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Reblog: The Catholicism-Free Pope


Reblog: The Catholicism-Free Pope


Going FFI On The Bishops

Pope Evil Clown, the one who invited Cardinal Danneels to the “Synod”, has now issued a new Motu Proprio making it easier for bishops guilty of bad administration to be dismissed. This, I am informed, does not only apply to so-called “child abuse” cases (very many of them: priestly faggotry cases), but to pretty much everything that a bishop can be accused of, from financial matters to the dealings with his priests. They call it “harm to the community”. Really, it can be everything.

My take on this is that this motu proprio is meant to make it easier for Francis to go all FFI on unpleasant bishops. I suspect that we will see an increase in the number of unpleasant bishops being removed under the pretext of something or other; this is never difficult to find in a big apparatus like a diocese, and particularly so when the scope of the motu proprio is so large.

Not that I cry for those bishops, mind. With the exception of Bishop Schneider, all of them have betrayed their flock, and none of them deserve to wear the purple anyway. However, there is the unworthy bishop and then there is the faithless bastard, and I suspect the number of the latter is about to increase.

Pray for the Church. That she may be freed from the Evil Clown soon.




And it came to pass that Yours Truly was at Mass in a far away parish, in a well-known touristic region of what used to be called the Dowry of Mary.

The stoup for the Holy Water bas, basically, a miniature. The altar was far smaller than the niche on the wall which, clearly, had hosted the ad orientem one before the Age of Madness. The candles on the altar were “Made in Lilliput”. The Stations were the smallest I have ever seen in a church. A true picture of Shrinking Catholicism, thought Your Truly.

The homily came, and a pretty good homily it was. The priest was clearly of the grumpy – in a good way – sort, lamenting the “Neo-Paganism” of modern England, but stopping short of mentioning the probable final destination of all those Neo-Pagans out there, fornicating and cohabiting. Still, there was a lot of veiled messages, carefully crafted – I thought – so that they don't put him in trouble with his bishop.

I couldn't avoid wondering if the Lilliput quality of his church was wanted from him, or rather inherited from some Jesuit or other fag who had been there before him.

Because surely, I reflected, the man must notice that the shrinkage of Christian thinking in the former Dowry of Mary is reflected very accurately in the shrinkage of Catholic symbolism in his very church, and what has happened inside the walls of the church mirrors exactly what has happened outside of them.

Symbols counts. Sacramentals are important. Catholic identity must be affirmed, instead of shrinked. When things start to improve inside our churches – not excluding more explicit homilies – they will slowly but surely start to improve outside of them, too.



Schubert Sunday

As I grow in age, some questions pose themselves to my mind with increasing frequency.

On listening to a composer, or on reading an author of the past, the questions now almost automatically arises: “did he avoid hell?”.

The question is, at times, painful; because, for example, some of the writers I love most were actually Jews (Franz Kafka, Giorgio Bassani) or bad Christians, if any (Herrman Hesse) and, to my knowledge, died in their error. May the Lord in His Mercy have found ways to lead them to Truth unknown to the world, or – which seems less probable – decreed their ignorance invincible.

In other cases, however, the pleasure of listening is enhanced by the pleasure of knowing that the person in question died with the Sacraments, and it is more than reasonable to assume that they did, in fact, achieve that supreme goal without achieving which nothing we have ever ever done, or loved, or fought for will be of any significance to us.

Today I would like to present to you some snippets of the work of one of those I have loved since childhood; one who, in my eyes, represents the very best of what our wonderful Christian Civilisation has achieved. And one who died, still so young, at peace with the Lord, as clearly stated by contemporary sources.

Enjoy these little examples of his astonishing talent; and, if his work gives you pleasure, say a prayer or three for the repose of his eternal soul.












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