Athanasius Contra Mundum…. Again!



I noticed it first on the page of Vox Cantoris. 

Immediately thereafter I saw that some faithful commenters had also posted it on my blog.

It has happened. Praise the Lord!

Finally, one Bishop has spoken; and this poor old sinner could not, could not contain his tears.

Once again, one Athanasius is alone against the world.  

The original, published on Corrispondenza Romana, is in Italian. An English translation is here. I have no time to read it now. I have parsed through it, and it seems beautifully brutal (as much as a bishop can be expected to be brutal, of course). I will write more on this as time allows. But this is huge. It’s like breathing after two weeks. It’s like seeing the light again after two weeks in a dungeon, in total obscurity.   

Thank you, Lord, that in this horrible time you have left us with one true and brave bishop, one alone, in the “official” Church.



It is an immense gift. For more than two weeks, I thought it might be more than we deserve. Heck, it probably still is.But it is there.

Let me, therefore, cry it to the skies: there is still ONE Catholic Bishop who dares to speak against Francis!

Amoris Laetitia truly has separated the wheat from the chaff. The amount of chaff is staggering. But we still have some wheat left in the official Church.  

One bishop has spoken. I cannot avoid thinking that he has spoken with others in the preceding days and weeks, and tried to organise a broader front; failing which, he has decided to do what he has to do, come what may. May the Lord give him infinite blessings; good, courageous shepherd.

After a seeming half eternity, one Bishop has spoken. One only. Will, now, others find the courage and take his side? Where the heck are the Polish Bishops? Has all Africa sunk into the Oceans? Are they all hirelings like Cardinal Burke, or are there true shepherds among them? 

We will know in time, then the mills of the Church grind so excruciatingly slow. But I can’t tell you with words the joy I feel. 

Going to work now. More to come. 

This was the Lord’s doing;
It is marvelous in our eyes.
This is the day the Lord has made;
We will rejoice and be glad in it.








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  1. God bless Bishop Schneider. He surely does seem to be in a league of his own.

  2. This beautiful shepherd from the backwaters of the planet truly loves the sheep. I couldn’t help but compare his impassioned plea to Cardinal Burke’s clinical tiptoe through the tulips.

  3. Bishop Athanasius was brought up in a republic of the USSR and knows all about how pressure is applied to obtain compliance and compromise and how important it is not to give in. He received his first Holy Communion from a priest martyred by the Communists, Bl. Oleksa Zaryckyj. This is a truly holy priest who will, God willing, be a constant thorn in Francis’ side and those supporting his foul innovations. Pray for us Bl. Oleksa.

  4. Time for a straight answer to a pertinent question – does Amoris Laetitia allow divorced & remarried and cohabiting (heterosexual/homosexual) couples to receive Holy Communion, yes or no? If yes, then pastoral practice will undoubtedly change Catholic Doctrine which would mean that this Pope & Hierarchy are in Apostasy. If the answer is no, then the ambiguous passages in AL should be removed entirely as there would be no need for them to be incorporated. Either way, Bishop Schneider is a winner and has shown great personal courage & integrity in stepping out of line & Traditional Catholics owe him our respect & total support.

    • I understand what you mean, but I invite you (not only here, but in your sphere of influence) to a different language.
      Doctrine in itself cannot change because doctrine is a reflection of truth. Heretical heresies create a heretical praxis and this praxis can become widespread, but they cannot change doctrine because doctrine is immutable. 2+2=4, no matter for how long it is widely believed that it is 3, or 5.
      It is important that those who listen to you get this message, giving them a reassuring confidence in the immutability of Divine Law.

    • What PF is trying to do is to detach pastoral practice from Catholic Doctrine & that is a form of heresy and demonstrates his apostasy, as both must go hand in hand. Cardinal Sarah has affirmed that the Church in Africa will solemnly oppose every rebellion against the teaching of Christ & the Magisterium. His silence so far is deafening!

  5. I am not defending the Polish bishops, but will offer a possible reason for why they are in hiding. Ever since the biggest event in the history of our country – the election of a Polish Pope, popes are not criticized by the clergy and the faithful. While the pro-sodomy and pro-abortion, anti-national sovereignty progressives and commies (many baptised Catholics among them) have hated and despised JP II and our clergy with a passion, suddenly they are impressed by Jorge Bergoglio.
    The Church has constantly been under vicious attacks form the media (less so after our last election). Should the Bishops express criticism of the current Pope, the haters of the Church will unleash hell, and will have proof to their claim that that the Church in Poland keeps the Nation backward. Now, that the world finally has an acceptable Pope – they will claim, sukienkowi (men who wear black dresses) prove their medieval, tyrannical tendencies.

    Previously our Bishops could defend the faith simply by turning to the teaching of JPII. Who will help them now?

    Again, this is not a defence. Nor do I want to judge them. Of course, as everywhere else, we have many progressives in our episcopate. This doesn’t make things any easier for the faithful Bishops. They are all politicians, it seems.

    • I do not think the argument works.
      Everyone, in every circumstance, could say “I cannot speak! Hell would ensue!”
      In our specific case, the Polish bishops did raise hell after the infamous relatio post disceptationem, explicitly stating that its word were not only against Church doctrine, but specifically the attempt to undermine JP II’s pontificate.

      The only excuse woul dbe if they are planning some big declaration about the heresy of AL, but are asking Francis to issue a clarification before he does so. Frankly, I find it improbable; but you never know….


  6. It’s strange this Polish church is so quiet. I hope you’re right that they’re silently planning something big. This church has never given in easily, she had been tortured and persecuted by the communist regime but coming back even stronger and standing up straight. Many Catholics think Polish church is taken over betrayal Irish’s. God bless Polish Catholics.

    • I keep hoping the same.
      I keep saying to myself that if they had wanted to capitulate they would have made some declaration in Burke’s style to try to stifle the protests and murmurs.
      But again they might just wanting to stay silent, full stop. Mueller and Sarah are doing just that after all.

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