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Historia Magistra Vitae Est

Tu Es Petrus...

Many a disheartened commenter writes on soft-traditionalist blogs and vents a sense of total disorientation, veering on despair, for what is happening during this satanical Papacy. Everytime I read them, I am persuaded that at the root of this is the lack of proper historical perspective.

Those who are well rooted in History know that the Church has already gone through terrible trials: from the Arian heresy to the Great Schism and from the French Revolution to the Western Schism, the Church has looked on the brink of destruction many times already. Muslim hordes swept through Christian Africa once, and for more than a century they seemed rather unstoppable. The Heresy of Luther torn Western Europe into two, and factually obliterated Catholicism in… Poland! If we think that Francis is an epochal catastrophe, what would St Benedict think, who had to cope with the aftermath of the dissolution of the Roman Empire in Italy?

The historical perspective allows us to see the sad events we are living in their proper context. Granted, never could a Pope make so much damage than today; but never was it so easy, for all those who care for truth, to find it and become extremely adept at it no matter what the Pope says. For the first time in history, an immense number of Catholics is vastly better educated than the Pope, and can spot his lies from one mile away. The same social media which spreads Francis' heresies like wildfire also give witness of an extremely strong reaction to them. Only those who want it will be deceived.

For those well rooted in History, Francis could never be a reason to doubt the Church, Her Indefectibility, Her being protected by the Holy Spirit, Her being Mater et Magistra. Francis may think he is a great innovator, but he will be remembered as nothing more than a particularly smelly fart in the history of the Church. We have to live with the stink. But we know that seen in the historic perspective, this stinky fart will soon dissolve in the air.

There are no excuses for doubting that Our Lord made His Church indefectible. There are no excuses for believing the lies of the Protestants. Get a better historical perspective of our times if it helps you to understand, but never doubt and never instil doubts in others.

Non praevalebunt.

No matter for how long Francis keeps farting.



Yes, The Church Must Apologise To Homosexuals

I apologise for this idiot.

I would like to intervene in one of the last two or three controversies ignited by the Evil Clown (I think we also have the “Luther was right” in the meantime. Satan is strong in this one…) and agree with Pope Dope at least in this, that the Church should apologise to perverts.


She should apologise for the homosexual priests who have perverted the teaching of the Church as they tried (and still try) not only to confuse the faithful, but to find candidates to satisfy their perverted lust.


She should apologise for the weakness of not calling homosexuality a grave depravity nearly as often as she should, and for falling back to sensitive language like “intrinsically disordered”, which does not convey the idea of impending hell nearly as good as “perverted”.


She should apologise for a culture of “niceness” that is the most cruel, most uncharitable approach in the face of souls in danger of hell.


She should apologise for Pope Francis, a godless, entirely secular hater of the Church who does not care for their salvation because he does not even believe in his own (or else is a closet Satanist; at this point, no one would be surprised).


Yes, the Church should apologise to homos. She is allowing them to go to hell (and, unless they repent of their sins of sodomy, to hell they will go, as there is no invincible ignorance of natural law) just in order to look good with the enemies of Christ, even as a lewd buffoon leads, unwittingly or not, Satan's charge.


Mind: everyone who sends himself to hell has no right to be excused because the Church has left him alone. But this does not make the stain on the earthly Church smaller. Actually, it makes it bigger.





After The EU, Time To Settle The Score With The Council Of Europe

council of europe

Half a billion EUR a year to promote murder of children, war to Christianity, PC madness and much more. 

The Council of Europe is another of those blasted organisations scrounging an existence out of the stupidity (or ignorance) of the people of Europe.

This useless organisation, costing us half a billion euro a year, has recently severely criticised Poland. Why? But of course, because Poland is pro-life, and might get an improved anti-abortion legislation.

Promptly, the “human right” bitches start barking, and demand that Poland  decriminalise abortion, remove conscience protections for doctors and medical personnel, and enact mandatory comprehensive sexuality education. 

This already shows us that “human rights” is only the thinnest cover for “abortionist propaganda”. Interestingly enough (and very tellingly) the “criticism” of the “Commission” was partly base don a report from (wait for this) International Planned Parenthood Federation. 

Really? Half a billion euro a year of our money for this Planned Parenthood sponsored rubbish? 

Now, the Council of Europe profits from this: that he common man on the street thinks they are, in a way, “EU”. They aren’t, but it’s just the other side of an evil coin: the idea that you need European Nazi Nanny to conform all European citizens to the way their better think they should be. 

Well, you know what? Poland called Bullobama and reacted very vigorously, and without any ceremony, to the abortionist bitches.  

Now that the EU is coming under rigorous scrutiny, and the right of these arrogant scroungers to tell all of us what is right and wrong begins to be questioned, it is a good time to also question the existence of this most useless of useless “European” organisations, the Council of Europe. 

Poland doesn’t need any “human right watch”. Europe does not need all these human rights activist bitches. If Planned Parenthood wants to go on doing their satanic work, they should do without the cover of the European Council, and without the money of European taxpayers. 

I am fed up with seeing murder and perversion sponsored with taxpayer’s money. I am fed up with busy-bodies telling us what is “torture” and what is “racism”. I am fed up with idiots thinking they can tell us whether we can have a crucifix in our classrooms. Make all of them unemployed, and save the money. Then suggest to the unemployed bitches they get their money from Planned Parenthood and continues their work in Afghanistan, or Saudi Arabia, or any other Muslim Country of their choice.

Time to get rid of these scrounging bitches. All of them.  




Ding, Dong! Brussels’ Witch Is Mortally Wounded!



