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Francis tiara

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Make no mistake. This is what the man really is. 

On a funnier note, I cannot imagine in the Orthodox (!) convent of St. George of Rajcica they do not know that Popes haven’t been using tiaras almost since the onset of the Age of Insanity; nor can I imagine that they are not aware of what a disgrace this man Bergoglio is. 

Therefore, I can well imagine that the Tiara might carry a kind of, how should I put it, critical message:

Get back to sanity, you nincompoop! And remember you are the Pope! 









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  1. Mundy.I saw that expression on his face and i knew what i saw.The Devil is making progress and inroads to our Holy Church.Please Lord God take this insidious heretic away!

  2. This is so great.

  3. Caption: Francis sounding like the Hulk: Pope no like tiara. Pope want to smash!!

    Pope love commiefix. Pope put it on altar of Sistine Chapel, next to beach ball.

    • Hilarious, Antoninus.

      However, since this blog is in service to the truth, I think the pope’s expression of consternation was honest though fleeting. I direct you to Father Z’s blog where there exists a more appreciative countanance on the pope’s face in regards to the tiara.

    • He must have recovered at some point, thinking of the photographers.

  4. A more smiley Pope here:

  5. I see Pope Sourpuss eventually remembered to paste on a smile. Funny, though, that he didn’t lunge to try it on, the way he does when a baseball cap or a red rubber nose comes within reach.

    • He should have trained himself better. heck, he knew photographers were there!
      He can’t just put his usual hypocrite’s smile on when it’s too late…

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