Catholics On The Street: For How Long Still?


Racism! Homophobia! Christian Supremacism! 


Rorate informs our of the first Corpus Christ procession in decades in Warrington, England. Follow the link for some consolation in these dark times. 

However, I read the news and I could not avoid thinking for how long this will be possible. The UK have been more resilient to gender ideology than other Countries like Canada, but this does not mean that the situation is good (and Canada is very, very bad). The UK is still a Country in which, as a B&B owner, you are forced to have perverts under your own roof, in the same bedroom, giving scandal and practicing sodomy; and this, mind my words, with a “Conservative” Government in power, and with the open approval of the “Conservative” Prime Minister.

I can see a trend here, and a trend that will very likely, one day, overcome the still existing forces of sanity (and be it that in the form of freedom of expression). The danger that Catholic devotion will be confined to private spaces in the future – possibly in the near future – is very, very real.

Still, let us savour the good news when we read them, and may the Lord give us the fortitude to fight the good fight for as long as we breathe.





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  1. Some of the faithful hoping to practice their Christianity at the church of St. Anthony in Ventimiglia were surprised when they were told by Caritas volunteers they couldn’t recite the rosary and would instead have to pray in silence out of respect to migrants who are living there.

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