I have not written a single blog post about Brexit. The main reason is that I had other, more directly Catholic issues to cover; the other reason is that I never thought the Brexit camp could win. Even when, some ten days ago, the polls started to indicate a Leave lead, I immediately thought the “scare” would cause a rebound of “remain” vote intentions in the following days. This punctually happened, to the extent that the financial markets – with the big actors commissioning their own polls, more accurate than your average newspaper will be able to afford – were already putting a lot of money where their polls were.

The surprise was, therefore, big. Nor was it only the weather (dismal in the strongerst “remain Country”, London; acceptable of beautiful in large part ps of “Leave” territory) which helped. The extent of the “Leave” victory makes abundantly clear that weather can be no excuse.

What helped is the resilience, self-confidence and sheer balls of a Country ready to dare what, before today, no other EU Country would have dared to do.

Hats off to the British people. Yesterday, they showed us the stuff out of which Empires are made.

I easily predict that this is a mortal stab wound, from which the EU will never recover. Surely, this evil institution will go on another decade or two, increasingly lacerated by internal strife and the stupidity of its ruling classes, who I'll go on exasperating the common people until even the Germans dare to revolt. But the writing is on the wall.

This day will be remembered in one thousand years. It is the mortal wounding of the most pernicious, subtle, dangerous project of subversion of democracy ever attempted. Not only this vote changes Britain forever. It changes the EU Countries forever.

Mind my words: in the next 10 or 15 years Brexit will prove not only a triumph of national sovereignty against the dictatorship of bureaucrats, but it will also prove such a success for the British economy (particularly if Scotland does us the favour and freaks off already) that will put to shame the undemocratic, anti-Christian, nannying EU elephant.

Yesterday, the Brits have shown that a remainder of those qualities that made their wonderful Empire (self-reliance, tenacity, and sheer courage) still runs through the Country's vein.

They should be proud.

Today it's a new dawn. It truly is the start of a new era. A day that will be remembered in one thousand years.

Hat offs to this nation of proud islanders. They may not fully realise it, but yesterday they have, inter alia, mortally wounded the biggest and most dangerous anti-Christian threat on the European soul.






NBC: Whores By Choice


Selling well…


The “Creative Minority Report” alerts us to this exceptionally bad piece of sheer prostitution,   in which we are told that in a Country of 320 million a candidate chooses to hold events where the attendants could be less numerous than the press, in order for this selected, exalted company to see the Real Bitch (compare here) and then go around evangelising the people about the exceptional human qualities of the candidate. 

I immediately asked myself how these hacks and whores do not mention the big crowds left out of these intimate events.

Oh wait… that must be because there aren’t any…

Compare, please, with Donald Trump’s full venues, thousands of supporters at a time, big queues, and even a business of t-shirts and Trump accessories following him everywhere.

The scale of immorality is astonishing.

I bet these are the same people who push for “hate laws”.



The “Trump That Bitch” Reblog

There’s No Reason To Be Afraid Of Hillary

“Maybe Even A Little Stupid”: The Mainstream Press Wakes Up To The Reality Of Francis

After Fox News asked the Evil Clown to resign, another brilliant article was published by “The Week”. Title: “Forgive Pope Francis for his sins against reason”.

Oh dear, oh dear…

I remember only two/three years ago, when Francis said pretty much the same stupid things (the Angry Blessed Virgin, the Non-multiplication of the fish and loaves, God who can only slap us on the wrist, the non-Catholic God, proselytism is nonsense… the list is endless….) and he was considered a great communicator. Other considered him, even, an Evil Genius, cunningly subverting the Church in subtle ways.

Only a few bloggers, among which yours truly was perhaps one of the most vocal, dared to say what appeared evident already: the man has nothing genial in him, though he certainly has a lot of evil in him. He is just plain stupid, and just plain ignorant. He is embarrassing to everyone but himself, because he is too stupid and too ignorant to even see how embarrassing he is. His talking and thinking never showed more depth than your average semi-illiterate peasant who thinks himself smart, wants to remake the world and is the joke of the village. Only, this particular semi-illiterate peasant saw himself propelled – by a mixture of circumstances, certainly driven by God’s desire to allow us to be punished for our lack of faith and obedience – to a position light years above his legitimate pay grade.

I am sure many journalists saw this all right, and quite fast. But it was difficult, then, to say that the Great Wheelchair Hugger truly walks, swims and quacks like a very stupid duck. It would also have disturbed the narrative of “novelty” and “tolerance” and “reform”, which surely helped to sell.

Today it’s different, though. Why is that? If you ask me, largely because the faithful Catholics have shouted their criticism for very long, and the world has started to notice. At some point the narrative of the “oh so popular Pontiff” was untenable: too many were noticing the Pope was popular only among the wrong crowds, and the Catholic world was completely dominated by critics of various kind. When it’s clear enough that the Pope is very unpopular among his own people, the narrative has to crumble. As, by the way, yours truly consistently predicted it would happen.

“Maybe even a little stupid”.

How many mainstream outlet would have expressed themselves in this way about Francis in 2013 or 2014? Is the “red nose Pope”, the “selfie Pope”, the “thumb up Pope”, the “who am I to judge” Pope much less stupid? Not really. The cretin was there pretty much from the start, for everyone to see.

It wasn’t fashionable to say it then. It is becoming pretty fashionable to say it now.



Bible Bashing, Hillary-Style

Surprisingly (or not...) even Hillary has a use for this book...

Breitbart has excerpts from a book about to be published by a member of Hillary' security detail when she was Monica's First Rival.

