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Si Tacuisses, Catholicus Mansisses…

Pope Francis has, once again, showed his embarrassing ignorance of everything Catholic. Seriously, a child of seven knows much more of Catholicism than he does. He is not just evil. He is profoundly, embarrassing ignorant.

Asked about it, Father Lombardi could not avoid answering along the lines of: “I think the Pope was talking out of his backside”. The original wording, which is slightly different, is here.

The problem here is that at this point no one, not even Lombardi, is able to distinguish Francis' backside from his face. Therefore, no one – not even Lombardi – ever knows out of which body part the man has spoken.



“Vox Cantoris” Angers Father Rosica… Again!


“You are a bad, bad, bad blogger! And I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!!!”



Hilarious blog post over at “Vox Cantoris”, where an entirely shameful priest is still smarting for having been forced to abandon his policy of shameless bullying and disgusting lawfare against a simple blogger.

Rosica’s text is entirely childish. Vox Cantoris‘ comments are, besides being truthful and very much to the point, entirely hilarious.

Visit the blog and have a laugh. Oh, vanity of vanities! Priests going around begging for acknowledgments, and using this miserable platform to show all of us what miserable people they are! Rosica looks like a little girl having a crisis of hysteria. Pathetic.    

By the way, I cannot say I know any other Catholic blogger personally, but the idea that a successful blogger would grab the keyboard because he or she has “no pulpit” in his or her daily life is worse than stupid. He who is competent and articulate on his blog is competent and articulate in life, and there’s no way Rosica can persuade even himself – much less others – of this. Actually, these people will often start writing a blog exactly because they know they have an audience in life.  

Let me assure Father Rosica that when I open my mouth, people stop and listen. I am sure it is exactly the same for every successful blogger out there, obviously including Vox Cantoris. Rosica is not only being spiteful and revengeful. He is being stupid at it, too. 

Say a prayer for the poor, wounded girl. We wish salvation even to the likes of him. 



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