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Christ Is Being Scourged. The Apostles Ask You To Look Away.

Remember the beautiful reaction of the Bishops at the 2014 Synod? That was the day the pussycat roared.

The indignation was strong, and justified. It was, in fact, obligatory, as many bishops started on that day and in the following ones that they would betray their flock if they just let the abominations of the relatio post disceptationem without denouncing the error.

Do you get that? The bishops felt that they had the duty to denounce error, lest their silence confuses the faithful.

Eighteenth months have passed, and in between another Synod in which, again, thirteen Cardinals had the guts to warn Francis about the consequences of allowing heresy to be proclaimed. It worked again, and whilst the wording of the second relation was weak, it certainly did not contain heresy.

It is, therefore, simply unconscionable that only eighteen (and respectively six) months after these two events a papal document should be released which has every bit of the devastating heresy and blasphemy of the relatio post disceptationem, and the following should happen:

– Most bishops just shut up

– Some talk, and ask us to look the other way, as

– They accuse the faithful and rightly scandalised Catholics of being the ones who confuse the faithful.

It is a u-turn that exposes the weakness and hypocrisy of the same people who, only months ago, were proposing themselves as the guardian of orthodoxy, which btw is pretty much their job description.

Go to aka Catholic and read (twice, actually) the wonderful further analysis (there was a first blog post yesterday) of Louie Verrecchio about Cardinal Burke's (and the others') betrayal of their flock. The analysis is so well-structured and so cogent that I do not need to add anything to it. However, let me add some observations of my own about these days:

1) I must, with sadness, realise that 50 years of V II and three years of Francis have desensitised even faithful Catholics so much, that they consider heresy coming from a Pope something that can be simply swept under the carpet; or which in any way, shape or form can be considered the ground for tactical manoeuvres and “cunning plans”. Ladies and gentlemen, this rubbish is what gave us 50 years of Catholic decline – and, in time, Francis – in the first place. Let us continue this way and our measured reactions to blatant heresy and blasphemy will bring more heresy, more blasphemy, an entirely perverted college of Cardinals, and almost unlimited disgrace for who knows how long.

2) We must recover the very concept of sin. Every sin is an offence to God. Heresy is one of the gravest offences imaginable. Heresy officially proclaimed from a Pope is a disgrace that was, until three years ago, even beyond imaginable. And what should the reaction of our shepherds be? Measured response and polite remarks that this is not – if it is not, and it's a huge '”if” anyway – an instrument of the Ordinary Magisterium?

Who cares a straw how this document ranks! Wake up! The Pope is proclaiming heresy and blasphemy from an official document! What's wrong with you?

Every sin is an offence to God.

Heresy proclaimed from a papal document is like a repeated scourging and spitting of Our Lord' face.

I feel as if Christ were scourged again, none of the apostles were around, and some praised the “intelligent” and “prudent” work of those apostles trying to divert the attention from the scourging, and asking the faithful to focus on the beautiful parables of Jesus instead. Madness. Insanity.

We are living moments of untold gravity. Moment that have only a handful – if any – of precedents in the history of the Church.

If you think that this is the time to play for time and play tactical games, simply ignoring the reality of heresy and blasphemy, in black on white, for all the world to see, V II has damaged you far more than you think.

When was an age in Christianity when an attack of such a scale would have met with such effeminacy? Where was a time in Christianity when heresy was countered by the Bishops with the invitation to ignore it and focus on the rules instead? What the heck is that? Christ is being spit in the face, and the bishops should ask the faithful to… look elsewhere? Christ is being spit in the face, and those who decry it should be the one who give scandal? Insane. Diabolical.

Cardinal Burke has betrayed his flock, big time. So have – or will – all those Bishops and Cardinals who will avoid to denounce heresy. Heresy must be denounced and condemned, not ignored.

There is simply no possible universe in which a Pope can speak heresy and a Bishop or Cardinal is authorised to shut up about it!

This is on Burke's head. How he can sleep, he only knows. This was supposed to be one of our best Cardinals, and he reminds me of a Tory party functionary. This is a man who wears the red reminding him of the blood of the martyrs.

For shame. For shame. For shame.



Heresy In Amoris Laetitia: Footnote 351


I have, yesterday, commented on the phrase:

Because of forms of conditioning and mitigating factors, it is possible that in an objective situation of sin – which may not be subjectively culpable, or fully such – a person can be living in God’s grace, can love and can also grow in the life of grace and charity, while receiving the Church’s help to this end. [Footnote 351 here]

This astonishingly heretical, official papal statement has clearly opened the door for the reception of the Sacraments, because it simply states that even when the objective situation of (mortal) sin is there, this sin could not be mortal. And if the sin is not mortal, grace is not dead in the sinner. And if grace is not dead in the sinner, the sinner should be allowed to go to confession and receive Holy Communion. 