It makes for rather entertaining reading.

First Bitch at the White House?





Robert Mickens, Enemy Of The Church, Outs Himself.


Another faggot dissected…


Oh well… why I am not surprised? 

Robert Mickens, the hack fired by (even) the Tablet for wishing death to Pope Benedict, and afterwards hired by an unspeakably un-Catholic “catholic” rag, outed himself as a pervert.  

Yep, you got it right. 

These people spend years of their useless lives criticising every piece of Church doctrine, but they do not tell you that they do so because they have espoused the cause of perversion instead. Unspeakable hypocrisy. 

Why does Mickens out himself now, then? I don’t know, because every fag is, in some way, unstable. Perhaps he was about to be outed by others. Perhaps the burden of his own hypocrisy weighted too heavily on him. Perhaps he had just had an attack of egomania. Perhaps the Orlando massacre persuaded him he now belongs among the martyrs and saints.

I have written many times, and got an additional confirmation today, that very many of those who criticise Church doctrine (be they clergymen or journalists) do so for their own private, unconfessed reasons, which very often are Mr Micken’s reasons.

Scratch the dissenter, and you are likely to find the fag.

The “Pastor Angelicus Vs Evil Clown” Reblog

“Pastor Angelicus Vs Evil Clown”



Titian, "Doge Antonio Grimani before the Allegory of Faith"

Enter a caption


I was a lapsed Catholic. Moved by the obvious disinterest which priests around me showed in Catholic values and Mass attendance, badly catechised, and surrounded by a more and more secular world, I started to lose the habit of thinking with the Church that had been rudimentally transmitted to me as a child. Slowly, other things went out of the window, due to the influence of the secular values when one stops seeking the nourishment only the Sacraments can give. I preferred to consider abortion a terrible evil I would not have the courage to avoid, and preferred to leave it at that. I refused, or rather neglected, to think rationally about the necessary consequences of being a Catholic. I was the socially conservative version of the Cafeteria Catholic. I was disgusted by fags; but mainly only out of common decency, rather than of deeply felt religious values.

In all this, never one day, never one minute did I lose the faith in God. Feeling abandoned by the platitudes of the V II Church and not yet acquainted with Traditionalism (a movement I really discovered only in 2005, thanks to the Internet), I spent countless hours with “do it yourself” exercises, with up to seven different Bibles on my table, trying to understand and deepen the faith about which I felt so strongly, if confusedly, and which made me despise the secular priests of questionable virility I saw around me and on TV, and the shallow rhetoric of poverty and social justice that had nothing supernatural in it.

Faith is the biggest grace I ever received, and never losing faith for one second is, in itself, a grace in the grace. I feel as if a good God would patiently wait, through my Years Of Stupidity, until I finally found the fountain of pure water, Catholicism as it was always intended and had never been taught to me. Coherent, logical, manly, as beautiful and as hard as a diamond.


I confess that I suffer of “excessive doctrinal security”. I could, if it depended on me, depose Francis, defrock him, and send him to die at the stake without flinching; and I would be ready and proud to be called at my own judgment there, on the spot, whilst the Argentinian’s corpse is still burning, and the smoke still rising high in the Roman sky.

Faith is a grace, that I have obviously not deserved. But I think it my duty to make use of it, and help others along the way.

And I want you to see it, this faith. I want you to feel it, I want it to jump on you unexpectedly, like a lion. You may disagree with me, hate me, mock me. But my faith, you will not be able to deny or even ignore.

It is a grace. Fully undeserved. Given to a wretched sinner, concerned about his own salvation more than it’s comfortable to him. Given to him, I think, so that he may use it to help others.


However, even if I had not been graced with a strong faith, and had gone through periods of doubt – something up to now always spared to me, but common to even many saints in form of perceived distance of God from them, or of punishing spiritual aridity – never would I dare to present my doubts, my trembling and wobbling faith, as something desirable, or that makes me more “complete” than the one who never had such doubts.

“Never doubted God? You’re missing something, my boy’!”

Who would be such an idiot as to express himself in that way? Someone without faith, of course. Someone who cannot avoid thinking in totally secular terms, and likes it, and wants you to think in the same way. Someone who thinks so much in terms of moral relativism and pensiero debole, that he boasts of his own lack of faith.

Someone, in short, like this one.



Lewandowski’s Departure Is Not A Good Sign

No, “you’re fired!” is way too cheap…



The departure of Mr Lewandowski from Team Trump is, if you ask me, a very bad sign.

I fear that Trump might – at least to an extent – Romneyfy himself, and become – at least to an extent – that kind of tofu neocon candidate who never wins.

I agree that Trump needs to become more statesmanlike. I also agree he needs to ramp up his fundraising effort. But I understand this to mean better prepared with journalist and better organised on the ground, not more cautious and afraid of displeasing people, or of tomorrow’s polls. Trump damages himself when he does not know whether aborting women should be punished much more than he ever could by just keep doing what served him so well up to now.

It would be atrocious if this opportunity went lost, then what will happen to the Country if Hillary seize power is something I do not even want to think about.

Let us hope and pray that Trump gets his conservative act together, but still remains Trump. The voters have enough of politicians who ask pollsters what they should think and say.



Meet Pope Demented Hypocrite

The Pope is here caught in one of those rare moments of closed mouth.

The Evil Clown was caught red handed.

Not only is MarriageGate in obvious contrast with the most elementary concept of Catholicism. It is, also, in contrast to what Francis himself said, in public, merely months ago.

