Reading Francis Through Satan: ” I Don’t Remember The Footnote”

What? I can't even remember!

Francis now adds mockery to the heresy and blasphemy already abundantly exhibited in the Apostolic Excrementation.

Asked about the mess he created, he simply dismissed it out of hand with the usual “there are more important things” kind of waffle, and stated he does not even remember the Footnote.

Not only is the man pulling our leg with astonishing arrogance, he is also stating he does not care a straw for the concerns of faithful Catholics!

Perhaps could he make the effort to, actually, pretend to read the darn thing? Not at all! Announce a note of the Vatican with a clarification or, rather, a substitution? God forbid!

No. The man just mockingly dismisses the suffering of millions of Catholics, ignoring them with unspeakable arrogance, as heresy now advances with his clear complicity.

We are living unbelievable times. And they get more absurd every month.



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  1. It is getting more and more ridiculous by the minute. Sometimes I imagine there’s a cameraman hidden somewhere waiting to come out and say “smile at the camera, it was all a joke”.

    A curious and mysterious thing, our new priest…he glued the horrible logo of “the year of mercy” on the floor under the door so that those who enter have to step on it.

    Then he says that the only way to avoid getting lost in confusion an ambiguity, resuting from the changes in Rome, the holding on to Jesus’s word.

    Is this a miracle or what? God bless our new shepherd.

  2. Maybe someone else wrote it

  3. Yeaaaah, but you can’t say he doesn’t care about the suffering as well as the alleged entitlement to share someone else’s “bread, home and life” of Muslims! He is like a papa who really really really loves (the neighbour’s) children.

    Bergoglio makes the evil and unnatural (sodomy, divorce, rape of families, nations and cultures) good and natural. To Bergoglio nothing is more natural than base urges, instincts and wants. Rather than trying to inspire people to strive to get close to the divine by following the divinely ordained Natural Law, he denies the value of the divine, and promotes the base.

    If someone wants another’s wife, it is understandable, if he wants his bread, house and life, it is commendable. In both cases he deserves our compassionate accompaniment. If he wants to follow Jesus Christ, he is a Pharisee with a hardened heart. He deserves rebuke.

  4. Hopefully no one will remember anything he says .

    • When he dies (please, Lord: today!) I hope his successor will inflict the damnatio memoriae on him.
      Alas, both events are a very long shot (but we can hope anew every day…)

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