There Is No Excuse For Silence.

There are reports on the Catholic press that Cardinals Sarah and Mueller are refusing to give interviews concerning the Apostolic Excrementation. Clearly, after Bishop Schneider's intervention they are going to have more, not less requests for them.

If silence in the face of heresy is unjustifiable and unacceptable in a bishop, it should be more so in a Cardinal. And the more so when one of these Cardinals is, actually, the formal guardian of orthodoxy within the Church apparatus (after the Pope, of course) and the other is the author of a book called “God or nothing”, and prefers now to do… nothing rather than speak for God.

Let me say this once again: there is no possible excuse for such a behaviour. To try to excuse any bishop or Cardinal for his silence concerning AL is exactly the same as finding excuses for almost all the Apostles leaving Jesus alone on the Cross.

Excuses are always easily found. “If they decided to speak, this would damage the Papacy”, it is reported. If the rumours are true, one can easily imagine that this is the very excuse the two have informally given to try to justify their silence, and which they now want to be discreetly filtered through the press in order to get their “get out of jail” card.

“My shutting up and doing nothing is a very orthodox one”.


What is more important: to defend God or to, allegedly, damage the Papacy? Who has ever said that the Papacy must be protected in preference to Truth itself? What kind of rubbish is that? Was then, say, right not to say anything against the Nuremberg Laws in order to avoid damaging the German Chancellorship? Or shall we shut up concerning the persecution of Christians lest more persecution follows?

And by the by: how is defending Truth damaging to the Papacy? It is damaging to Francis, not to the Papacy! On the contrary: what damages the Papacy is exactly the allowing that Francis ridicules and debases it, and prostitutes it to his social justice warrior ideology.

This is utter nonsense. No Bishop or Cardinal has any excuse for shutting up, and all those who do so will be exposed as hirelings every time they dare to pretend they are good shepherds in other matters.

My suggestion to Cardinal Sarah and Cardinal Mueller is that, if they shut up now, they should as well shut up forever, and never again talk to us about an orthodoxy they were not willing to defend when the trumpet called them to battle. They will not get away with it, nor will anyone who does not speak now.

Ubi honor, ibi onus. One isn't a Bishop or Cardinal in order that he may shut up when it is time to speak. I can't fathom many other times in the entire Church history when it was so necessary that the shepherds speak.

When John XXII threatened to proclaim a false dogma, concern for the Papacy was absolutely nowhere to be found. When Pope Marcellinus sacrificed to pagan deities (during the atrocious persecution of Diocletians) no excuses were found for him. Have our Cardinals become so emasculated that they do not think of this? For heaven's sake, one truly has the impression that these people spend their time in splendid palaces, playing with dolls.

If the rumour is confirmed, both Cardinal Sarah and Mueller would confirm thrmselves as not true shepherds, but hirelings. Hirelings now increasingly embarrassed by the public outcry at their silence, and looking for excuses to get away with it. Not going to happen.

Whoever shuts up now has lost face, full stop. Whenever he gives an interview or even publishes a book about the defence of orthodoxy, they will be told what the faithful think of their hypocrisy.

This is not going to go away. We will never forget this treason, nor will the Angels in heaven.

God help the Cardinal who dies in his shameful silence, whatever excuse he might have picked for his dereliction of duty.



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  1. Agree completely. What is the worst thing that could happen to them for speaking out? Lose their job? Be demoted? Criticized? And what is the worst thing that could happen for not speaking out? How about the loss of their souls. Let us pray they will conclude that going along to get along is not what they were ordained to do.

    • The most persecuted former Cardinal would always live a far better life than countless priests who silently defy daily risks for their faith.
      Truly, they have no excuses.

  2. Well, according to his own dogmatics textbook, Cardinal Müller does not believe in Transsubstantiation, at least not in the way it was traditionally understood. In other words, he is not above redefining doctrine in a neo-modernist way. We should not be surprised by him going along quietly with changing the meaning of a doctrine while keeping the old formula.

    Regarding Cardinal Sarah, he always struck me as similar to Burke: Sincere in his belief, but not a leader of men. They defended Catholic doctrine at the Synod, because their superior had not yet officially taken a position. Now that Francis has officially spoken, they do not agree with his decision, but lack the spine or strength needed to become leaders of a resistance against their hierarchical superior.

    • Very true for both.
      I couldn’t stand Mueller at the beginning (let us also not forget his attempts to whitewash and downplay Liberation Theology), but thought – and think – that his work during the Synod was very good. Alas, he has folded, like Sarah.

  3. And what if Sarah, Mueller and possibly others received explicit instructions from the Pope to remain silent, or else….? It is very easy for a Pope to silence cardinals. A Roman cardinal is just a puppet of the Pope and can never afford himself the luxury of intellectual honesty, or simply be a man of his word. For there is always one above him who is able to take that word back.