From this, we understand (not that we did not know it) the following:

  • The scripted statements are not written by him. They are written by (by and large) Catholics.
  • Francis hates Catholicism. He hates all that Catholicism is and represents. At times he must go through the motions of pretending to be a Catholic. When he does so, he does not even pay attention to what he says. He does not reflect on it. He cannot or does not want to remember what he (officially) stands for. He does not profit from his newly found access to Catholic scripts to learn. He just doesn't understand, doesn't care, or both.
  • When he speaks “off-the-cuff”, Francis feels free to express his own opinion. But being too stupid to even understand how little he ever understood of Catholicism, he causes an earthquake after the other.

I wonder if the man really wants all these scandals. Some of them are certainly planned, but I have the impression a lot of this “off the cuff” mess is just an idiot who is too stupid, too vain, and too full of himself to understand when to shut up; or else understands that he will do harm to himself but, like a stubborn child, wants to have it his way nevertheless.

In the first comment of the linked post, a smart commenter compares the Pope (concerning another matter) with a “demented/drugged person”, and calls what Francis said “demonic”. The comment was published, and I am very happy to see that more and more people understand that we need strong words if we want to at least counteract the immense damage this man is causing.

A lot had to happen before faithful Catholic expressed themselves in this way, in a mainstream/soft conservative Catholic blog, about the man we used to call the Holy Father.




Fags Hate Fags, Orlando Edition

And it came to pass it appears probable the man who massacred the 49 not-very-gay people in Orlando was a homo himself. Obviously, it can be that he had visited the place a dozen time to scout the theatre of operation, and it could also be that the reports he tried to “pull” people during his visits are lies. However, it seems all rather plausible to me.

This is not the first time I hear the like of this. I remember just on the spot at least one horrible murder in Italy and another one in Germany involving horrible suffering inflicted from sods to other sods. I also suspect this happens much more often than generally assumed, and the Buggers Broadcasting Communism (BBC) and their ilk simply choose to conveniently omit the “sexual orientation” of the murderer and victim because, ahem, “not relevant”.


Fags hate fags. Not only they hate each other with a passion, but they hate themselves (hence the real meaning of the word “homophobic”) just as much. We should not be surprised if the worst US massacre of perverts in living memory was perpetrated by another one of them. Actually, we should have suspected it before the news even come out.

Someone should start a campaign to protect perverts from the “homophobia” of other perverts. However, I think just the opposite will happen, and the Gaystapo will now be screeching everywhere in a very high pitched tone, decrying the cruelty of all those who have absolutely nothing to do with the massacre.



The “Fags Hate Fags” Reblog

The “Fags Hate Fags” Reblog

Papal Heresy Must Never Be Downplayed


Not. Smiling.


Every time Francis speaks from his lowest orifice (which is, as you all know, very often), I take a tour on “moderate” blogs to see what people comment there; that is: what your average non-traditionalist Catholic, who at least appears to give a damn, thinks. 

Normally I see three categories of people: those who are seriously upset and say so (they are possibly Traditionalists, though); the never-dying Pollyannas; and those who write something on the lines of: “Phew! This was said from an aeroplane/off the cuff… again! So it’s not infallible! Yahoo, the Magisterium hasn’t changed! I can now relax, smile, and keep thinking everything is fine!”.

The first position is, clearly, the only acceptable one. The second might well lead to damnation, because at this point it is nothing else than shameless, willed complicity with continued attacks to Christ and His Church for the sake of one’s comfort; the third, which I hope is mainly due to ignorance, must be eradicated fast.  

The Pope can’t change the Infallible Magisterium more than he can change the course of the planets. Therefore, this idea that we can smile and relax because the Pope has not changed what he cannot change anyway is a huge red herring. 

Unfortunately, too many very badly catechised Catholics still seem to think that Catholic Doctrine is something with which a Pope can do everything he wants, provided he does so “infallibly”.


Truth can never contradict truth. Nothing can be truthful, that contradicts established Truth. No Pope has, ever had, or will ever have any right to simply proclaim a “truth” today which is in contrast with Divine Truth. He is intrinsically unable to do it in the same way as you are intrinsically unable to grow wings. 

If the Pope were to wake up one morning, and were to infallibly proclaim that a new commandment,  “Thou Shalt not Condemn Fornication, Cohabitation, Sodomy, and Adultery” shall be added to the existing ones, there would be interesting discussions about when he has ceased/will cease to be a Pope, and whether he should be burnt at the stake after he has been deposed. There will be tons of ink employed in explaining that we must resist a heretical Pope pending his deposition or death. There would be interesting debates whether to use the paper with the new pronouncement as fish wrap, or toilet paper. But most certainly one thing would not change: the Commandments.

Therefore, it is perfectly absurd to rejoice and delude oneself that things are fine (or only moderately uncomfortable; as in the case of the embarrassing uncle always prone to put his foot in his mouth) merely because Francis hasn’t changed the course of the planets, or transformed himself into an elephant, or grown a third foot.

The scandal of a heretical Pope does not consist in his doing what is impossible to do, but in doing what is very possible for a Pope to do, and which we are witnessing every day: spreading heresy and blasphemy, attacking the Sacraments, criticising everything that is holy, praising everything that is evil.

This is what is happening, and therein lies the problem.

Papal heresy must never be downplayed. It’s a huge evil. We have real problems here, we can’t just delude ourselves things are fine merely because we don’t have the imaginary ones. 







