Stay Calm And Trust The Society

With great surprise I read around that some bloggers are afraid that the SSPX may deliver themselves to their executioner in order to… Well I don't even know: to be allowed by Francis to listen to confessions, which they do anyway and ever did anyway?

Do not be afraid and sleep soundly. I know we live in times of widespread betrayal and mass flight of supposed faithful pastors, but it is utterly unrealistic to think that this would apply to the SSPX, too.

Let us see why.

1. These are people ready to be excommunicated the day of their consecration. Everyone of them. They don't look to me like the ones eager to get the approval of a lewd heretic. They look to me, actually, like pretty tough guys.

2. Fellay told some years ago (when there was the provisional agreement with Ecclesia Dei, reneged by Benedict at the eleventh hour) that any deal with the Vatican would have to be approved by the majority of the SSPX priests. Therefore, even if you do not trust Fellay (very wrongly, I add) you can sleep soundly.

3. The SSPX has enough financial support to finance a massive growth, and their seminaries attract enough candidates to fuel this growth. The Society goes on like clockwork. If they were in dire financial straits one might understand a degree of fear; but they are in rude health both spiritually and financially.

4. Every SSPX priest has certainly been told, and has present at all times, the duplicitous attempts to neutralised them perpetrated by JP II and Benedict. That they would trust, of all people, Francis is simply beyond belief. Within the SSPX there is a culture of deep mistrust in the Vatican hierarchy. You can't undo such a situation so easily if you are a saintly Pope who is a friend of truth and tradition, much less if you are a dirty old man with a satanical attraction for Judas' character.

5. The treatment or the FFI must have opened the eyes even of those, say, three Pollyannas within the SSPX ready to trust Francis. But three seems a big number to me.

6. Two words: Amoris Laetitia.

No. The SSPX simply delivering themselves to a V II pope's mercy is just not going to happen.

What can happen, however, is that the Vatican surrenders unconditionally to their requests, creating a situation of de facto “pacific convivence”. We are pretty much there, in fact, when you think that Francis has just decided – as largely expected – to extend sine die the faculties of the SSPX to listen to confessions. This certainly authorises to think that the SSPX will keep doing their thing and the Vatican will simply look the other way, with nothing more than a mild meow of disagreement for their refusal of V II.

Stay calm and trust the Society.

They aren't the guys to be conned by a simpleton like Francis, or by any V II pope come to that.



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  1. Agreed. One negative might be division among the rank and file. It doesn’t take too many rumours flying around for panic in the pew. Of course, the question then might be: where would they go?

  2. Amoris Laetitia:
    We are seeing the abomination of desolation.

    Catholic bishops of the Philippine state that the Church must welcome those in irregular unions to “the table of sinners at which the All-Holy Lord offers himself as food for the wretched.”

    The parish priests of Biella, Italy have already accepted to offer the blessed sacrament to divorced and remarried.

    Archbishop Blase Cupich of Chicago said the same:
    “I think that by and large, the average Catholic is going to find that what the pope is saying here is very arresting and new and creative and imaginative…
    ..It can no longer be said, according to Pope Francis, that all those living in an ‘irregular situation’ are living in a state of mortal sin and are deprived of sanctifying grace,” Archbishop Cupich said.

    And now Cardinal Lehmann:
    Cardinal Lehmann stresses in his statement – which has been posted on the website of the Diocese of Mainz, where he is the bishop – that the pope says now, with regard to those couples who live in “irregular situations” that one cannot simply any more say that they live in “the state of mortal sin” and that they have thus lost the “sanctifying grace.” Lehmann stresses the importance to discern and differentiate each case individually, and he then proceeds to claim that there is no explicit change of the Church’s norm, because of that enhanced need for differentiation.

    So what objectively has been considered (and known to be) a state of mortal sin, is no longer.

  3. Greetings, brother, from the Antipodes and the other side of the Tiber.

    Let us agree that the SSPX is faithful and preaches the gospel. And Frances does not. Given that, I would predict… from bitter experience within Kiwi Presbyterians.

    1. The Faithful will grow. SSPX will get those young men called to the preisthood. They will be repelled by the Seminaries of Francis, and avoid them.

    2. The faithful people will vote with their feet and attend services from SSPX

    3. And when the last person who signed Vatican II dies the SSPX will take back the church.

    Our Lord said we must abide in him. That implies that we are faithful to him. That we teach what he taught.

    In my childhood the liberals took over every committee among Kiwi Presbyterians. The faithful left — to the pentecostals and catholics, Apart from the evangelical congregations: indeed some were driven out when lesbian and homosexuals were appointed to the clergy and spread their poison.

    But the gays have left. The church redefined eldership as being in holy celibacy or a loving and faithful marriage and reaffirmed the reformed confessions. And that church is growing.

    The liberal rump is dying, and the entryists are jumping to more converged “uniting” churches where there are no theological standards but many who virtue signal. And the gospel is preached not.

    So have faith. The church is not ours. It is the bride of Christ. And Christ will bring the church to him without the current spots and blemishes.

    • My dear fellow, Protestantism is wrong even if all the “elders” believe in Christ; Catholicism is right even if thirteen Pope’s in a row behave like heathens. I say this to you knowing you have a good heart, and long for heaven.

      I think Francis will now be the object of “asymmetrical warfare”. He will never control all the Novus Ordo seminaries, and will never be able to manipulate heresy at every level.

      The bishops have abandoned their sheep, but countless priests will continue the good fight as they can.

      But it will be a long fight. Generations, I think. The new draft of heretics is in place already. People like Cupich are young still. They will provide the backbone of Francis’ continuation.



    (in honor of Bishop Fellay)

    They have struck the sheep
    Just words they shout
    Fleecing the flock
    Confuse with fake doubt

    They have struck the sheep
    Hoots owl, “Who?”
    “The sky is falling!”
    Scream hysterical ewe

    And facing the flock
    They lure a white wedge
    Eyes to eyes backing
    Nearing cliff’s edge

    But in the lower
    Pasture greens
    A Good Shepherd guards
    Each lamb a grace gleans

    He stands, turns east,
    He leads, they follow
    Toward thunder’s roll
    No time to wallow

    Like others before
    Crook and Mitred for attack
    “Mine sheep know me”…
    And we’ve got his back!!!!

    Merci Marcel!!

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