The Lord Of The Trannies

Here, Donald Trump is telling you what he thinks of Christian values.

I have not written about the US primaries for a while, because the heresies and blasphemies of the Evil Clown logically had to come first. However, today it might be a good time for some additional reflections.

1) Trump is clearly going to make it, and the moment is rapidly approaching when any result other than his nomination would clearly be a theft and a slap in the face of the Republican voters. When Trump had 700+ delegates and an advantage of less than 200 over Cruz it was one thing; but when he is at 900+ and with an advantage of almost 400 delegates things start to look vastly differently.

2) Trump will give Christians a lot of grief. He has come out in the last days in favour of having trannie dongs (actually: every dong) dangling around in women's bathrooms. If this man is a conservative I am a Maoist. Now we are informed a horribly mutilated, hormone-devastated monstrum called Bruce Jenner (yes, he will always be a Bruce. Born that way, you see…) went into one of his buildings, piddled in the women's bathroom and praised the man loudly. The Lord Of The Trannies is running for President. How much better would Cruz have been! A man who has been sharply criticised for occasional PC mistakes, but never even thoughts of monstrosities like Trump's assertions even as he keeps asking for Conservative votes. I smile at all those comments (on my blog and elsewhere) lamenting the man's mistakes around 1066, or saying he is unsuitable because they don't like his father. I am sure they prefer the Lord Of The Trannies….

3) Still, I think on the one side there is a lot of good in Trump's ideas on immigration, tariffs and foreign policy; and on the other I reflect that if the November elections return Republican majorities in both the Senate and the Congress there will be much scope to force the man, volens nolens, on conservative positions on many issues, first of all the crucial appointment of the Supreme Court judge meant to substitute the great Antonino Scalia.

4) Do not believe those who tell you the man is going to lose big against Hillary. Actually, I think the only way he can lose is if his Lord Of The Trannies attitudes causes the Evangelicals to stay home. Unlikely, considering what is at stake in the Supreme Court. Trump will make big inroads among the disaffected (read: unemployed) white voters (many millions), and it appears he is cleaning up even among (largely employed, and not all White) union members. When the Country has come to grips with the fact that it's him or Hillary, it will be the end of the whining and the beginning of the reasoning. The way I see it, Trump is his own biggest enemy, and the only one who can still screw his victory.

I did not wish this solution. If you ask me, Cruz was and his the better candidate by far. But not even I would want Cruz as the nominee at the price of sordid schemes, and headed for a certain and brutal defeat.

The time is rapidly approaching when the party (and all Catholics) will have to choose between the Lord Of The Trannies and the Witch Of The West. I think Trump will still be the by far better choice. And I think it will be far easier to bend him to the will of the Republican majority than to force Hillary to appoint the right judge at the Supreme Court.

Who knows, one day trannies might, even with Trump as President, have to bring their dongs elsewhere.



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  1. Mundabor, do you see signs (anywhere) that the pope of Rome (or bishops, or cardinals) is going to to speak against sexual immorality? I don’t think so. He just wrote on the joy of sex, and is applauded by the majority. Times have changed! We have become enlightened! Procreation is not the purpose of marriage! If Rome has become Sodom, nothing can stop Sodom from going global. We will watch all the little children taught in all schools about their sexual needs from birth (I signed a petition to the UN against it, but I know it won’t stop those paedophile Kinsey followers from getting the worst filth normalized and celebrated, especially now, that the Pope has expressed his unwavering support for their sexual “education”), and “intergenerational love” will be celebrated. Opposing parents will lose parental rights.

    It won’t get better. They have come for the children, and the Pope supports them. Communion for the divorced was only the beginning. Sodomites and paedophiles are next (as long as their conscience doesn’t accuse them, and how can it accuse them, if they are “educated” to celebrate evil as good, and unnatural as special, sophisticated, open-minded and superior?).

    It is not Trump who calls himself the Vicar of Christ. I think that there will be no pope after Bergoglio (unless it is Peter the Roman).

    • I fear after Bergoglio we will have a string of Popes just as bad as him, if not worse.
      And if we are very unlucky, they could be intelligent!

  2. I personally prefer Ted Cruz but, to be honest, I don’t think he would win in the general election. The U.S. electorate leans liberal which is why we have had Obama for two terms. Sadly, many people will vote for the one who promises them an easier life with more government handouts, rather than for an ideology. I don’t see Cruz getting the numbers outside of his base of strong conservatives and evangelicals. Trump stands a better chance of beating Hillary because he has demonstrated a broad appeal to different groups of voters. Yes, Trump has a lot of negatives, but what I do like are his positions on illegal immigration, building a stronger military, and his proposed ban on Muslims entering the country. If this country is not protected and secure, none of the other issues are going to matter anyway.

