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Francis tiara

The link is here

Make no mistake. This is what the man really is. 

On a funnier note, I cannot imagine in the Orthodox (!) convent of St. George of Rajcica they do not know that Popes haven’t been using tiaras almost since the onset of the Age of Insanity; nor can I imagine that they are not aware of what a disgrace this man Bergoglio is. 

Therefore, I can well imagine that the Tiara might carry a kind of, how should I put it, critical message:

Get back to sanity, you nincompoop! And remember you are the Pope! 









Catholics On The Street: For How Long Still?


Racism! Homophobia! Christian Supremacism! 


Rorate informs our of the first Corpus Christ procession in decades in Warrington, England. Follow the link for some consolation in these dark times. 

However, I read the news and I could not avoid thinking for how long this will be possible. The UK have been more resilient to gender ideology than other Countries like Canada, but this does not mean that the situation is good (and Canada is very, very bad). The UK is still a Country in which, as a B&B owner, you are forced to have perverts under your own roof, in the same bedroom, giving scandal and practicing sodomy; and this, mind my words, with a “Conservative” Government in power, and with the open approval of the “Conservative” Prime Minister.

I can see a trend here, and a trend that will very likely, one day, overcome the still existing forces of sanity (and be it that in the form of freedom of expression). The danger that Catholic devotion will be confined to private spaces in the future – possibly in the near future – is very, very real.

Still, let us savour the good news when we read them, and may the Lord give us the fortitude to fight the good fight for as long as we breathe.





Bishop Schneider Replies To The “Remnant”

The link is here.  I have read the comment with an appeal to spread the letter in the Catholic blogosphere (something I wanted to do anyway) and I happily follow the suggestion.

The text below in its entirety. Emphases and comments mine.


May 26, 2016

Dear Mr. Matt:
Thank you for your greetings. I wrote an answer to The Remnant‘s Open Letter, which I send to you in the attachment and you can publish. God bless abundantly you and your apostolate for the Catholic faith. With cordial greetings in Jesus and Mary,

+ Athanasius Schneider

Dear Mr. Christopher A. Ferrara:
On May 9, 2016 you published on “The Remnant” website an open letter to me regarding the question of the Apostolic Exhortation “Amoris laetitia”.

As a bishop, I am grateful and at the same time encouraged to receive from a Catholic layman such a clear and beautiful manifestation of the “sensus fidei” regarding the Divine truth on marriage and the moral law. [as the clergy descends in a pit of heresy and complicity with it, some brave laymen still have the gut to talk]. 

I am agreeing with your observations as to those expressions in AL (“Amoris laetitia”), and especially in its VIII’s chapter, which are highly ambiguous and misleading. In using our reason and in respecting the proper sense of the words, one can hardly interpret some expressions in AL according to the holy immutable Tradition of the Church.

In AL, there are of course expressions which are obviously in conformity with the Tradition [this is no news, and cannot be used to cover up the heresy]. But that is not what is at issue here. What is at stake are the natural and logical consequences of the ambiguous expressions of AL [this is, indeed, news; because this is heresy and blasphemy coming from a Pope]. Indeed, they contain a real spiritual danger, which will cause doctrinal confusion, a fast and easy spreading of heterodox doctrines concerning marriage and moral law, and also the adoption and consolidation of the praxis of admitting divorced and remarried to Holy Communion, a praxis which will trivialize and profane, as to say, at one blow three sacraments: the sacrament of Marriage, of Penance, and of the Most Holy Eucharist.

In these our dark times, in which Our Beloved Lord seems to sleep in the boat of His Holy Church [as even the Pope spreads heresy unchallenged], all Catholics, beginning from the bishops up to the simplest faithful, who still take seriously their baptismal vows, should with one voice (“una voce”) make a profession of fidelity, enunciating concretely and clearly all those Catholic truths, which are in some expressions of AL undermined or ambiguously disfigured.[AL is so bad, that it is the duty of absolutely everyone to speak out against it] It would be a kind of a “Credo” of the people of God. AL is clearly a pastoral document (i.e., by its nature of temporal character) and has no claims to be definitive. We have to avoid to “make infallible” every word and gesture of a current Pope. This is contrary to the teaching of Jesus and of the whole Tradition of the Church. Such a totalitarian understanding and application of Papal infallibility is not Catholic, is ultimately worldly, like in a dictatorship; it is against the spirit of the Gospel and of the Fathers of the Church [it is Fuehrerprinzip].

Beside the above mentioned possible common profession of fidelity, there should be made to my opinion, by competent scholars of dogmatic and moral theology also a solid analysis of all ambiguous and objectively erroneous expressions in AL [there is so much more that is wrong in AL besides the attacks to the sacraments. Therefore, we should dissect the entire work very carefully]. Such a scientific analysis should be made without anger and partiality (“sine ira et studio”) and out of filial deference to the Vicar of Christ .

[We live in very disgraceful times, and I have no hope whatever that the situation will improve during our lifetime. However….]I am convinced that in later times the Popes will be grateful that there had been concerning voices of some bishops, theologians and laypeople in times of a great confusion. Let us live for the sake of the truth and of the eternity, “pro veritate et aeternitate”!

+ Athanasius Schneider,                

Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Saint Mary in Astana ■



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