Reblog: Some Sobering Thoughts About Hell

Reblog: Some Sobering Thoughts About Hell

Breaking News: Pope About To Ban Baptism And First Communion Before Age 30

The Head of Wonderland's Health and Safety Department

Would make a better Pope


I have this from well-informed sources: 

Pope Francis is about to announce a complete ban on not only infant baptism, but baptism of anyone below age 30. The reason has been already abundantly stated by the Oh So Humble Wheelchair Hugger himself: if an adult can’t be sure of what a marriage entails, how can an infant child be sure of what a baptism entails? Nor can you claim the Godfather can fulfill this role: the Oh So Holy Father has already stated that they, like almost every other Catholic adult, have no idea of what they’re doing anyway. No: it will be no baptism below age 30, and only after reading Das Kapital and Fidel Castro’s opera omnia. This is, I was informed, in order to be sure one has understood what it means to be a good Catholic. 

 Similarly, First Communion will be subject to the same age limit, and for the same reasons. However, Francis will allow the faithful to be baptised and receive on the same day, “if they have shown sufficient environmental consciousness”. This will, my sources state, ensure that the baptismal candidate “loves the poor”. I am also informed the reading of Tucho “Elton” Fernandez’ seminal work, “Pervert me with your mouth: The Art Of Sodding”, might be required, though the Pope is waiting for Cardinal Kasper’s input on this. 

Simultaneously, the Vatican will announce that whilst it will not possible to be baptised before age 30, those cohabiting from the age of 16 will be considered baptised and communicated, if they show “fidelity” and “commitment”. This is a preferential option for the poor, because we must smell of the sheep, no? 

You read it here first. 

Please give credit with a link when the official announcement is released.




MarriageGate: What happens Next

Cardinals and Bishops shut up like one man. 

Cardinal Burke tells us the Pope’s statement are not magisterial, and there’s nothing to be worried about. You are a bad Catholic if you confuse the faithful by criticising the Pope.

We are made to understand the video might have been “mistranslated”. 

Some bloggers tell us it’s not a big deal. Relax. Smile. It’s no worse than Uncle Rob, who is always a bit embarrassing in his old age…  

Commenters on Catholic blogs start discussing whether 80% of marriages are invalid, or 60%, or perhaps 50%. Our Holy Father might be up to something here… 

Commenters on Catholic blogs suggest the Pope might have dementia. Alas, they won’t explain why he never forgets his heresies… 


MarriageGate: Even Fox News Asks That Francis Resign!




This is a real bomb, coming from a publisher known for his “neocon” (means: “I will put up with everything provided I pay less taxes”) stance. As I write this, it leads Fox News’ editorial page.

The article asking for Pope Francis’ resignation is signed by Adam Shaw. The man is clearer and more cogent than the vast majority of non-traditionalist Catholic sites and blogs out there. Actually, his clear arguments put their weakness and complicity with Francis to shame.

Let us quote some of his statements, with some comments from yours truly when opportune: 

Pope Francis’s three-year-old papacy, marred by controversy from the beginning, has hit a new low.

Note here: the man is not only fed up with MarriageGate. He is fed up with three years of total mess.


From his “Who am I to judge?” statement on gay people that seemed to offer a hint at a change in church teaching, to his fumbles on contraception, to his recent claim that Donald Trump is not Christian, his off-the-cuff remarks cause headlines across the globe, often followed by some sort of “clarification” from the Holy See Press Office.

Notice the subtle indictment here: the man is a maverick and the Vatican apparatus is left to clean up after he has piddled outside of the potty again. 

His papacy has been a litany of confusing statements for the faithful on the most sensitive and delicate topics. While clear on political topics dear to his heart, but where Catholics can legitimately hold differing opinions, such as immigration, economics and climate change, on matters of doctrine, Francis muddied the waters to an extent that many well-meaning Catholics feel they no longer know where the Church stands on issues of faith.

Another well-spotted point, that you won’t find anywhere on “Patheos”: when he wants to make Socialist propaganda, Francis is neither nuanced nor ambiguous. He only discovers his Jesuit side when he wants to attack everything Catholic.  

For a “pope of the people” he certainly doesn’t give Catholics much credit. For a Catholic marriage to be valid all that is needed is the freedom to marry, consent from both parties, and the intention to marry for life and be open to children. That’s it.

I would correct this, or perhaps make explicit what the author might be thinking already: Francis hates and despises Catholics, and his forma mentis is entirely secular. This is why he does not believe in the Sacraments (and does not like Catholics). 

For Pope Francis to say the great majority of marriages are null implies that the great majority of Catholic are ignorant fools who cannot understand the responsibilities of a bedrock of society that has existed for thousands of years.

Quite so. 

It also suggests severe doubt in the mercy and grace of God. The rule of thumb when the validity of sacraments, whether it be marriage, the Eucharist or the priesthood, is concerned, is to assume validity unless something clearly contradicts that. So just like a priest doubting his faith as he is ordained is still a priest, a bride with jitters is still validly married — God makes up for our frailties.

I would say, here, that at the root is a different, extremely secular, atheist thinking: sacraments have no value, they confer no sacramental grace. They are simply rituals, ceremonies. This is why Francis thinks they can be tampered with, and does not see anything in them beyond a ceremony of purely formal value; which, in turn, is why he thinks those living in adultery are just in the same position, if they are “committed”. 

Francis’ words put the devil’s doubt into the hearts and minds of good Catholic couples who may be going through a rough time, and who instead of saying “We’re Catholic, we’re married, this is until death parts us,” may now say, “Well, the pope says most marriages aren’t valid anyway…maybe ours isn’t either” and give up.

Francis makes the work of the devil.  Yep, this is literally what the man says, and kudos to him. he also encourages them to discount the value of their marriage (whilst he encourage concubines to consider themselves married).

