“What We Are Hearing Today Is Unbelievable, Unheard Of!”


Behold a true Bishop!



Bishop Fellay has given a sermon on occasion of the opening of a new church (V II nincompoop bishops are all busy in managing decline; meanwhile, the SSPX thrives). 

The sermon is interesting for several reasons, and I might write more than one blog post on it. Here, let us reflect on this phrase: 

[…] even a pope is now saying unbelievable things on morality and trying to tell us that sin is the state of grace – what we are hearing today is unbelievable, unheard of! [..]

The Bishop is here making the point that we must not give up on the Church and plunge into that pit of self-righteous arrogance called Sedevacantism. But the way he makes his point is telling: he chooses to level an extremely strong criticism at Pope Francis and Amoris Laetitia even as Francis is clearly trying to have them if not as friends, at least as silent adversaries.

Not going to happen. The SSPX will keep the course, and whatever the Vatican wants to unilaterally concede to them (or better said: whatever truths the Vatican decides to finally live with) it will not move the SSPX to become silent in their criticism of all that is wrong.

Also note that Francis’ antics are taken as the epitome of what is wrong with the Church. The Bishop could have used a different example. He could have recalled the corruption of past ages. He could have generically criticised V II. But no: he chose to point his finger exactly in the direction of Pope Francis.

Admittedly, this isn’t as beautiful as the image of the Pope making a hole on the bottom of the Barque, and I think the latter will stick when this sermon is long forgotten. But it goes to show that the SSPX will not be mollified by any cajolery coming from the Vatican.

Francis fears the Society. They do not fear him. It’s as simple as that.  




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  1. I began my life as a Catholic thinking SSPX were schismatics who rejected the Pope. I argued with friends on this topic out of ignorance. Pope BXVI’s abdication and the Francis election caused me to question many things; the strange doctrines subsequently presented as truth so obviously wrong even to my untrained formerly Protestant ears.

    In the midst of the ongoing bacchanal celebrating ugliness and the base, Steve Skojec linked to a video of an SSPX Marian procession in Oklahoma City,


    The beauty, power and brave, simple certainty of those Priests and participants brought tears to my eyes. I have never been the same. SSPX is undoubtedly Catholic; in fact they are the paradigm of Catholicity; a beacon of light in a cold, dark world.

    After viewing that procession, I immediately purchased Archbishop Lefebvre’s Open Letter To Confused Catholics and read his position directly for the first time. There is no question that this man was a prophet meant for just such a time as this. I do not yet attend their Parish, but I deeply respect SSPX and wish them all the best success in this life and the next. I have very little doubt that the path out of these dark valleys will be found and led by SSPX Faithful.

  2. This is very good news. I was concerned that Pope Francis ovation would turn into a bear hug.

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    Mundabor, I am a fan of your blog and appreciate the work and love for the Church that goes into it. I do recommend, regarding the SSPX, forwarding to 27:15 on this talk in which Archbishop Lefebvre’s conditions for dialog with Rome are listed as well as the five proofs of compromise. https://youtu.be/mtV32xWfHJ4

  4. Roberto de Mattei didn’t pull any punches either:
    Oh, to hear a crescendo!

  5. War is peace. Freedom is slavery.

    Sin is the state of grace.

    If only Catholics broke through their conditioning, and saw – Bergoglio really is Orwell. No kidding here.

  6. Mundabor, in your opinion, is the Pope nuts, a Free Mason, or a Satanist?….or something else? He says the opposite of nearly everything you would expect a man of God to say and do. Its as if he is Obama’s second incarnation…(sarcasm)…

    • My opinion of him in short: a faithless, old, unintelligent, lewd man who chose the Jesuit to have a respected existence free of financial trouble, and always hated the Church and pious Catholics with a passion.

      Through a concatenation of events, this through and through mediocre man was allowed by God to become first bishop, then Cardinal, then Pope; so that we may be punished for the immense arrogance and defiance of God of the last 50+ years.


    • Sorry, I forgot to mention “vulgar, pinko, possibly homosexual”….

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