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Please help me here. 

This article is dated 2015

I seem to remember it gave us some hope the man could kick himself away in Argentina and play Holy Hermit, obviously tweeting to the entire planet how good he is living in his holy poverty.

But wasn’t it just some days ago that he said he wants to die in office? Will someone send me the link? Does the man care today for the excrement he has spoken yesterday? I know excrement is excrement, but one supposed he at least should care about it. 

This man lives in a mad kindergarten, in which he can do whatever he wants without risking of being kicked out of the pram, and surrounded by people evil enough, stupid enough or cowardly enough to allow him almost everything.

The man is almost fascinating in his utter shamelessness. It’s like watching a freak show. There are times I think he is on cocaine. It would explain a lot of those yesterday’s talk, so obviously forgotten today.

Or he has just no shame, no brain, and no faith. 







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  1. “and surrounded by people evil enough, ” Thats sums him and his minions up too a !T”

  2. Here (in Spanish), May 29th:

    «El papa Francisco confesó que nunca ha pensado en renunciar al Pontificado, como lo hizo Benedicto XVI en 2013 y aseguró que va “seguir adelante” en su difícil tarea de líder de 1 200 millones de católicos.

    »“No se me ocurrió dejar de ser (Papa) por la responsabilidad y les hago una confidencia: ni se me había ocurrido que me iban a elegir a mí. Fue una sorpresa para mí. Pero, desde ese momento, Dios me dio una paz que dura hasta el día de hoy. Y eso me mantiene. Esa es la gracia que recibí”, aseguró durante un encuentro con los participantes al sexto Congreso Mundial de la red Scholas Ocurrentes el domingo 29 de mayo del 2016.

    »“Por otro lado, por naturaleza soy inconsciente, así que sigo adelante” agregó.»

  3. On another topic, don’t know if you read the Rorate Caeli post by Padre Pio. Just in case you haven’t, the last paragraph should interest you. If I am reading it correctly, it would appear as if the Catholic hierarchy opposed to Francis are seeing Pius XII as the point of departure for the post-Francis era. :-))))))))))

    Link here:

    • I have read it, but I am less optimistic than you. Caffarra doesn’t even have the guts to call heresy heresy. Nothing much will come from these prelates.

    • You are quite right. What is interesting though is that Francis’s “hagan lio” is cutting in the other direction.

      The stuff that the post-conciliar clerics are saying these days is a pleasure to witness. 🙂

    • Can you elaborate on the “pleasure to witness”? I only hear vague meowing and horrible sodoheresy.

    • Sure:

      Three off the top of my head.

      Starting off with Padre Pio, a “very wise, knowledgeable, and highly influential cleric”: “In fact, for him it is is Pope Pacelli who is the “contemplative Pope”, the “POPE OF REFERENCE” who is still present — which is not false, or at least in the process of becoming true…”
      What the good Padre is saying is that Pope Pacelli is still present in the minds of the conservatives, and is starting to become their “point of reference”, meaning that any future “reform” will start pre “St” JXXIII. This is revolutionary in my humble opinion since it indicates that the “spirit of VII” is seen as the problem.

      Next: Archbishop Pozzo, Secretary of Ecclesia Dei says: “the course taken in the meetings of the last years has led to an important clarification: the Second Vatican Council can be sufficiently understood only within the context of the entire Tradition of the Church and its constant magisterium,”. What this means is that the highest ranking cleric in the CDF (Muller being the first) has stated for the record that “an important clarification HAS BEEN MADE, which led to a change of position. Now since the SSPX’s position has not changed, then it stands to reason that it is the position of Modernist Rome that has changed due to “the clarification”. Revolutionary, if you ask me.

      Lastly, Card. Sarah, Prefect of Congregation of Divine Worship has now stated for the record: “Priests should celebrate Mass ad orientem, says Cardinal Robert Sarah, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments.” If you look historically at the liturgical reforms of 1965 to 1970, the process began with Paul VI instigating the change in the mass being said ad populum (1965). They Bugnini and his people took over and “made” the N.O. mass which was promolgated in 1969. What this means is that Paul VI wanted to “protestantize” the mass AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. This was the foundational element of the entire “spirit of VII” reform. Now Card. Sarah (most likely the next Roman pontiff) comes along and whacks the underpinnings of the liturgical reform and subsequent ecclesiastical reform. This is the analogous situation to Francis trying to destroy the Sacrament of Communion and Holy Orders by giving Communion to serial adulterers.

      Now as far as the meowing is concerned, this could be viewed as the result of weakness or strength. If it is due to weakness, it is because Francis is an “atheistic Marxist revolutionary” who will fire anyone who he finds threatening at a whim. Card. Burke comes to mind. On the other hand, if meowing is coming from a position of strength, it could also be the case that the grown-ups are waiting for Francis to pass on,having a high degree of certainty that the next pontiff will be normal. If they acted against Francis, they would cause a schism in the Church, and since Francis and his henchmen have control, they would naturally be left with the money and real estate. This could also be Francis’ game. Knowing that he can’t count on a line of succession, he is introducing all this heresy to provoke the Burke/Muller/Sarah crowd.

      Machiavellian, you say? Yep. But that is how the game is played. And presently it is being played for all the marbles.


    • Very far fetched, if you ask me. We can’t take every expression of appreciation for past popes, or for the mass ad orientem, as an indictment of this one. It’s not even meowing.

    • Fair enough.

      My background is economics and “margin analysis” is a large part. Which means that I have been at the game too long… 😉

    • I see the same problem with journalists. They reed so much into what politicians say, that they forget that the electorate just does not see it that way and does make a triple take of what they hear.

  4. “It had never occurred to me that I would be elected pope,” he said. “It was a surprise, but in that moment, God gave me a peace that lasts to this day. This keeps me going. It’s the grace I received.”

    “On the other hand, I’m by nature unconscious, so I keep going,” he joked.

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