Cardinal Burke Has Betrayed His Flock

Pussycats are very Catholic these days...


Cardinal Burke has given an interview to the NCR about Amoris Laetitia, and he was worse than lame.

Faced with a poisoned cake and asked about it, the Cardinal chooses to simply ignore the poison. Rather, he promotes the eating of the cake as if there was no poison in it.

The fact is: the poison is there, and the Cardinal has no business whatever simply ignoring it. As a Bishop and Cardinal, it is exactly his duty to warn the faithful about the poison, and to condemn the one who baked the poisoned cake.

Burke becomes even worse than that, when he implies that not the heresies in the text, but the strong reactions of the Catholic laity confuse the faithful. No, Your Grace, it is not the lay bloggers who confuse the faithful; it is the like of you who do it, indicating that open heresy can be simply ignored when it is leading people to hell every day. This behaviour would be unacceptable in any bishop, and it is utterly unworthy of a Prince of the Church.

Almost as lame is the other astonishing statement, that an apostolic exhortation has no juridical value. This is neither here nor there. Amoris Laetitia is an official papal statement packed with heresy and blasphemy, which cannot be simply ignored merely because the heresies and blasphemies therein contained have no official canonical value.

Of course there is some value in the Cardinal's words, as he points out that truth can't be changed anyway. But this is simply besides the point. The Catholic world was not waiting for the Cardinal to tell us whether truth can change. It was waiting for him to do his job as Bishop and Cardinal and condemn heresy!

Besides, the Cardinal can simply not pretend not to know that the subversion of Catholic doctrine evidently planned by the Pope and his minions does not go – nor could it ever do – through official, legally sanctioned, proclamation of heresy, but through the allowing of an heretical praxis vigorously, brutally defended and openly promoted by the very words of a Pope.

Shame on you, Cardinal Burke! Millions of devout Catholics stun in disbelief at the extent of the blasphemous and heretical effrontery, and all you can do is to invite them to look the other way!

Heresy cannot simply be swept under the carpet. It is happening now, even as the life of the Church is being split in two in the very basics of Catholic thinking.

To pretend that this can be countered simply by inviting the faithful to be faithful is not good enough.

The Cardinal was called to roar, and he has meowed. No doubt, many others will do like him. On his head be it.

I keep hoping and praying that, among our bishops and Cardinal, some men will still be found.

For the moment, I have heard only of a pussycat.

Prepare to hear many more like him.



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  1. I was at first just as upset and disappointed as you, Mundabor. But I now think that the Cardinal really didn’t have much choice. The insidiousness of Modernist writing is to strew hundreds of pages with contradictory and ambiguous verbiage, betting that the intended audience will pack up the hints and act without direction. It’s like a good spy novel, where the code words are broadcast in plain sight with the faith that the operatives will know what to do.

    Under those conditions, a direct attack only invites cries of injustice from those who indeed deserve the lash. Of course they understand this, which is why they are so clever in confusing the audience. I’ve been exchanging notes with a fellow Catholic who is convinced that Amoris Laetitia is a perfectly dogmatic and true statement of the Faith, pointing out paragraph after paragraph where the Holy Father appears to hold up dogma. Only by drawing out the interactions between the various paragraphs, sentences, and especially the footnotes, can I explain the dangers in the Exhortation.

    Given these conditions, what can the Cardinal do. The press, just as it did with Vatican II, is having orgasms over the message and spirit of the Exhortation. To attack the Pontiff directly would be suicide. Instead, the Cardinal made about the best play I can think of—he reminded everyone that this is not cannot be claimed to be an infallible statement; so we have read it in the light of Magisterial teaching to clear up the ambiguity.

    This is the Achilles’ heel of Modernism, when everyone keeps their heads and focuses on the reality, the strategy fails because the operatives give themselves away when their actions are watched. Here is where the Cardinal will succeed or fail. We know the Modernists will overlook the transgressions of those who are too enthusiastic with the “spirit” of AL—just like with Vatican II—and so plan to achieve their objectives by an fake “organic” development and a phony sensus fidelium. If the loyal Cardinals, and I think Cardinal Burke is one, as well as the other religious and laity, stand up and refuse to accept the destruction of the Church by its own clergy, we can stop this and discredit those who are pushing the Devil’s agenda (knowing or not).

    • With all due respect: what a load of bollocks.

      If you think that a Cardinal ever has the right to shut up when heresy is being openly proclaimed you should pick a new religion.


  2. The fruits for the laity have already begun as a friend priest received an email from a young woman in marriage prep who said that it was okay for her to contracept and sent him a yahoo article with pope quotes in it. How does a priest argue with his flock against the pope?