    • Well, I could argue that if the president does not defend Christianity no other issue matters anyway. I would also personally opine that Cruz has all ability to defeat Clinton. The electorate is shape by the candidate. The US elected Carter in 1976, and Reagan in 1980! It is men who shape history, and mobilise the masses; not economic processes or statistical surveys.
      Romney and McCain were not conservatives. They did not mobilise the conservative vote. He who does, wins and wins big. It’s this stupid “Rove” mentality that has been the bane of the GOP.
      Having said that, yes, I think Trump will take away even a lot of the Sanders voters, and this might well more than compensate the loss of evangelical votes if he does not push it too far.
      Trump is seen as the man of the little people, fed up of being screwed by the Mexicans and chinese, and fed up with political correctness and sensitivity nannies.
      if you ask me, he is vastly better than any Christie, Rubio, or (aarrghh!) Jeb Bush.

      Cruz is picking Carly Fiorina. Very bad move. The woman was an utter failure in her bid, and would bring nothing else than a vagina in the equation. This is not the way to make politics and win.


  3. This is a difficult call. My mail ballot arrived today. I heard (tonight, on Fox News) that Trump retracted his statement regarding the restroom scenario. He’s still wacky. And then I saw Cruz in an interview, and he’s really wacky! My gut tells me to vote for Trump because of his chance to beat Hillary. The one good thing is my state (OR) doesn’t matter much. Still, I’d like to think my vote is a moral one. What would be your choice here?

    • I’d vote Cruz if it still possible to do so and make a statement. I would vote Trump if it were necessary to avoid a nuclear scenario (eg I live in California and the party is shattering).
      I am resigned to Trump as the (in my eyes) far worse alternative to Cruz. But I would never want to see Cruz as the nominee as the cost of civil war within the GOP and certain defeat.
      The time to face reality is arriving fast.

      I will look around what Trump has “retracted”. But boy, at this poin the has no xcuses, the man just isn’t a Conservative. However, the retraction coul dbe evidence the man can be “worked on” once he is in the White House.

  4. HI:

    You write: “I will look around what Trump has “retracted”. But boy, at this poin the has no xcuses, the man just isn’t a Conservative.”

    As a conservative who has always voted only for “conservatives”, I can’t remember the last conservative I voted for that turned out to be a “conservative”. Actually, I can, the last conservative “conservative” I voted for was Ronald Reagan in 1984, but there might have been one in between.

    Therefore, I have changed my criteria. I look for the candidate in whose speeches I can detect a RATIONAL thought process. Eventually, (with “graduality” )a RATIONAL thought process leads to conservatism and eventually to Catholicism.

    I think this is the best we can hope for in this day and age.

    • Thank you! That’s what my brain tells me. (I need to quit saying ‘instinct’.) Even though in my state, the vote doesn’t count for much, the fact that people are fed up with the routine is important, and I really believe that Trump would do 2-3 good things, or more, for the country. That’s a better score than we’ve seen in years!

  5. If on Election Day, I were to find myself in a leghold trap that could only be released by voting for either Clinton or Trump, I would have to give serious thought to “going coyote” and chewing my leg off. A person picked at random from the phone book would be preferable. If Trump is the Republican nominee, I will write in my dog’s name. The man is not preferable to Clinton. Both are utter narcissists who care of nothing but themselves. She is trying to convince people she is not a Communist. (She is.) He is trying to convince people he is conservative. (He isn’t.) What ever conservative things that currently fall out of his piehole will be dumped as soon as something better comes along, just like Marla and Ivana before her. And if we have sunk so low as to elect either one, then whatever we get, we have coming ,for our stupidity.

    • However, Trump will depend on his conservative majority. Clinton will have every interest in working against it, however ineffective this may be.
      I’d keep my leg, and vote for Trump…

  6. If Trump is elected President, the job of the base, activists and Republican congressmen will be to push him to the right on social issues. Trump cares little about values issues. As a result, he has never really thought about them, mostly absorbing the prevalent liberal attitudes around him, but he is far from a hardened liberal. His distaste for p.c. will help convince him in a more conservative direction. On the issues he *has* given thought to – economics, tariffs, immigration, increasingly also foreign policy – he generally comes down as a kind of nationalist America-first conservative, though not an ideological libertarian, which is by far preferable to a globalist “conservative” in the mold of Bush II.

