“We Shall Fight On The Beaches”: “Veri Catholici” Organises An International Conference To Condemn “Amoris Laetitia”!

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The news is here. “Veri Catholici” means, of course, “True Catholics”.

My congratulations to these brave men and (one supposes) women.

It goes to show that if our comfortably silent Bishops think they can continue unpunished to hide behind their fingers, the coming years will show them that silence isn't so comfortable after all. They would have gone away with it (more or less) before the Internet. They will certainly not go away with it now.

As to the discomfort after they die, I do not even want to imagine what fate awaits all those who will not repent. Memento mori! Dies irae, dies illa!

One fact is clear: left alone by a disgraceful clergy, the remnant of faithful Catholics will fight alone, but we shall fight.

Remember Churchill?

We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender

This is what will happen, this is what is beginning to happen already. Go wherever you please in the (real) Catholic blogosphere and you will find anger no end. Smart people (always a minority) understand that the destiny of their souls depends on how they react to Francis' pontificate (and, very possibly, those who will come after the Evil Clown).

We shall fight, and we shall fight with growing confidence. Because if a lewd old Argentinian Commie fond of pacifism and fags thinks he can convert us to his satanical creed, he is very gravely mistaken.

The battle is already won. We are asked to fight so that, one day, we may proudly say we fought on the right side.




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  1. I see it already – the conference. A number of haters lock themselves away in a rented conference room that can accommodate up to a 50 comfortably. Outside, bishops, cardinals and laity, all clothed in rainbow colours, of undetermined sex and species (in some cases) stage a protest: The banners they carry express (unequivocally and uniformly – in pink and glitter, butterflies and hearts) – amoris laetitia:

    No tolerance for haaaate!!! Love is luuuuinuuuuve!!! We stand with Francis the Humble, Francis the Great, Francis the Uniter!!! Shaaame!!!

    Conference proceedings are interrupted in regular intervals by fire alarms that get activated by protesters to stop the hate. L’Osservatore Romano is on site round the clock, free coffee and condoms provided are courtesy of George Soros’ Open Society.

    The Pope himself takes some time of his busy days, and can frequently be seen among the protesters, a one-man filed mental clinic of sorts – kissing the children, some feet, offering free counselling and unlimited mercy. Some get invited back behind the Vatican walls – for a shower and well-deserved rest.

    • … and surrounded by wheeeelchairs! 😉

      But no, the conference is an excellent thing. It is the laity speaking when the clergy is silent. It has to be done.


  2. I’m in. I left them a message to say that if there is any way possible (and there are some…), I’ll be there.

  3. The more there are protests about this abomination, the more chances there are to get this into the thick head of PF.

  4. Did St. Louis actually see what’s happening today?
    The Fiery Prayer for the Apostles of the Latter Times
    St. Louis de Montfort


    Excerpt from day 6: “Ah, let me cry out everywhere: Fire! Fire! Fire! Help! Help! Help! Fire even within the sanctuary! Help for our brother who is being murdered! Help for our children whose throats are being cut! Help for our Father Who is being stabbed! If any man be on the Lord’s side, let him join with me (Ex. 32:26).

    Let all good priests who are spread over the Christianworld, and those who are actually on the battlefield and those who have withdrawn from the combat to bury themselves in deserts and solitude, let them all come forward and unite with us — in unity there is strength — so that we may form, under the banner of the Cross, a well-regulated army in battle array, and together attack the enemies of God who have already sounded the alarm. They have shouted; they have raged; they have swelled their ranks. Let us break their bonds asunder; let us cast away their yoke from us. He that dwelleth in heaven shall laugh at them (Ps. 2:3-4). Let the Lord arise, and let His enemies be dispersed. “

  5. Thank M. Seems like God has intervened. May God send St. Michael the Archangel to protect and fight with BS. Schneider and Veri Catholic to cleanse out the gang of heretics who are undermining and turning the Church upside down now. Very hopeful and encouraging! Deo Gratias.

  6. Dorota, you are preaching despair.

    On the contrary, to attend and speak and support this conference is perhaps one of the most important historical events in the history of the Catholic Church in this century, because it will be the first time that the Faithful laity demand and insist that the clergy be Catholic and act as such. It will throw down a glove, inviting the clergy to take the side of Christ and separate from the errors of Cardinal Kasper and Team Bergoglio. No more hiding in that effeminate discretion which really protects only one’s job while sacrificing the immortal souls of the sheep.

    Obivously this conference is not for the meek, the cowardly, the craven, of the sycophant.

    its for the new generation of Crusading Catholics who are not satisfied at merely lamenting the problems of Modernism…enough of the stoic who thinks it only a mortal sin to be upset or of the gentile who thinks the only sin is bad manners, enough too of the clericalism which says that the ministers Christ established to serve the laity, are immune from being criticized in their pastoral or official acts!

    • My impression is that Dorota wanted to criticise the members of the clergy, rather than the laity organising the conference.
      As you say, it’s historic.
      Congratulations again.

    • Ha! I am grateful just for you calling me “major blog!” I had to smile!
      I’ll write another blog on this as time allows.
      God bless you all!

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