  3. The Pollyanna Church will now throw this in our face to show us how backward and cruel we have become(ie.Those who still believe in the Ten Commandments) . I can’t believe this is Cardinal Burke speaking but I am forced to concede that he has buckled under the pressure of the system. It is beyond disappointing.

  4. Do not cling to Mr Burke: he is a “Prince of the Church” and enjoys too much the pomp, privilege and splendour that go with that title. He enjoyed basking in the glory of traditionalists’ positive comments and their aspirations, but when asked to step up to the plate, he was not the lion that roared, but the cowardly lion. If he were going to act or to speak out, he would have done so by now, but he loves the cardinalatial limousine, the scarlet cappa magna. Tant pis pour lui!

  5. Mundabor, fair enough. My initial reaction to reading Cardinal Burke’s essay was deep disappointment. But also I realize that each of us have to face Our Lord when the time comes, and I’m sure Cardinal Burke has kept that in mind.

    Personally, I am going to trust that Cardinal Burke knows what he is doing. I think it is Cardinal vs. Cardinal. Cardinal Burke is blocking what Cardinals Cupich and Kasper are saying. He is showing clearly that this is the Pope’s opinion, and not that of the Church.

    Ofcourse, this begs the question, of why the Pope is using his position as Vicar of Christ to give his own opinion, but not that of the Magisterium. I am not going to go down that road further. It is useless for me at this time. Pope Francis has amply shown that he thinks he is above the Magisterium.

    I’ve posted this on other blogs, and am also making the suggestion to you, should you want to take me up on it.

    I’ve just finished reading the essay by Willem Jacobus Cardinal Ejik entitled “Can Divorced and Civilly Remarried Persons Receive Communion?” This is from the book “Eleven Cardinals Speak on Marriage and the Family, Essays from a Pastoral Viewpoint”. This book was published in anticipation of the second Synod of the Family of 2015.

    I think it is a wonderful, SHORT, essay of 9 pages and clearly explains why the Catholic Church cannot allow people in ‘irregular’ situations to receive the Eucharist, showing the doctrinal, theological and pastoral perspectives and reasons why not. It makes so much sense!

    Here’s my thinking. I wonder if this essay can be published on blogs. (I don’t know about copyrights, but would give full credit to the book authors). This to me is a Must Read.

    I have made the offer on another blog to get copyright permission to post it on blogs. Since you are anonymous I won’t offer to scan and send you the essay, but if you are interested, I’m sure there are ways for you to read it, and keep you anonymous.

    • I can be anonymous, but I try not to infringe copyright. However, be assured no sensible Catholic needs the short pamphlet to obey the Lord.

      As to Burke, I must be brutal: a Cardinal is not an unknown, perhaps weak, parish priest. He must be ready to suffer torture every day, or he has no business being a Cardinal.

      Francis spits in the face of Christ. It is no time for diplomatic plays between Cardinals. It’s either here or there.

    • “Of course, this begs the question, of why the Pope is using his position as Vicar of Christ to give his own opinion, but not that of the Magisterium. I am not going to go down that road further. It is useless for me at this time. Pope Francis has amply shown that he thinks he is above the Magisterium.”

      Francis had at least one example to follow: JPII’s Evangelium Vitae when it comes to capital punishment for murder. The late Pope single-handedly and arbitrarily revised centuries of teaching from both Scripture and Tradition (as represented by two Doctors, Aquinas and Augustine) to promote the abolitionist position, which has become de facto doctrine simply by that unanimous consent of careerist bishops!

  6. Okay…I get it, Mundabor. I was wrong to say that it was you who was wrong. Apologies

    An insidious heretical fire has just be set – no less by Pope Francis…and no one in the hierarchy is willing to get ‘injured’ by trying to put it out. This is not the time for calm talking. Only action will do.

    As one commenter said on another blog ..”When Priests lead, the Faithful will follow. We want to follow. Catholics are starving for leadership. Let it begin now.”

    In the meantime, and until that happens I will return to my rosary, etc.

    • The problem is that the bishops should lead first, and they are not doing it. They are just nowhere.
      As you yourself see, it is very difficult in these circumstances.

  7. Hello Mundy,

    Many thanks for posting a foto of your neighbor’s retarded gay cat, “Bergie”. You should treat it with a bowl of grappa.

    As for Burke: I agree and I’ll raise your bet…I’m waiting for Papa Benedict to respond. My gut feeling is that BXVI will comment and it will be similarly as soft-boiled an egg as was Burke’s response.

    Hope I’m wrong.

