Christ Is Being Scourged. The Apostles Ask You To Look Away.

Remember the beautiful reaction of the Bishops at the 2014 Synod? That was the day the pussycat roared.

The indignation was strong, and justified. It was, in fact, obligatory, as many bishops started on that day and in the following ones that they would betray their flock if they just let the abominations of the relatio post disceptationem without denouncing the error.

Do you get that? The bishops felt that they had the duty to denounce error, lest their silence confuses the faithful.

Eighteenth months have passed, and in between another Synod in which, again, thirteen Cardinals had the guts to warn Francis about the consequences of allowing heresy to be proclaimed. It worked again, and whilst the wording of the second relation was weak, it certainly did not contain heresy.

It is, therefore, simply unconscionable that only eighteen (and respectively six) months after these two events a papal document should be released which has every bit of the devastating heresy and blasphemy of the relatio post disceptationem, and the following should happen:

– Most bishops just shut up

– Some talk, and ask us to look the other way, as

– They accuse the faithful and rightly scandalised Catholics of being the ones who confuse the faithful.

It is a u-turn that exposes the weakness and hypocrisy of the same people who, only months ago, were proposing themselves as the guardian of orthodoxy, which btw is pretty much their job description.

Go to aka Catholic and read (twice, actually) the wonderful further analysis (there was a first blog post yesterday) of Louie Verrecchio about Cardinal Burke's (and the others') betrayal of their flock. The analysis is so well-structured and so cogent that I do not need to add anything to it. However, let me add some observations of my own about these days:

1) I must, with sadness, realise that 50 years of V II and three years of Francis have desensitised even faithful Catholics so much, that they consider heresy coming from a Pope something that can be simply swept under the carpet; or which in any way, shape or form can be considered the ground for tactical manoeuvres and “cunning plans”. Ladies and gentlemen, this rubbish is what gave us 50 years of Catholic decline – and, in time, Francis – in the first place. Let us continue this way and our measured reactions to blatant heresy and blasphemy will bring more heresy, more blasphemy, an entirely perverted college of Cardinals, and almost unlimited disgrace for who knows how long.

2) We must recover the very concept of sin. Every sin is an offence to God. Heresy is one of the gravest offences imaginable. Heresy officially proclaimed from a Pope is a disgrace that was, until three years ago, even beyond imaginable. And what should the reaction of our shepherds be? Measured response and polite remarks that this is not – if it is not, and it's a huge '”if” anyway – an instrument of the Ordinary Magisterium?

Who cares a straw how this document ranks! Wake up! The Pope is proclaiming heresy and blasphemy from an official document! What's wrong with you?

Every sin is an offence to God.

Heresy proclaimed from a papal document is like a repeated scourging and spitting of Our Lord' face.

I feel as if Christ were scourged again, none of the apostles were around, and some praised the “intelligent” and “prudent” work of those apostles trying to divert the attention from the scourging, and asking the faithful to focus on the beautiful parables of Jesus instead. Madness. Insanity.

We are living moments of untold gravity. Moment that have only a handful – if any – of precedents in the history of the Church.

If you think that this is the time to play for time and play tactical games, simply ignoring the reality of heresy and blasphemy, in black on white, for all the world to see, V II has damaged you far more than you think.

When was an age in Christianity when an attack of such a scale would have met with such effeminacy? Where was a time in Christianity when heresy was countered by the Bishops with the invitation to ignore it and focus on the rules instead? What the heck is that? Christ is being spit in the face, and the bishops should ask the faithful to… look elsewhere? Christ is being spit in the face, and those who decry it should be the one who give scandal? Insane. Diabolical.

Cardinal Burke has betrayed his flock, big time. So have – or will – all those Bishops and Cardinals who will avoid to denounce heresy. Heresy must be denounced and condemned, not ignored.

There is simply no possible universe in which a Pope can speak heresy and a Bishop or Cardinal is authorised to shut up about it!

This is on Burke's head. How he can sleep, he only knows. This was supposed to be one of our best Cardinals, and he reminds me of a Tory party functionary. This is a man who wears the red reminding him of the blood of the martyrs.

For shame. For shame. For shame.