    • “What if” is the stuff out of which Genocides are made whilst those outside watch, and wonder about the hidden reason.

      No priest, no bishop, no Cardinal has any obligation to a Pope when his silence means disobedience to Christ. It’s as simple as that.


    • I forgot:
      “Or else” is, in these matters, neither here nor there. Certainly not for any bishop, most certainly not for any Cardinal.

  4. Dear M,

    One way to get Carinal Sarah to speak is to bring to him canonical petitions that are within his competence as the Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments. I know you are upset about priests now giving Communion to those in second marriages who continue to commit adultery.

    Before a second marriage occur, someone filed for divorce. In every divorce, either one, or both parties are reneging on the obligations promised in marriage. Sometimes, this is due to a mental incapacity to marry in the first place, so the marriage is invalid. My purpose is not to expound on whether or not there are abuses in the annulment process. My purpose is to ask the Faithful to ask the Church (i.e. Cardinal Sarah) to teach about the evil of breaking marriage promises in the first place, on a case-by-case basis.

    When a self-professed Catholic man files for divorce because he wants to have a relationship with another woman, that is marital abandonment, and the wife could ask the local bishop to intervene using Mary’s Advocates’ template petition. If the bishop does nothing, the wife can appeal to Cardinal Sarah. If a woman files for no-fault divorce and breaks up her family because she doesn’t “have that loving feeling anymore” for her husband, that is marital abandonment. The husband can ask the local bishop to help. If the bishop does nothing, the husband can appeal to Cardinal Sarah. If the good Cardinal started to get hundreds of these appeals, I bet he’d start speaking up. Divorced persons don’t just find themselves in second marriages. Someone chose to wreck the first real marriage. The goal of Mary’s Advocates, is for abandoners, with the right help,to choose to work on improving their marriage – which is the overall goal of A.L.

    • You have it upside down.

      You are assuming that the man would find, because of technicalities, two balls between his legs that he just did not have when he got up in the morning.

      Sarah is a bishop. As such, his jurisdiction pertains everything that belongs to the defence of the faith.

      Schneider is an auxiliary bishop in very remote Country. This has not prevented him from speaking.


  5. Silence means agreement. Right?

  6. I agree. And the maxim of the law is “silence give consent” As stated by St Thomas More in a Man for all Seasons. So by not speaking out these prelates give their consent and thereby cause scandal.

  7. I said it many times in different places, but I think it a correct analogy.

    If someone insulted my mother in front of me, would I be excused for standing there silent, for fear of insulting the offender? Should I have no love for my mother, no gratitude, no fear of braking her heart?

    Yet when it comes to standing silently, when the “Vicar of Christ” kisses the feet of those who deny His divinity, or when he celebrates unity with those who say that the Messiah has never come yet, we are impressed by his “humility” and “wisdom”. As though we didn’t realize that Jesus is right there, beside him, looking on, as He is being insulted (What is he saying? Is it: Jesus, my lukewarmness and openness to false gods is for unity, peace and justice, you do understand and approve?). I saw a video of Bergoglio celebrating the Hanukkah with Jews prior to becoming pope. My immediate reaction was – how can a person who insults Jesus Christ call himself a Catholic, let alone a Cardinal?
    I think he owes it to Catholics and to Jews alike to preach the Gospel, rather than to promote error and religious indifferentism.

    I don’t think it is possible that Bergoglio believes what the Church teaches about Jesus being the only Way, and the Messiah. I think he honours Him as some sort of teacher, ascended master, if he believes in anything supernatural at all.

    It is because of this terrible error (and the plan to unite all religion for peace and safety) that everyone who can see it, should speak now. It because of this error and plan that all these heresies just keep coming – the vilification of the faithful, the rejection of sound doctrine, and even of the Word of God.

  8. They’ve been corrupted bad. Tell me why they have to give up all powers, fame, earthly possession and easy lives for not opposing the pope, even the evil one?. Who can harm them directly, PF or Lord Jesus Christ? Fighting for God is just so ambiguous (probably propaganda). Do you think Jesus will defend them on the judgement day? We should keep kicking their asses. I’m praying that Jesus have mercy on their souls.

  9. We agree…and the laity need to do their part…so we are inviting them to an International Conference in Rome to condemn this document

  10. Damage the Papacy? PF needs no help there.

  11. “For heaven’s sake, one truly has the impression that these people spend their time in splendid palaces, playing with dolls.” I think this quote sums it up perfectly. Thank you for proclaiming the truth and holding their feet to the fire, Mundy:+) God bless~

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