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A famous pop singer dies (say a prayer, please). He is a wannabe “Christian” (I believe born Mormon, then converted to Jehova’s Witness; definitely not a Christian, then…) with a rather strong appetite for fornication and a lot of things besides. The world adores him for his raunchy (and, I add, more than vaguely camp) image. Whilst apparently a “social conservative” of (some) sort, he certainly embodies much of what is wrong with our times.

President Obama is full of praise. In the usual bout of effeminate emotionalism, buildings are turning purple. The world media have this as a huge story.

Mother Angelica died weeks ago. A real example of Christian virtue, she died a serene death in the midst of excruciating suffering. A wonderful example of integrity and virtue for every Christian, every believer, even every atheist. Mother Angelica certainly embodied the criticism of what is wrong with our times.

Can’t recall a word of President Obama about her. Only the Catholic world really noticed. There were no big secular headlines for one of the most significant US figure of the last half century.

The world will love his own.



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  1. dear Mundabor, how very right you are!

  2. “Father Angelica”

    She was transgender…? Wow, what a revelation. I never even noticed…

    This is your German text editor speaking… 🙂

    Otherwise, of course, you are completely right. Whenever some famous heathen or apostate dies, the whole world (including many otherwise solid Christians) falls over itself to express its admiration, always failing to express the truth that said heathen or apostate, generally notorious for a number of other serious public sins as well, has almost certainly gone to hell, unless he converted at the last minute, which is possible, but unlikely because said heathen or apostate has generally remained publicly unrepentant and obstinate.

    One might say such a pop singer has already received his reward in this world.

  3. The focus is strongly directed toward “stars” such as the Artist Formerly Known As Prince, fake stories from Holly Wood, and the whole “Reality” TV, precisely to drown the voices and stories of God’s people. The media and entertainment industry have been taken over (or have been owned from the beginning) by the enemy, to spread its poison in a true One World fashion.

  4. O, I thought you intentionally called Mother Angelica “Father” to demonstrate that she was more ballsy than many of our effete churchmen. I guess you are not that edgy, eh, M?

  5. 39 tributes to Prince appeared on my Facebook page, including a quote from the man himself:

    “Life is just a party and parties weren’t meant to last.”

  6. I would bet that Mother Angelica knew the Litany of Humility and wouldn’t care that she was set aside. She knew where her true reward awaited her.

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