Francis Admits He Is Corrupt And A Hypocrite At Last

Truly, this man is stupid.

“Whoever believes themselves just and judges others and scorns them is corrupt and a hypocrite,” the pope exhorted.

After saying this, one is clearly required not to judge anyone, unless he admits he is one of the worst. But here it goes:

“Arrogance compromises every good action, empties prayer, distances from God and others.”

Bam! A vast amount of people is judged instantly thereafter. Meet Bozo Francis, the funniest clown in clerical habit.

“Not like the Pharisee who prayed with arrogance and hypocrisy.”

Bam! The Pharisee, and clearly all those the Pope considers the modern Pharisees, are mercilessly judged:

Their prayers are empty.

They are distant from God.

They can't do any good action.

If this is not “judging others”, I don't know what is.

Someone of the Pollyanna persuasion might here try to interject that Francis is saying that one must be, at the same time, persuaded of his own righteousness to be worthy of his extremely harsh judgment.

It does not work.

Every Catholic knows he is a sinner. Therefore, Francis would automatically exclude every Catholic from his wholesale condemnation, and brutally indict every “born again”, “Jesus saved me” Proddie. If you know three things of this joker, you know this is not what he could possibly have meant.

Also, it would be absurd to say that if I consider myself a great sinner, I can go on judging half the world's population and Francis is ok with it.

No: what Francis is saying here is that if you consider yourself a better Christian than a public adulterer in obvious mortal sin and grave scandal, you are like the Pharisee.

And again, he says it himself: he is a corrupt man and a hypocrite. Then either he admits publicly that he is himself corrupt and hypocrite, and no better than any corrupt and hypocrite, or he has just “judged” millions of people even as he thinks himself better than them.


Corrupt, and hypocrite.

Said from the man himself.



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  1. Stop hurting my brain with logic.