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Idiots Of The Caribbeans

And it came to pass an actor appropriately called Depp (ask the Germans) and his perverted civil concubine, married not two years ago, are now divorcing. Not, however, before getting involved in a story of falsification of documents to allow their pets (probably the smartest members of the family) to be introduced in Australia. An abject video apologies followed (“see? We do not think we are above the law! Don’t do as we did! You could end up in real trouble!), and now we have the renewed insults to the Australian government official, because before the launch of a movie a bit of publicity can’t really be bad.

It will be noted that the very publicly emancipated, very publicly “bi” wife of the Depp, a fairly well-known actress making an Obamaload of money herself, did not feel being an emancipated lesbian prevents one from trying to extract money from her husband of, erm, several months.

I reflect that these semi-retarded nincompoops move more votes than most journalists; that they are asked about the most important issues of our times and seldom fail to say the wrongest possible things about them; that they are considered something between very smart and absolutely superior minds by millions of people who could be taught by the (ex) couple’s dogs.

They aren’t. They are children with too much money, and they show it day in and day out. They have no morals, no brains, no shame, and no clue. Some of them can act, but this is no proof of intelligence. A Libtard doesn’t lose the “tard” part just because he becomes rich.

Democracy is overrated. It can work very well in a people solidly anchored in the right moral values; it sends said people to the dogs when it become an immense exercise of blind leading the blind.

The idiots of the Caribbeans are among us.

And they shape the way we think.


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