Insane. Or Atheist Church hater. Tertium non datur.

Francis’ statement demonstrates a lack of faith in the Church and its ability to vet couples seeking marriage, to teach them about what marriage is, and to administer the sacraments effectively.

Yep, that’s the point. The man does not believe in the Church. He does not believe in anything Catholic. Not in Catholic virtues, not in Catholic doctrine, actually not even in a Catholic God. 

If most marriages are invalid because couples don’t understand a life-long commitment, does that mean most priestly ordinations are invalid too? If so, are most masses invalid? Most confessions?

Well spotted again; and in fact, this is the only logical conclusion that can be drawn from Francis’ atheist statement. If a sacrament like Catholic marriage (of which every child knows it is a commitment for life) cannot be understood, how can First Communion be understood? What about Holy Orders? How can confession be valid, if the concepts of “contrition” and “firm purpose of amendment” are not understood, because nowadays people “don’t know what they are saying”? Why should people not doubt whether they have validly received the sacrament of Last Rites (yes, I keep calling it that way)? And so on…

The Church’s authority rests, in part, on its claim to be able to communicate the sacraments and the teachings of Christ. Francis has cast doubt on the former, has done a poor job of the latter, and by doing so has brought the Church’s legitimacy into question.

 Another extremely good point. This is a man who declares the total bankruptcy of the organisation he leads; her total inability to do what Jesus put her on earth to do.  “Go ye therefore, and utterly fail in teaching all nations; even those in which you have a millenary tradition…”

 His comments come after he dealt more confusion to Catholic marriages by allowing the liberal Cardinal Walter Kasper to take control of last year’s Synod of the Family — who turned the whole thing into a referendum on gay people and communion for divorced and remarried Catholics.

Francis’ subversion is rightly recognised. The Fake Synod, falsely manipulated by the “gay” clergy, is not forgotten…

Francis made things worse this year with his vague document on the family — Amoris Laetitia — in which he buried the hot topic of divorced and remarried Catholics in a footnote, and muddied the waters some more by saying that such couples could receive sacraments “in certain cases.”

… nor is the huge scandal of Amoris Laetitia.

When asked to clarify he said “I don’t remember the footnote.” Wonderful.

The man is embarrassing even in his evil arrogance. 

Once upon a time Catholics would have been stuck with a bad pope, but since Pope Emeritus Benedict opened the door for a pope resigning when he can no longer do his job, it is time for the faithful to look at Francis and ask — “is this man able to lead the Holy Catholic Church?”

I must disagree here. Catholics were never required to stick with a heretical Pope without asking for his removal. However, the power to remove him is not in their hands. Benedict’s resignation would make it easier for Francis to save face, but is not the reason why he can be asked to go, or can legitimately be seen as unable to lead the Holy Catholic Church. 

At this point it is clear, Bergoglio has repeatedly proven himself unable to lead, and is doing incalculable damage to the Church that will take decades to heal.

I think “unable to lead” here means “astonishingly incompetent”. Nothing to add on the incalculable damage. 

Pope Francis should resign, and Catholics should demand it, so the Church can begin recovering from the havoc his ill-advised and arrogant papacy has wrought.

Two very important points to close, both again very well spotted: it is a duty of a faithful Catholics to react to this impiousness by demanding that the Pope resign (as opposed to Pollyanning around blathering nonsense like “relax, the Holy Ghost is in charge!”), and the damage done is so massive, that even if Francis resigned today it would a very long time before the Church can be said to have recovered from it.


Even the mainstream press now starts to demand that the man be made to leave; and again, with words clearer than you would read in fake Catholic sites and blogs.

The world woke up, and discovered that the Pope is an Evil Clown.  

Cohabitation Can Be A Marriage, Says Evil Clown

I have seen a lot of cohabitations that were real marriages

This is the other side of the medal. The first part is here.

In his disgraceful off-the-cuff godless madness, Francis did not only say that the great majority of marriages are null. He also said that he is sure that the “faithful” cohabitations he has seen in Argentina are real marriages.

This truly is a bizarro world, in which the married aren't married, but the concubines are, because they are “committed” or “faithful” or whatever.

This is the kind of nonsense you could hear from an atheist lesbian, not from a Pope. This is the kind of nonsense you could hear from people who have no idea of what a sacrament is, have no fear of the Lord, consider concubinage not only harmless but positive, and think they can make their own religion.

This man is an atheist. Nothing that the Church believes finds him aligned to it, unless it is in a twisted way that he managed to reconcile with his twisted, socialist, atheist ideology (as when he is against abortion because the unborn baby is “poor”, or “marginalised”). In all the rest, the man is pure Catholicusm-free space.

Not, mind, because he doesn't know better; but because he hates Catholicism and wants you to understand it. He abandons himself in public utterances to a completely secular ideology, whilst continually criticising the Catholic one. It isn't a coincidence. It's what he thinks, and what he wants to do.

Most marriages aren't such. Let us allow mass annulments. Many adulterers are “married”. Let us allow them to go to confession and receive communion. Sacraments don't count. Rules don't count. The feeling of the couple for each other is all that counts, it is the way this idiot thinks he can “recognise” a marriage in a cohabitation.

Please, Lord, free us from this scourge!



Great Majority Of Marriages Invalid, Says Evil Clown

Your marriage is very likely invalid.

You read it correctly. This is what the man said.

This is, of course, part of the evil plan to destroy Sacraments in which he does not believe, and damage the Church he hates.

This is, plainly, Pope Francis The Atheist speaking.

