it to teach proper doctrine to the uninformed, who will smile at you as you say the Pope is heretic. Leave a mark. Make people think of you first next time they hear or read about Francis. We are little individually, but we can do a lot all together.

And when you do God's work, numbers don't matter anyway.





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  1. “We don’t live in countless little Catholic islands.”

    Indeed. The Church is the body of Christ. Every one of us is a member, a little cell or organ of that body. Heresy is like cancer. The longer it is allowed to grow, the harder it is to get rid of, the worse it will get, affecting more and more organs, destroying healthy cells every day until the whole body is dying. We have assurance that the Church as a whole will not die, but we have no assurance whatsoever about any organ or individual cell of that body.

    The cancer of heresy needs to be eradicated as soon as it is detected for the health and survival of every individual Catholic soul.

  2. Maybe you have spoken about #297 in which Pope Francis says that ” no one can be condemned forever because that is not the logic of the gospel,” but if you have not, it seems to me that this was all Francis had to say. He could have skipped the other 4,985 words because if no one is condemned, he and the Church are useless.

    As you wrote not long ago, the only reason for being Catholic is to avoid hell.

  3. Thank God, you do God’s work, Mundabor, and you do it so well! We may not have the numbers, but with You, akaCatholic, OnePeterFive , Deus Ex Machina, et al, we have the truth and that’s all that matters.

    • Might I call them the Fearsome Four!? Each lions for the Faith. Uncompromising, crystalline, with ferocious love of Christ and His Church. Maybe one day they will be recognised for the heavy lifting they have done in these dark days. Someone, somewhere will identify our Mundabor, the Italian ex-pat in London. His name and face for now are known to only to Our Lord and that’s good enough for me.

      Thank-you gentlemen!

      Might I add Miss Barnhardt, our St Theresa of Avila on steroids to the above, making them the Fearsome Five?

    • Many thanks, Akita, also in the name of the other three, though I did not understand who they are!

  4. 1peterfive = Steve Skojek. I believe he has commented here. West Virginian? Very articulate and media savvy.

    Aka catholic = Louie Verrechio, exburbs of Baltimore? He promotes the Kingship of Christ ceaselessly. Read how he put the pope on trial before Trent in a recent blog. He’s getting ready to skewer Cardinal Burke.

    Deuces ex machina = Armaticus? Seems he lives in Greenland or the Maritime provinces. His mind is methodical and he lays out philosophical arguments that lead us to the truth about things. He may be a polyglot, but I’m sure speaks English and Polish.

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