    Cruz is trying to hold Trump under 1237 by any means necessary. His “pact” with Kasich and the Fiorina decision have signalled his intention to be the Romney/Ryan stalking horse instead of a true conservative alternative to Trump. As expected, a vote for Cruz has become a vote for the preferred choice of the power brokers who are going to dominate a contested convention. It’s also a vote for open borders and more outsourcing – just look at Fiorina, who is a poster girl for both, in addition to a failed executive.

    I think this strategy is a mistake. Instead, Cruz should be making a deal with Trump to unite the party. Cruz would have a lot of clout, not just because of his delegates but also because many Trump delegates are ideologically very close to him. He could demand and get significant conservative policy concessions, rewrite the rules in a way that favors future socially conservative Christian presidential candidates, and even the VP slot (or a Supreme Court nomination) for himself, if he wants it, which would balance the ticket both geographically and ideologically. He is young enough to become President in 2020 or 2024 depending on how successful the Trump candidacy is going to be.

    Together, Trump and Cruz could form the backbone of the force that would truly break the power of the liberal establishment over the party. If only Cruz would stop cozying up to the very party elites who despise him and now use him as a tool to stop Trump, a tool to be discarded as soon as it has done its job…

    • Cruz cares about Cruz. He is an opportunist, and tells whatever group of people he happens to be with what he thinks they want to hear. He isn’t very good at it, and now his numbers are dropping like a lead ballon.

      The final straw for me when I realized that Cruz was not a good man was when I found out his young daughters are riding the campaign buses making appearances at rallies. They are 6 and 4. Who has children that small campaign? I can see having them appear for the televised townhall meetings and such, but these kids are going from town to town and being put on stage like props.

    • Boy, you are really clutching at straws.

  7. There’s only one question to ask: “Who can defeat the Democratic Party?” All this talk of personality is beside the point. As weak, limp-wristed, cowardly as the Republican Party is, the DP is positively evil. We’re one Supreme Court appointment away from the complete dismantling of our Constitution. No borders; no country. Businesses are setting up shop in other places because of the crushing corporate taxes + medical costs (Obama care) that they are collapsing under. Increasing numbers of people are dependent on government to meet all of their needs. A third world hell-hole status is being established with the continuing flood of immigrants who are not being assimilated by American institutions into our way of life but who instead live off our largess while despising us. I do not see the Republican Party as saviors – only a return to Christianity will restore America’s greatness – but they should slow down the rot and give us a chance to right the ship before it sinks completely. I’m not hopeful, because all civilizations seem to conform to the political theory of evolution, but there comes a time – as the one that our ancestors faced and that we probably are facing now – when the best we can hope for is to find ways to survive the “madness of Rome”.

  8. Trump has repeatedly expressed his desire to rescue Christians in the ME. That gives me hope. The bathroom thing is a sideshow; I don’t take it seriously. As a president, Trump can’t do anything about it, can he? (I, too, am an anonymous Catholic blogger. I research “halal” foods. )

    • You don’t take it seriously.
      He should.
      These are very serious things.
      And if the man does all this just for show, what does it say of him?
      I repeat: one thousand times him rather than Hillary.
      But he will give us much grief.

  9. It seems that Trump is intentionally schizophrenic. It’s one of his tactics in the toolbox. I remember in December when he would deck out his rally platforms with Christmas decorations, and proclaim that when he’s president, people will start saying “Merry Christmas” again like in the old days. Then he can switch on a dime and say tranny bathrooms are great. And then retract the statement 15 minutes afterwards via Twitter. Much of it is tactical theatre, IMO.

    And Hillary will no doubt throw us headlong into a confrontation with Russia. Despite the fact that the American people want nothing but peace with Russia, the establishment is just desperate to get some kind of conflict to break out there.

    • Russia is Christian.
      Hillary would have to look for a confrontation with Russia. Obama does it, too. It’s too world that collide.

  10. I wonder why people, especially Republicans and conservatives are having such a meltdown about Trump. Do you really think anything could be worse than the last 7+ years? It is at least refreshing to have someone who loves America, applauds capitalism, common sense, halting immigration, and ‘bombing the sh** out of ISIS’. What’s not to like?
    Oh yeah- the trans bathroom thing. Can’t we label them: Penises & Vaginas? Also- in my neck of the woods anyplace that has single restrooms (for one person), they are labelled in a unisex way and men & women alike wait on line. It’s the public restrooms with stalls that are a problem. What happened to the ‘safe places”?

    • What happens in a single bathroom in your neck of the wood in not relevant.
      Principles are relevant.
      Trump is very, very confused on principles, and exactly this is the problem.

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