The attack to Communion and Marriage goes through the attack to the sacramental life of every Catholic.

According to the Evil Clown, your marriage is likely invalid. Means your “divorce” and “remarriage” are ok. Not ok for Catholicism, of course, because for Catholicism you are still a concubine living in public sin. But ok for Francis because, if you are “committed”, who is he to judge? Therefore, you can receive communion anyway, and also go to confession, which is not made for the saints but for sinners.

Bam. Three sacraments torpedoed in one go. I suspect this is the usual childish, stupid reaction to the continued criticism of Amoris Laetitia. “Why do you keep blabbering about marriage?” – asks the man – “it's all rubbish anyway!”.

Please, Lord, rid us of this tool soon!



Culpable Pretended Ignorance

Cuncta Stricte Discussurus

You might be asked (as I was) whether it is possible that the unrepentant sodomites killed in Orlando might have escaped hell because (don't laugh) “they did not know sodomy is a mortal sin”.

I replied (as you should) with the following arguments:

Firstly, sodomy goes against natural law. No one can claim ignorance of natural law, because its rules are “imprinted” in every soul at birth. The argument of the sodomite who “did not know” dies already at this point. Note also the vaguely blasphemous undertone of this “question”: that sodomy may be a kind of accident due to lack of information.

Secondly, we must not lie to ourselves to the point of idiocy. It is more probable that a snowball in hell does not melt, than a sod in Orlando, Florida, USA “does not know” what the Church says about sodomy. You can safely assume that – even leaving aside the first argument – everyone among the victims in possession of a halfway functioning brain knew.

Thirdly, “ignorance” in Catholic doctrine never extends to “I have deluded myself into believing that the Church does not mean what she has always meant”. If this were the case, one could claim innocence for any atrocity. It would be pure “Francis church”: if you follow your “conscience”, you will be fine. Hitler, Biden, Pelosi & Co. would be as pure as snow. Francis would be a wonderful Catholic.

Fourthly, the entire propaganda lie of the last decades is based exactly on this assumption: that Christians condemn perverts as sinner. Everything these people say and do (from calling themselves “gay” to congregate in “gay bars”) is the result of their being in opposition to traditional, and therefore Christian, morality.


No, it does not work that way. The argument is non-existent.

The question is not whether an unrepentant sodomite will be saved. Of course he won't, or Christianity is a lie; and woe to those (as be they Popes) who try to smuggle a new religion of “niceness” as Christianity.

The question is, on the contrary, whether the single sodomite was saved by being given the grace of final repentance. We can hope for this or that good outcome in individual cases, well knowing that the fox at the bottom of the hole is, on hearing the hound approaching, greatly encouraged to a fox-ish contrition. However, Catholic doctrine teaches us that unrepented mortal sin will not even be forgiven – outside of valid confession – thank to an imperfect contrition, and that a perfect contrition is required instead. Imagine what a mockery and an exercise in futility and stupidity Christianity would be, if “ignorance” could be used by merely claiming it.

The “man” texting to his mother “I am gonna die” should have texted after that: “Lord, have mercy on me, a sinner”, and one could have pointed out to this as a reason to have some hope for him. Coincidentally or not, such messages never seem to make it to the Mainstream Sodom Press. But honestly, I think the majority of the victims never thought about contrition. The idea of persevering in faith and trying to live a good life is that this strengthens our resolution, provides us with good habits, and as a result increases our chances of salvation. It is absurd to think that a person may dig for himself a hole of depravity and lye in it without this greatly increasing the probability that he is a reprobate. There is a difference between striving to live a Christian life (sinners as we all are) and striding towards hell day in and day out.

The bottom line is this: God will not be mocked, and those who think they can mock God by kidding themselves into their own convenient set of beliefs are, exactly, kidding themselves.

We wish salvation to everyone, even to those disgusting sods who were “celebrating” their perversion until they heard the first shots. We hope that many of them may have been saved, though we can reasonably assume that their number was limited. But we know as a certainty of the faith that all those who died unrepentant of their sin of sodomy are now in hell, because God shall not be mocked.

Sobering, uh? But that's how it is.

Beware of those (and may they be Popes) who suggest to you that one only needs to kid oneself out of natural law to avoid damnation.




Let’s Stop Talking The Language Of Our Enemies

Only days after the Orlando massacre, the wrong vocabulary is everywhere. “Gays”, “LGBT”, “homophobia”, all that rubbish.

It angers me no end.

When will people understand (even conservative pundits) that you can never win a battle by accepting the vocabulary of your enemy?

The Libtards have created a new vocabulary to reprogram the brain of the simple. If we want to deprogram the brain of the simple, we must go back to the old vocabulary.

It’s not “gays”, it’s “homosexuals” (which refers to the sexual perversion) or “sodomites” (which refers to the acting on the perversion). It’s not “LGBT”, it’s “perverts”. It’s not “homophobia”, it’s Christian feeling and Christian decency.

This, if you write for an official publication, or if you are a priest.

All the others should, if you ask me, be more assertive than that, and assertively use language to shame wrong behaviour. Fag, Dyke, Fudge Packer, Pillow Biter, Elton, and so on. It’s like flying a flag. It does get noticed. Be ready to double down whenever necessary.

It astonishes me how many people do not understand this simple concept: words shape thinking. We can’t escape this reality. We can avoid the issue, but it will came back to bite us when we are then forced to fight with one hand bound.

Let’s stop talking the language of our enemies.

Let’s start talking the language of our grandfathers instead.



Having Your Cake And Beheading it.

The Libtard cake was about to be beheaded...