If you read again this phrase, you notice there is no strict need for an explicit permission to receive the sacraments. The door is already ajar, with a sign saying “your German foot here”.

But Francis isn’t happy with that. He wants more. He wants to explicitly, in writing, allow the possibility of both confession and communion, spitting in the face of Christ twice in the same paragraph. But he does not want to go too openly about it, because he still fears his bishops (unjustifiably so, would I say on the morning of the fifth day after publication). Therefore, he allows the administering of both sacraments in a footnote. 

Let us see the text of this notorious Footnote 351. Emphases, as always, mine:

351 In certain cases, this can include the help of the sacraments. Hence, “I want to remind priests that the confessional must not be a torture chamber, but rather an encounter with the Lord’s mercy” (Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Gaudium [24 November 2013], 44: AAS 105 [2013], 1038). I would also point out that the Eucharist “is not a prize for the perfect, but a powerful medicine and nourishment for the weak” (ibid., 47: 1039).

Note here: the sinner is – in Francis’ satanical worldview – not in mortal sin. Therefore there is, in principle, no reason why sacraments should not be administered. Still, our Jesuit prudently states that in certain cases they might be administered. This is made so that the sacrilege appears “pastoral”, rather than the unavoidable consequence of his satanical way of thinking. It also allows him to open the door only for those who want to open it: the African bishops will not consent to the opening of any door, but the Germans are there waiting to push the door wide open with the shoulder.

The “help” include sacraments. Notice the plural. They must, therefore, be at least two. Which ones are they? The following text leaves no doubt whatever as to which ones they are, because Francis “reminds” and “points out” to exactly them. 

The first is the Sacrament of Confession. Francis here quotes himself with one of his extremely stupid kindergarten comparisons (“this is not that”, where “that” is something no one has ever said in the past, but which must make him feel smart). There can be no doubt (unless you are stupid, or retarded, or a Jesuit; no, actually if you are a Jesuit you have no doubt at all) that Francis is here authorising the admitting of public adulterers to confession, in an official  papal document. 

The second is the sacrament of communion. Another extremely stupid kindergarten comparison is served, because Francis loves to humbly quote from… himself. It’s there, black on white, spelling damnation for reprobates. 

I have no words to express my outrage, and those I might have cannot be published. 

Before anyone produces himself in an exercise of “extreme Jesuitism” and tells me that Francis does not explicitly say, verbatim, “public adulterers are therefore allowed, in certain circumstances, to be admitted to the sacraments of both confession and communion”, I must (after insulting their stupidity; which is, at this point, both salutary and obligatory) ask them how they would interpret the following statements:

A) Heinrich Himmler writes to his camp directors the following instruction:  “Jews must be exterminated. In certain cases, this can include the help of mechanical devices and chemical means. I want to remind camp officers that Zyklon B is not rosewater. I would also point out that crematoria are not storage containers, but a powerful way of getting rid of unwanted waste”.

B) A Ku Klux Klan chief sends the following message to his group leaders: “Blacks are an inferior race and must be kept submissive. In certain cases, this can include physical punishment. I want to remind you that hanging from a tree tends to calm down unruly individuals. I also points out that lynching isn’t great fun for the individual affected, but a powerful way of punishing one in order to educate one hundred”.

I wonder who is the man so retarded, so unbelievably stupid or, far more probably, so twisted and in bad faith that he would like to make the case with you that Heinrich Himmler is not directing his subjects to the use of crematoria and Zyklon B, and the Ku Klux Klan leader is not directing his chiefs to the use of hanging and lynching.

Francis, you evil clown, I have bad news for you. You may think we are stupid, but we aren’t. You may think that you can hide behind your finger, but you are far too openly heretical for that. You may think that you will deceive your critics, but you will only deceive those firmly intentioned to be deceived, and willing to ignore reality at any cost. In the same way as anyone would call twisted and in bad faith those who would refuse to draw the only logical consequence from the statements A) and B) above.

Let me close these remarks with an obvious, but rarely heard, statement: a Pope making openly heretical statements in an official papal document is worse than any KKK chief, worse than Himmler, worse than Hitler, worse than Stalin. He is, without any doubt, Satan’s Numero Uno here on earth.

There is no comparison whatsoever, there is not even a comparison in kind,  between the massive destruction of perishable mortal bodies and the worldwide attack on Truth, and on immortal souls of infinite value, perpetrated by the Truth’s first and foremost representative on Earth.       

Francis is Number One enemy of humanity. Stalin does not even come close. Not only in this generation, but possibly of all times. I struggle to find in history a man so dangerous to so many not in their ultimately perishable bodies, but in their immortal souls. Mohammed might qualify; but you see, Mohammed was clearly recognisable as not a Christian. This one is an inside job. 

It is as if Stalin, or Mohammed, or Satan himself had become Pope. None of the three would, upon being elected Pope, proceed to openly proclaim their false religion or wicked ideology. They would not be as stupid as that. 

They would use footnotes instead. 



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