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  1. “This is, obviously, because they have never known any other system; and also because they have been led to believe, by the omnipresent statalist mentality, that they would die in a ditch among the indifference of the passers-by if this were not the case. Note here a fundamental trait of statalism: the godless belief in the absence of charity, mutual help, or love of neighbour.”

    I completely agree with you on the wider issue of government responsibility for health care. I believe in voluntary private health insurance plus charity for the uninsurable cases and the (genuinely) poor.

    However, the transition away from today’s statist system absolutely *would* lead to people “dying in a ditch” because of their neighbors’ indifference. Why? Because people have adapted to the pathological incentives of the nanny state. They have lost their willingness to provide adequate voluntary care for their neighbors. It would take decades to un-learn the perverse behaviors we have incentivized for most of the last century. Abolishing government health care has to be part of a broader restoration of traditional Christian values, and it has to be done gradually. Otherwise the human costs are not worth it.

    Of course, measures should be taken to reduce government involvement, or to phase it out over a period of time, or to devolve it to local governments, but simply getting rid of all government health care *right now* would be a disaster, because believing in the “absence of charity, mutual help and love of neighbor” in the hearts and minds of modern virtue-signalling “social justice” bread-and-circuses-heathens is not “godless” or “statist” – merely realistic.

    • You can ditch the system gradually, and from an organisational poin tof view this is the only way it would work.
      But again, I do not think what you fear would happen.
      Freed from the Nanny, men would discover their natural systems of mutual help and solidarity. helpin geach other is more natural than delivering oneself to the Evil Nanny.

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