So, let us see some of the things Dems are for:




Islamic Immigration

How many of the first three are shared by Mohammedns, yours truly wonders? I would say: zero.

Now, Islam is such an inherently hypocritical religion that a number of Muslims will always – fully in line with the Child Rapist's “teaching” – openly proclaim anything and everything that furthers their cause. However, the Religion of Beheading is also inherently violent, and there will always be a number of people among them who are ready to use it in the name of their religion, which is absolutely in conformity with said religion.

Therefore, it can come to pass – and in fact it did come to pass – that a registered Democrat voter – that is: a bona fide progressive – shoots 50 homos dead.

Libtards will have to deal with it at some point; because when enough perverts have been massacred by orthodox Mohammedans, the perverts will start to question the wisdom of Hillary & Co.'s unlimited power lust. Nor can the Puppetmasters think that all Mohammedand will indefinitely play their game: Mohammedans are fiercely against all values of Libtard-ism, and violence will become more and more frequent as their number increases. You can try to cover up as much you want (“homophobia”), but fifty homo asses have been, actually, taken down on Sunday, and there can be no doubt more and more of that “demographic” will stop and think for a change.

The Puppetmasters will not be able to have their cake and eat it. To say it in Marxist terms, the inherent contradictions of their strategy will cause its demise and total implosion in time, albeit only when enough homo blood has flown.

What happens after that – with an awful lot of angry Mohammedans in the Country – will be interesting to watch.



Today, We Are Not All Perverts.



For many of the fifty perverts indulging in their abominable so-called “lifestyle” in a mini-Sodom in Orlando, death came pretty much like a thief in the night.

One hopes – because every soul has infinite value; no matter how abominable the person to whim it belongs – that many of them found a way, on realising their hour rapidly approaching, to manage a perfect contrition. We all know nothing less was necessary to avoid eternal torment in hell.

We can hope that the Lord, in His mercy, found a way to move many to repentance; but realistically, what took place in the early hours of Sunday in Orlando must have been a rich harvest for Satan, then it is reasonable to assume very many of those killed were so engrossed in their perverted, godless world that the idea of perfect contrition wasn’t within their grasp; that they were, in other words, reprobates.

Allow me, therefore, to not join in the usual cry after this, obviously, terrible and cruel event. Today, we are not all perverts. I leave it to theologians to discuss the degrees of culpability of the bloodthirsty follower of the “religion of peace” as opposed to the one of his victims. It is, as they say, a quaestio de lana caprinaThe victims were marching toward hell just as surely as their executioner, and sin is an offence to God before it is the harming of another human being. 

The victims were offending God in the most gruesome way. Obviously, publicly, disgustingly so.

I pray for everyone. I call the murderer a murderer, and do not even begin to justify his murderous act. But I refuse to cry for public perverts, too; nor am I willing to shed even a word of sugary “support” for people like them. 

Pray for the victims, that they may have found the strength to save their (literally) sorry ass in the last minute. Every soul has infinite value, and it is God’s antecedent desire that every one of these souls be happy with him forever. But do not for a second give the slightest impression, in your circle of influence, that you sympathise with that bunch of perverts. 

The day of the Lord came like a thief in the night; and no, nowhere in our religion it says that the day of reckoning must come through just, or even lawful ways. The “clients” of Mini-Sodom were, all of them, marching toward hell one minute, and many of them were – thinking soundly – already there in the next. That’s how fast it goes. This is the first thing I thought when I heard. This is what I am not reading absolutely anywhere in the XXI Century Sodom Press.

Let every pervert who has ears hear. And let it this be a salutary lesson for him, and an infinitely better one than the sugary, emotional, self-satisfied sniffing and crying of those who will accompany them in the place of eternal torment.  

And again, no: today, we are not all perverts. 



The “No Confession” Reblog

There Can Be No Confession For Public Sinners

Pastor Angelicus vs Evil Clown

Who will win this battle? Clearly, a rhetorical question. 

From thpius-xii-prayinge excellent Denzinger-Bergoglio, I attach their long list of ante litteram condemnations of Francis’ blasphemies, heresies and outright socialist bovine excreements from the very mouth of the last of the great Popes. 

You notice here an extremely strident contrast not only between an intelligent and pious Catholic and a stupid and corrupted Socialist, but also the difference between coherent thought and off-the-cuff, self-contradicting anarchy. 

I smile when I read article attributing to Francis the willful adherence to philosophical positions of the past. The man has no philosophical approach at all: firstly because he is too stupid for that, and secondly because he is too ignorant for that.

His populist rhetoric, his relentless enviro-madness, his attacks to the sacpopenoseraments, his insults to Christ and the Blessed Virgin, his very confusion about the difference between the Trinity and the false god of the Muslims are not the result of profound philosophical study. They are the same rubbish arrogant, uneducated idiots think and profess every day. And they are spouted with the same abundance of self-contradictions your typical illiterate peasant, or your typical self-righteous prostitute, would not be able to avoid.   

There’s nothing educated or in any way (even wrong way) “lofty” in what Francis says. You could have taken any semi-illiterate peasant from any field in Guatemala, and the “theology” would have been exactly the same. The man is simply too ignorant to think in philosophical terms, too stupid to think right even in simple things, and too stupid to notice it. It is a farce of a pope, running a farce of a papacy.

Mock him. Laugh at him. Bury him under a tidal wave of ridicule. 

Because of you, and by God’s grace, someone might wake up from his stupor. 



Reblog: Reading Francis Through Satan

Reading Francis Through Satan: Poor Repentant Judas!

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