We live in depressing times. But this does not mean that we have any business being demoralised.

Christ has already won. That stupid, vulgar, ignorant, boorish, lewd clown sitting on the chair of Peter has already lost. You are not only on the right side of history but, more importantly, on the right side of truth.

Obviously, the situation is not exactly exhilarating. But again, it's a matter of perspective. If you think how massively the deception is being promoted, how many – culpably, in various degrees – fall for it, and that you are standing firm in the faith, you should actually feel rather proud (in the good sense) of yourself. You should feel quietly but solidly confident that you are, sinner as we all are, headed in the right direction.

No, I am not demoralised, and neither should you. The stink of heresy – and sycophancy – does make me want to vomit; but this is rather natural given the circumstances. Also, I cannot deny that – however much I try to think of the providential aspect of all this – the astonishing events unfolding in my lifetime make me suffer, and painfully long for the same environment my parents and grandparents grew in. Alas, it's not going to happen. Our generation has been given Francis. Not that haven't deserved him.

Every mother, every soldier will tell you that suffering for someone or something we love has a sweet side to it. Suffering for our betrayed faith also has a redeeming quality, and will encourage us to react by being stronger in our resolve to pray, and do penance, more.

There is truly no reason to be demoralised, and I invite all my readers to not give in, not in the least, to any thought of defeat or surrender. Victory is already won. Our duty consists merely in this: that we are required to fight for this already won battle for the rest of our lives. If the tomb meets us as faithful warriors, what does it matter how long or painful the battle was?

I have no illusions that the rest of our lives will bring more suffering, probably – and particularly for those looking to many decades in front of them – of a much more evident and brutal kind than today's. I see all the signs.

When even open heresy is met by most with nothing more than “puzzlement”, when it is not even openly ignored, you can be pretty sure of this: more and more blatant heresy, more heretical and perverted priests and bishops, more horrid Cardinals and, in the end, more Evil Clowns as Popes. This is what our polite disagreement will bring us, and this is what we have – collectively – fully deserved.

It is only when the Catholic world, or at least a substantial part of it, rises and cries “enough!”, and threatens the Pope with deposition, that things will at least start to change. Up to that point, the “I can't understand the Pope” (thought they do full well) crowd will continue to be the useful idiots of the heretics, and will continue to be led by the nose like the dumb oxes they are.

We know that. We can see decades of suffering coming. But we must not be demoralised.

Our generation has been given the opportunity to do battle for Christ like few others.

Let us feel energised by it. Let us resolve to be faithful soldiers to the end.

This is the war the Lord in His goodness allotted to us. Abandoned by our Bishops and Cardinals, insulted and openly attacked b our very Pope, we can still hear the trumpet calling us to war.

I hear the trumpet loud and clear. Everyone who isn't deaf must at this point react to it. And the trumpet is calling my name, and your name too…

I have only one answer:



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  1. The dreary future that you describe is certainly what we can foresee if nothing spectacular happens to change a lot of minds.

    What do you think of the prophecies of Our Lady of Good Success?

  2. Thank you for these encouraging words. I’m still reeling from the impact of Pope Francis’ comments about Judas. Francis actually calls Jesus a liar. I’m surprised this awful statement has gone uncontested by any bishop/cardinal. Silence.

    Jesus told us to come to Him, and lay our burden down – that’s what you are suggesting in so many words. He will give us rest because He is carrying our sorrow and pain with us. But being the Good God he is, he allows us to suffer a little bit to make reparation for our sins. I call it a win-win.

  3. I agree with everything you say, Mundabor, but with all due respect, what exactly are we supposed to do? I personally have committed myself to more fervent daily prayer and make sure I more faithfully carry out my duties as a husband, father, and professional, which I know can be incredibly fruitful. But is that all I can do?

    I ask mainly because I see a lot of folks like you exhorting us to the same call as you are, but it really seems to me that the laity are powerless to anything except write letters of encouragement or correction to our priests and bishops.

    Maybe we need to be less polite? I know Bishop Gracida recently gave an interview with Church Militant in which he encouraged the laity to stand up and publicly correct a priest/bishop in Mass if he speaks error, so maybe we need to find avenues of shouting our discontent like that?

    • You must be new to this forum, and welcome…
      What you can do is not only more prayer and penance, but also a vigorous defence of truth in your sphere on influence. If you google by nickname with “sphere of influence” I am sure you will find more than a couple of blog post.

      When we die we will not be asked whether we have managed to overthrow the Evil Clown. We will ask whether we have done our part.

  4. So take a new grip with your tired hands and strengthen your weak knees.

    Hebrews 12:12

  5. I have good news. At its worst this war will only last 1290 days.( read Dan12)

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