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Hail, holy Queen….


I receive this from a reader who signs with the (pen) name John D’Esposito. 

Dear Sir,

I am an avid reader of many blogs as I have had very little or no interest in TV for many years even prior to the internet. Even so, I am averse to commenting on blogs and you will not find my name associated with any comment. In your case I feel the need to make an exception to express my gratitude and heartfelt thanks for your advice. I refer you to your blog of April 30th, 2013 wherein you advised your readers

“When you click here, think every time if your time would not be better employed praying the Rosary, unless you have already done so. Don’t listen to me. Listen first to the Blessed Virgin, St. Dominic, Blessed Alan de la Roche, Padre Pio and countless others.”

Well, I took up your advice and have not stopped since. I just finished praying the Rosary and my thoughts turned to you when I realised that tomorrow is the eve of Mary’s Month of May. I thought, well, might as well offer up tomorrow’s Rosary for that old codger seeing he got me into this. Mundabor, my life has turned around . . . and I mean big time!

So if your ears start ringing tomorrow, you can bet your bottom dollar it is me praying for you and yours and for whatever your spiritual needs are.

Thank you Sir, and may God bless you.



Well, thanks to you, Sir. You truly have made my day. You have made this old codger proud, and he will remember you in his prayers tonight. 

I see in this a lesson for all of us, and a reflection for me alone.

The lesson is that what we write (myself as blogger, or you as bloggers and commenters) counts; by God’s grace, it touches other people’s lives. It touches them, at times, rather permanently, as in the case of this reader who read a blog post of mine exactly three years ago, and still remembers the day it changed (if I may say so; but rather, God changed it through this wretched, utterly unworthy sinner)  his spiritual life.

What we write is read. This blog if often read by 1,500-2,000 unique visitors every day. What is published here, goes out in the world. Which is one of the reasons why I censor the comments with (old) Dominican zeal.

The reflection is whether I should not write non-political blog posts more often. Alas, the situation is so bad that I can’t even manage to keep pace with Francis’ heresies, so that becomes difficult. It seems to me that when the barn is burning, the first priority should be to be a part of the bucket brigade. However, messages like this tell me I should perhaps think a bit more beyond the burning barn. But it’s difficult, when the barn is burning.

Many thanks again, Mr D’Esposito. I am sure your comment will be of inspiration to many. May the Lord give you (and all of us) the reward for which we so much long, one day.







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  1. I think of this fire as a diabolic disorientation.
    Catholics are uniquely positioned to accept falsehoods against their own judgement, because we are hierarchically ordered, and because we have been introduced to the concept of an ill-formed conscience. We have been conditioned not to trust ourselves, often for good reasons, but not always. Not when we see the raging fire, and are told that it’s our imagination, ignorance. lack of charity or ill will.
    I don’t watch TV either, though I used to watch every day. Can’t stand most of what’s on the radio. It seems that the less we expose ourselves to this poison, the less we are able to stomach it.
    I visit here (and am sometimes censored), because I am surrounded by blind people, who don’t see or smell this raging fire. Many have blogs, yet I visit here for true sanity. So many Catholics see the problems to some degree, yet they still worship the Evil Clown.
    I really do think that he is evil. He is not senile, not a little odd, not just populist and anti-intellectual, but simply evil. The only way he might sincerely believe to be doing God’s will is – he has been diabolically disoriented for a long time. He is a destroyer of Truth in the hearts and minds of people. He offers them what their sinful nature wants, not what they really need. As they get what they want, their most important need – the need for Truth, is neglected. How tragic for us all! The Evil clown affects the whole world, misleading so many!

    I admit, I should pray more, and talk less.

    Then maybe I will be able to compose something as beautiful as the letter you quote.

  2. Praise God…thank you to both author and commenter…

  3. Yeah, such comments must make your day. Makes it all worthwhile. I am one of those that look forward to and read your posts. To speak without fear as you do on matters to do with the current problems in the Church is refreshing to say the least. Its a pity that so many priests/bishops/cardinals have been gelded. So few have the capacity or the inclination to defend the Church and I wouldn’t be in their shoes for quids when that time comes.

  4. That is a very touching message. His post may be magnified by tens or hundreds for all you know, of people that have read an entry or two of yours here or there and been moved to prayer and/or spiritual reading. I am thankful that you write on those topics. But I see an increase in the number of people who respond to your messages regarding the ‘politics’ of our Church also. We can’t downplay the importance of that since we can see so many prophecies very slowly unfolding in our day. And regardless of the prophecies, we see the utter mayhem in the confusion and destruction of Holy Church as it has been known for so many years, which has left so many ordinary Catholics reeling. So it is with a heartfelt Thank You that I join my voice to Mr. D’Esposito’s for your voice that calls us to action, as much as to prayer. We are humans and we can’t always live in the world of the spirit because we want to do something, if only to unite with others and speak up.

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