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“Deaconesses”: Seventeen Things To Know And Share


What has happened? 

Pope Francis was talking with a group of “women religious” (normally known as “rabid lesbian feminists”) and upon their request, he told them that he would “accept” their suggestion to create a “commission” to “study the question of women deacon”.

Just like that?

Just like that. “Hey, let’s create a commission!”. Do you remember when you were in third grade and played “office”? That’s what Francis is doing now.

When will this commission meet, and to decide what exactly?

Great questions. It will probably never meet, as Francis was giving some air to his teeth and telling people what they want to hear (Remember? “Soon, soon!”). It is also not clear what they would decide exactly, as the matter is historically certain and theologically settled. The exercise has already been made in 2002, just in order to hammer facts into the heads of those hard of understanding.  

Why are there no “deaconesses”?   

Because a Deacon is ordained. Women cannot be ordained. Therefore, women cannot be deacons. 

Nevah, evah?

Nevah, evah. 

What were, then, the old “women deacon”?

They were helpers. They helped by the baptism of women. In those times baptism involved a lot of water, so there was the necessity of avoiding nudity and caring for dressing, undressing, dry clothes, etc. 

Is that all?

Yep. That is all. 

Why all the ruckus, then?

Feminism and outright stupidity. Evil dykes will always look for any excuse to promote their agenda. Invent some rubbish with the “First Christians”, and the gullible will follow you. 

Is Francis, then, gullible?

Francis is evil. As a Jesuit, however badly instructed, he must know all there is to know about the matter. As a rector of a seminary, he must have cared for the issue. As a bishop, he must have touched the matter infinite times. He cannot say he was just “conned” into his statement. 

Why did Francis, then, “accept” such a “proposal”?

Because he is evil. Truth is nothing to him. If he can please the dykes, he will. He will do and say whatever appears fine at the moment to let him appear “progressive”. Catholicism is, as always, irrelevant to him.

 But does the Church really teach infallibly that only men can be ordained?

‘course she does. I do not even accept to begin the discussion on this. Don’t insult your intelligence. 

Does that mean that the Church could one day revise this part of its teaching and allow women to be ordained to the diaconate?

Don’t be silly.

Infallible teaching is just that, infallible. Settled truth.  

Only men can be ordained. That’s it.

Zip it.

What happened then? 

The press echoed this all over the world, exactly as Francis had intended. Father Lombardi had to admit the Pope was talking out of his own backside. Francis let it be known he was “surprised” at all the noise.

Was he really surprised?

Of course not. He did it on purpose. That’s what he always does.

First the Papal Fart. Then the mess. Then the “surprise”. This is how he confuses Catholics. He does it all the time. 

When will this end? 

Barring Francis’ conversion to Catholicism, only when he is deposed or dies or resigns.

Are those three desirable outcomes?

They are very desirable outcomes.  

Should we pray for it?

We should most certainly pray for it.

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