Loving Gorillas, Hating Children

Harambe, 400 lbs of beast.

The Cincinnati Gorilla news is everywhere, so no link.

Only the United Kingdom, apart from the United States, is a Country so filled with “Animal Rights” nutcases that the killing of a gorilla to avoid the risk of death for a little child of three can be questioned.

In fact, though, these extremists are clearly not expressing – whatever they may say – the love for animals. No. They are, in fact, revealing their hate for children.

The very idea of thinking that the life of a very little child should be endangered in order to save the life of, excuse my bluntness, a freaking beast shows the contempt of human life harboured by these individuals. Not only I doubt they can see the difference between a human and a brute; I am satisfied that between risking the death of a gorilla and the death of a little child, they would choose – no, wait! They did choose – the gorilla any day! This is lucid animal right madness!

It is also obvious what is at play here. Your average “animal rights” idiot clearly is in favour of killing babies in the womb. Therefore, protecting a small child is dangerously close to helping those babies to be born. They can't have that, of course. Screw the boy, what's a boy worth after all? A boy is expendable, a gorilla is sooo precious!

Poor “Harambe”! If he could only speak!

Don't believe for one second their “good faith” that the “good gorilla” would not harm the – nay: would be protecting! – the little child. They don't believe their own rubbish themselves. No animal right activist can be so retarded that he bases his analysis of a gorilla's behaviour on the “Jungle Book”.

It's not love for the gorilla. It's hate for the children.

These people make me sick. The only fact that they are around and talk is a clear sign of the acute disease which plagues our once so beautifully advanced, rational, faithful Western Civilisation. We are sinking in an age of new brutality, and the most unprotected – the children in the womb – have been paying the price of this for decades already.

Never mind the little boy. Let's save “Harambe” instead!




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  1. So, who would know better the behavior of this animal? The average self-styled animal rights activist or the zookeepers that care for the beast day in and day out? Clearly the zookeepers had no illusion about what might happen to the child.

  2. Harambe should not have been killed – they should have made him Pope instead. Would have been an improvement for both him and the Catholic Church.

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