Faithless Is Who Faithless Does



Father Z has a blog post with a comment from Ross Douthat to the new Apostolic Excrementation. I have kept the emphases.

A slippage that follows from this lack of confidence is one of the most striking aspects of the pope’s letter. What the church considers serious sin becomes mere “irregularity.” What the church considers a commandment becomes a mere “ideal.” What the church once stated authoritatively it now proffers tentatively, in tones laced with self-effacement, self-critique.

What this means is very simple: this man has no faith. To him, the rules are an embarrassment, and the commandments obstacles. All the rest flows from there.

We must start saying it out loud: if one speaks faithless words, it is because he has no faith within. This man does not believe in God, full stop. 


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  1. Below is my comment on Ross’s column which was published yesterday in the N. Y. Times.

    Let’s put the matter succinctly. Pope Francis only accentuated and highlighted the divisions in the Catholic Church with his latest anti-marriage document. First he redid the annulment procedure to make it free and easy. Now with his ‘Joy of Love (sex)’ tome he has given permission (licensed) in a roundabout way those in irregular (sinful) situations to feel comforted and welcome to Communion. With these actions Francis has become the anti-marriage Pope. Divorce will surely increase, divisions will widen, the Church’s credibility will further deteriorate and become even more Protestant than it already is. What was he thinking?? Was he thinking?? God cannot be pleased

  2. To answer Mr. Douhat, it’s simple—the Protestant churches largely following the “slippage” all in the name of the “spirit” of the Gospels as opposed to their clear intentions.

  3. blueskirtwaltz

    I believe we are in a time worse than the Arian heresy.

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