Reading Francis Through Satan: Poor Repentant Judas!


Poor Judas!



Francis is on a roll – and, we can safely add, completely in the thrall of Satan – after the Apostolic Excrementation. Only three days after the release of this infamous document, which will go in history as the most atrocious papal document ever, the man doubles down. From a homily held at the Casa Santa Marta on the 11 April (emphases mine):

It hurts when I read that small passage from the Gospel of Matthew, when Judas, who has repented, goes to the priests and says: ‘I have sinned’ and wants to give … and gives them the coins. ‘Who cares! – they say to him: it’s none of our business!’ They closed their hearts before this poor, repentant man, who did not know what to do. And he went and hanged himself. And what did they do when Judas hanged himself? They spoke amongst themselves and said: ‘Is he a poor man? No! These coins are the price of blood, they must not enter the temple… and they referred to this rule and to that… The doctors of the letter. “

I do not know you, but I am slowly thinking this man is not far away from singing the praise of “poor Satan”. 

Francis is “hurt” at the way the “poor, repentant” Judas is treated. There is in him not the slightest hint of condemnation of Judas for his own suicide. The blame for that is entirely thrown on the Pharisees. 

Now let us reason a bit: 

Have you ever detected any “hurt” for Judas in Matthew’s Gospel? Matthew suffers for Christ, not for Judas. The episode is clearly meant to expose Judas’ total, complete, and utter disgrace. If you really hurt for Christ, you don’t really hurt for Judas. Yes, every soul who damns himself is an infinite loss. But God has seen this soul worthy of eternal condemnation and suffering, and that’s that. 

Moreover, Judas freely hangs himself. The parallel with St Peter is striking. Both – in vary different ways – betray our Lord, but Peter repents and asks for forgiveness (true repentance), Judas doesn’t (false repentance, which is only a self-flattering emoting of the ego; just what Francis does when he “hurts” for him), and goes on to commit pretty much the worse crime imaginable after Deicide: Suicide. Only an enemy of Christianity like Francis can choose to ignore this fundamental difference in a bout of effeminate sentimentalism about the “poor, repentant man”.

Furthermore: Christianity has, traditionally, not shown any sympathy for Judas. Judas is the willing instrument both of the Deicide and of his own damnation. Francis reads a Gospel that has been read these 2,000 years. He has a different reading than the 2,000 years of Christianity before him. What does this tell you of him, I will leave to yourself.

Lastly, a striking contrast between Francis and Christ.

You can find many indications in the Gospels that Judas – pretty freaking obviouslydamned himself by hanging himself from that tree.  But none of them is as evident, as definitive, and as clear-cut as the words of our Lord:

“The Son of man goeth as it is written of him: but woe unto that man by whom the Son of man is betrayed! it had been good for that man if he had not been born”.

 This is from the very Gospel of Matthew the Evil Clown has mentioned. It is a quoted direct statement of Christ, which means: it is a dogmatic statement. 

“It had been good for that man if he had not been born”. There is no other possible way to read this, not on this planet and not on any alternative one, other than as a very clear statement that Judas is destined for eternal damnation. To believe otherwise is to believe that Our Lord changed His mind and did not let us know; or that He was just kidding; or that we should not take seriously everything Our Lord said.

It is astonishing that a Pope should “hurt” for a Deicide Reprobate. It is beyond contempt that he would not only completely ignore Our Lord’s words, but also attempt to appear more merciful than Him. This blasphemous arrogance is simply sympathy for the Devil and his minions. Francis is an enemy of Christ. He will do what he can to let you side with the one who betrayed Him.

For 2,000 years, Judas has been the epitome of everything. Francis “hurts” for him.

This man should be exorcised.






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  1. I’ve said before, they probably have Fr. Amorth bound and gagged in a Vatican dungeon somewhere.

  2. Hi Mundabor, You may have seen this but if not, something to share.

    Petition to the Cardinals of the Roman Church regarding the grave improprieties of Pope Francis

  3. Many people don’t want to say the truth about Judas. I have heard so many times from priests that we can not presume to know if Judas is in hell. If that is the case, why did Jesus say it would be better if the man hadn’t been born? It is just more false mercy from Francis and his ilk. I’m sure before VII popes, bishops and priests weren’t questioning Judas’ eternal fate.

  4. In my whole life, I never heard anyone express sympathy for Judas until this pope, of all people. Judas has always been the object of scorn and hatred as the betrayer of Christ. Yet Francis is “hurt” over Judas. What about Jesus? Remember Him, Francis? The One you are supposed to be the Vicar of? Unbelievable. I get the feeling he doesn’t even like the Lord Jesus very much. He hardly ever talks about Him. Something is seriously wrong with Francis. Just when you think it can’t get any worse, he sinks to a new low the next day. Yes, I think an exorcism is in order here. Before Francis’ head starts to spin 360 degrees around!

  5. Bravo!

    Now, contrast the near Canonization of Judas with +Francis’ thoughts on a few other matters: (the links won’t work in the com box, you will need to go to the other blog)

    The BVM commits mortal sin at the foot of the cross, accusing God the Father of deception HERE
    God the Son commits the sin of deception HERE
    God the Son commits a sin in creating the Fifth Joyful Mystery, for which he needed to “beg forgiveness” HERE and HERE
    God the Father commits mortal sin by willing mortal sin HERE
    Seriously, how is the diabolical inversion of truth not obvious to everyone?

  6. The intention is to portray those who are faithful to Christ’s teaching as hypocritical Pharisees who have no mercy for ‘repentant’ sinners. He’s been banging on like this since the start and he’ll keep on doing it to try to justify his scandalous exhortation..

  7. We should start to call him Pope Judas, because he is certainly trying to betray the Church as Judas betrayed Christ.

    Once upon a time, Popes used to be Catholic. Today, even faithful Lutherans and Calvinists are more Catholic than the Pope.

  8. Off topic: Did you read the speech given by the President of Poland commemorating the 1050th anniversary of Poland becoming Catholic? (It’s on Rorate.) If only the Church was ruled by someone as sane and Catholic as Andrzej Duda…

  9. Pope Francis holds that there are times when God speaks in error and in those instances it is the duty of PF to correct God and set the record straight. Once you accept this fact then everything that Bergoglio does makes perfect sense.

  10. Dear M,
    It’s a rare day when the Amazin’ Man speaks from the heart without duplicity: and when he does it’s in favour of Judas Iscariot. This is not theology done on one’s knees, but with one’s head stuck firmly up the S-bend.

  11. Somehow seems normal that Francis justify Judas, because his pontificate seems a lot the kiss of Judas: Judas betrayed Christ with a kiss, the Evil Clown betrays Him with Misericordine™.

  12. To have an exorcism the possessed has to honestly ask for, PF never wants his evil powers removed. He’s on the heavy doses of oxycodone, on the top and on winning streak to eliminate the Catholic Church. He knew that his performance can not make his “father of lies” totally satisfied since he’s not a noble-sounding, charismatic, intelligent and fascinating figure and it is very dangerous to be exorcised. Like every one of us he gets the free will too. He thought he can give men all the things they want and build paradise in hell. He’s wrong and his pride will take care of himself! Bye PF. God is running out of patience.

  13. Sympathy for Judas? Sounds like Origen’s sympathy for the devil who he believed would eventually repent and be saved. Origenism has been anathematized by the Church – in Bergoglio we just see a modern version of it.

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