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We Need More Judicial Activism

I would like to develop the considerations made very recently about (really) progressive pro-Life legislation and extend them to rightly intended judicial activism.

Libtards and perverts have libtard, perverted judges remaking the laws of the Country for them; as seen in the matter of so-called “marriage equality”, when a perverted judge in California, and subsequently others, blatantly abused of their power to create a subversive environment in due time picked up by lesbians and cowards sitting in the Supreme Court.

It can work the other way, too. Let a small number of brave judges unhinge abortion laws with lower court decisions, and a climate of challenge to the iniquity of abortion laws will be created in time. This in turn will make it easier for other judges to strike down abortion laws in more states, and the matter will land on the Supreme Court, who will then be under massive pressure to conform to the new – real or perceived, it does not matter – spirit of the time.

Alas, the US seems to be a Country where most conservative judges are extremely respectful of the limits to their role, and many libtards judges completely lack this perspective and use their office to act as substitute legislators.

Let this sword cut from both edges, say I. Let us start to encourage conservative judges to be just as militant as their libtarded counterparts. Let us start to create an environment in which it is good that a judge attacks with the sledgehammer what goes against common sense, Christian decency or basic humanity. If this is not done, we will end up with good people protecting those evils their very evil colleagues have contributed to creating.

I am sick and tired of seeing godless idiots striking under the belt line whilst our own keep playing by the rules. Go for their balls, and strike hard. Very hard.


Good News From Austria

The role of the President is in Austria (like in Germany) more than largely ceremonial. Therefore, the very narrow defeat of Mr Hofer must not dishearten anyone who has the destinies of Europe dear.

What has happened yesterday is a further demonstration that the electorate in Europe is slowly waking up. This process can be made slower, but it can clearly not be stopped by the usual character assassination of everyone even moderately on the right of centre. 49.7% of the Austrian voters clearly do not care how they themselves, or their candidates, are called. They want their own representatives to do their job or go home.

People are having enough of this madness. As more and more elections are held and, one after the other, European voters start to express their rejection of the betrayal of their own elected representatives, more voters are encouraged to speak out among friends, and to put their ballot where their brains are; and political correctness be stuffed.

The Austrian people have clearly had enough. The German people are beginning to show they have almost had enough. A huge rally against this immigration madness took place in Rome only days ago. Even the most effeminate Countries in Europe, the Nordic ones, begin to show signs of returning sanity.

It will take more times, I am sure. But every smart politician (not many around I am afraid) must slowly start to understand that old slogans won't work, and accusation of quasi-Nazism to everyone who dares to speak the truth will be their grave in the end. It is time now for those who want to keep their job to try to save face and slowly go into reverse gear; because it is by now clear enough that to keep going forward means to crash against a wall that will destroy countless careers.

Wake up, cowardly European elected representatives; and start doing your job properly, or face the sack.



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