Going FFI On The Bishops

Pope Evil Clown, the one who invited Cardinal Danneels to the “Synod”, has now issued a new Motu Proprio making it easier for bishops guilty of bad administration to be dismissed. This, I am informed, does not only apply to so-called “child abuse” cases (very many of them: priestly faggotry cases), but to pretty much everything that a bishop can be accused of, from financial matters to the dealings with his priests. They call it “harm to the community”. Really, it can be everything.

My take on this is that this motu proprio is meant to make it easier for Francis to go all FFI on unpleasant bishops. I suspect that we will see an increase in the number of unpleasant bishops being removed under the pretext of something or other; this is never difficult to find in a big apparatus like a diocese, and particularly so when the scope of the motu proprio is so large.

Not that I cry for those bishops, mind. With the exception of Bishop Schneider, all of them have betrayed their flock, and none of them deserve to wear the purple anyway. However, there is the unworthy bishop and then there is the faithless bastard, and I suspect the number of the latter is about to increase.

Pray for the Church. That she may be freed from the Evil Clown soon.




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  1. My guess would be those who do not implement the practices suggested in Amoris Laetitia will be removed, along with those who are ‘insensitive’ to the demands of those with gender confusion of various kinds and same -sex couples raising children..
    Bishop Chaput of Philadelphia just days ago announced that all Bishops of the Church must report on how they are implementing Amoris Laetitia.

  2. Righteous law demands even, unbiased application. If law is just a political tool in the tool kit of a master politician to achieve selfish, worldly political outcomes; applied fervently against enemies and forgotten in favor of friends, then it is not righteous law. It is more fit for the dictatorship of hell than the sweet, brotherly Beatitude of the Kingdom of Heaven.

    Righteous law is a dim image of the divine law that governs heaven. It will pursue miscreants wherever they may be found. And there is no greater miscreant on earth than a Priest who uses the Sacraments to ensnare his spiritual children in perverse sin.

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