  8. Cardinal Burke has betrayed Christ’s Church on earth. It doesn’t take 260 pages of the rambling opinions of an old man with communist feelings (everyone is the same, acceptance of communist crucifix, lights shows, environmentalism,all will go to Heaven, no Hell etc.) to uphold Catholic Doctrine on Holy Matrimony. All that was necessary was to cite the Sixth Commandment. What little surprises will be awaiting us at the next Synod on Ordination? Rainbow umbrellas handed out to all attendees? Priestly celibacy dumped? Homosexual priests allowed to marry & retain their office?

    BTW why is a man who doesn’t want to be called Vicar of Christ sitting on the Seat of Peter? How can Canon Law say that such a man was canonically elected even though gerrymandering was known to have happened & openly conceded afterwards? Why do we have Cardinals who are unfit to wear the red hat through spinelessness still in office? Maybe someone out there has the answer.

  9. It is possible that this is jest the initial response from +Burke, just to quickly get on the record to make the distinction that the document is not magisterial in nature. He could and should be preparing a much larger attack. We will see. There are plenty of people who think it will be up to the laity 100%. Count me in.

    • Everything can be, but this is highly unlikely. Firstly, by the scale of the event it is improbable that he would react in instalments without letting the faithful know where he is. Second, his veiled accusation to the scandalised Catholics reveals that he in favour of sweeping the dust under the rug.

      This intervention was so much out of character for Burke that you – and, I am sure, many others – are still waiting for some “real” Burke to speak.

      The real man has spoken already, and his speech ain’t pretty.


  10. This is just what occurred to me…

    Even if Cardinal Burke tells us this is not infallible, my understanding is that Catholics have the duty to heed the ordinary Magisterium.

    Exhortations by other popes…perhaps such as the one by St. JPII, fall into the same category as this one by Pope Francis. Unless we combat the AL head on, then we become cafeteria catholics ourselves, picking which exhortations we assent or not. In my view, this makes what has been done to us by the release of the AL, i.e. bits of poisonous heresy hidden in verbosity – diabolical.

    I could by- pass the encyclical on climate change. That was out of Pope Francis’ competence. But faith and morals???? It is well within his job description and competence to pronounce on this. And he has introduced heresy. Absolutely scary.

    • We must combat error, whenever it comes from.
      Any discussion about how a certain heretical statement ranks is simply besides the point.
      When a Pope speaks heresy from an official papal document, I cannot imagine a graver scandal.
      He could promote a porn film festival at the Vatican, and the scandal would still be less grave.
      Yesterday he has defended Judas! Satan speaks through this man’s mouth.

  11. On this beautiful Rocky Mountain spring day a pall lies over the earth. Nothing is the same. Truth (the Church) has been raped by the Vicar of Christ and his pack looks on, drooling, making lewd, encouraging yips and yaps. A few of the less favoured ones (head hung low, tail between legs) tell others to avert their gaze, but nothing more.

  12. More from me. ….

    Also, in his essay entitled “Can divorced and civilly remarried people receive communion” Willhem Jacobus Cardinal Eijk – in the book Eleven Cardinals Speak on Marriage and the Family – says the following:

    “We must realize that the question of administering Communion to divorce and civilly remarried persons is not an incidental, secondary matter. If we were to agree that it was, we would be also agreeing that the mutual gift of the spouses did not have to be total either at the spiritual level or the physical level. Consequently, we would be compelled to change the Church’s doctrine about marriage and sexuality in other areas”. [ he links what he says to the following] …….. “we would be compelled to also accept sexual acts that are not directed to procreation at all, such as homosexual acts”.

    Woweee!!!! AL also contains a Trojan Horse – it would compel the Church to ‘accept sexual acts that are not directed to procreation at all, such as homosexual acts’…. what are we to do?

    • I wonder where the Eleven Cardinals are now?
      Drinking Earl Grey?
      Feeding their Inner Pussycat?

    • “it would compel the Church to ‘accept sexual acts that are not directed to procreation at all, such as homosexual acts’…. ”

      And THAT my friend is their real ‘prize’. This stinker of a toilet bowl filler is simply more softening up of the laity and culture. They couldn’t give a rat’s rump about divorced and “remarrieds”…they’ve got their filthy eyes on ‘sanctifying’ sodomy …end game. And at the break-neck speed at which everything is now moving, I don’t think it’ll be too terribly long.


  13. Thank you for your studious commentary on this scandalous ‘exhortation’. I pray your blood pressure remains under control during your dissection of this vile verbiage. You’re in my prayers. I smiled at the start of High Mass Sunday because, of course, we didn’t sing your ‘name’, yet I remembered you at the Vidi Aquam. God bless you.

  14. M, there’s one good point about Cdl. Burke’s reply: He’s not Mark Shea!

    OK, that’s damning with faint praise, but still….

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