Opposition To Baby Killing Grows



Yesterday was the (I think, first) first day of coordinated, national protest against so-called Planned Parenthood in the Unites States.  

More than 200 locations, coast to coast. The locations appear to have been (I have nosed around on the internet) generally outside of baby killing factories. Gotta love a (still; and no thanks to libtards) free Country. 

“It’s chilling to see Planned Parenthood’s doctors talk about how to crush an unborn child’s body in order to most effectively procure his or her organs,”

Always nosing around, it seems to me that Catholic priests and Catholic imagery (rosary prayers; pictures of the Blessed Virgin) play an important role in this. May this continue and help spreading catholicism as it spread awareness for the astonishing Nazi mentality in millions of homes in our very Western Countries, in our very families!

Deo volente, this will grow into a deadly weapon against the Dr Goebbels of our times and their enablers and accomplices.

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  1. All the while many a high-ranking clergy send out directives to their subordinates, ordering them to refrain from participation in anti-abortion demonstrations. One thing is ostentatious darkening of the Vatican in solidarity with Mother Gaia, or simplistic loud shaming of Catholics in solidarity with invading Muslims, a whole other thing is vulgar politics, such as a helpless child’s right not to be killed and dismembered. In Canada we have women (Mary Wagner, Linda Gibbons) in jail for praying against murder of children near abortion clinics. A polish man, Grzegorz Braun, came to document it and to announce it in Poland. Canadian bishops ordered or discouraged the priests from taking a public stance.

  2. Students Bite The Heads Off Baby Cookies To Show How Much They Love Abortion http://www.dailywire.com/news/5103/feminists-bite-heads-baby-cookies-show-how-much-amanda-prestigiacomo

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