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  1. This morning I was inspired to re-read “Will the majority of Christians be saved” by Saint Leonard of Port Maurice. Such a refreshing tonic to wash away the sour taste of this apostasy. I will not link it as it’s available readily, but I recommend everyone read it and learn what real preaching of real Truth looks like. God Bless. Barbara

  2. What a sadness!!! I used to trust Cardinal Burke! I admit he is only one of the few that at least has told something about this mess… But the excuse he gives, that the Amoris Laetitia is NOT ordinary magisterium is very poor… very poor. What about then Familiaris Consortio, that is also an apostolic exhortation? The fatithful don´t have nobody to go for advice. If I tell this to my priest I am sure I will be accused of arrogance. What to do? I have my little girl beggining her path to the first holy communion? Some day she will ask me for these contradictions… What to say? What to explain? I feel very bad. (Sorry for my English, I am argentinian).

  3. Hear, hear, M. Especially about the fingers pointing at us for confusing the faithful. The gaslighting is indeed in full swing.

  4. As Archbishop Lefebvre said in 1974 about the so-called reforms of Vatican II:
    “It is impossible to modify profoundly the lex orandi without modifying the lex credendi. To the Novus Ordo Missae correspond a new catechism, a new priesthood, new seminaries, a charismatic Pentecostal Church – all things opposed to orthodoxy and the perennial teaching of the Church.

    This Reformation, born of Liberalism and Modernism, is poisoned through and through; it derives from heresy and ends in heresy, even if all its acts are not formally heretical. It is therefore impossible for any conscientious and faithful Catholic to espouse this Reformation or to submit to it in any way whatsoever.

    The only attitude of faithfulness to the Church and Catholic doctrine, in view of our salvation, is a categorical refusal to accept this Reformation.”

    People like Cardinal Burke exemplify this very well. They are not heretics themselves, but they have been poisoned by VII reforms ” that derive from heresy and lead to heresy, because they have “accepted” instead of refusing them.

  5. “This was supposed to be one of our best Cardinals, and he reminds me of a Tory party functionary. ”

    The reason Burke sounds like a Tory party functionary is that he basically is one. That is, he wants to preserve the Catholic structures he grew up with, but, being influenced by the poison of VII, has become accustomed to slow-moving “progress” towards modernism. Burke is a typical “conservative”, just like Benedict. He merely wishes to conserve, but not to restore. It remains to be seen whether there will be another Lefebvre in our generation, though I would not bet on it.

    Catholic conservatism has failed. Conservatism (Toryism, if you will) always defends some good that is in danger, but there is nothing worth conserving in modernist Rome. Restoration, not conservation, has to be the goal.

  6. I read or heard somewhere else that it is done, that wheat and chaff have been identified and separated, that it’s too late to change sides. So maybe it’s true, maybe speaking up is useless by now.

    • I disagree. Speaking up is always welcome, and it will always be a duty. This is also a complex document, and we might still see resistance mounting even among the bishops. This morning I have read a very damning article from a priest.

      However, sub specie aeternitatis it is already decided – and this is perhaps what you mean – who will believe Christ and who will believe Francis. However, this is not a reason to remain silent.


  7. I must say that I too am very disappointed in the weak response by Cardinal Burke to this Amoris Laetitia. He claims that it is not magisterial, it is merely the summary of what went on at the Council and makes no demands on the Faithful for aquiescence.
    There is a very good riposte to this in Rorate Caeli. In effect this says that Cardinal Burke is trying to have things two ways. He is trying to say that the Pope does not intend this as a Papal pronouncement which calls on the Faithful for their assent. Cardinal Burke is wrong. The Pope real and truly does intend this as requiring the assent of all the Faithful. In doing so he is leading the Faithful away from the truth! This is damnable!

    • The darn Cathlibs are demolishing Catholicism as we speak *with official papal approval*, and a Prince of the Church can’t do better than quibbling and criticise orthodox Catholics.
      What a turncoat.

  8. Now a week has passed, and nothing. It is my sincere hope that the many cardinals and bishops that stood up at the synods are right now simply coordinating the counter-attack. That’s got to be it, right? This document is so much worse than the relatios. And it is the bishops themselves who are to be the instruments of sacrilege, so they have some big skin in the game. The silence will shortly be broken by a blitz that will begin the removal of +Francis, right?

    • You are absolutely right.
      This document is much worse than the Relatio, against which our bishops had vociferously protested.,
      Only silver lining: I have read no comments from Polish or Africans as a whole.
      One can hope they are preparing a big, historic reaction.
      But the hope fades a little every day.

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