An Appeal To Confused Proddies



Oh, these poor little Proddies…

The Methodists are now going through the same slow, grinding, extremely stupid process already seen among the Anglicans/Presbyterians.

Fags among them, even among their “ministers”, wanting to officially introduce abomination. Some who still believe (albeit in the wrong way) in Christianity. In the middle, the usual confused “nice guys” who do have an inkling about what Christianity is supposed to be, but feel uncomfortable at this not being what allows them to get along with everyone.

Half steps. Commissions who will discuss. Quarrel postponed four years; but actually not, because the quarrel is there already.

And at the end of this, a vote. Because these people seriously think they can change Christian morality by voting it away. Pray for the confused Proddies. Rebellion always ends up in ruin.


Compare all this with us. The security of the Church founded by Christ. An extremely solid, granite-hard set of rules indelibly etched in the depositum fidei. A vast reservoir of written wisdom explaining the beauty of this set of rules. The possibility to always, in any earthly situation, refer to what the Church has decreed is right or wrong, saintly or sinful, the work of God or the work of Satan.

Our own shop is based on such strong foundations, that not even fifteen Evil Clowns in a row will ever deceive those who want to be obedient. The block of granite is there, forever. You will never vote him away. Every fifteen years old with some brain can twist the Bible by selecting what is convenient to him. The depositum fidei cannot be twisted. It’s the ultimate litmus test. No other shop offers such a coherent, convenient, solid, unchangeable set of rules.

Come to us, you confused Proddies lacerated by meetings held and postponed, votes threatened and hampered, and the shifting sands of changeable morality-by-vote! God knows we have our issues, but to us the issue is never one of changing rules, merely of the attempt (mind this word: attempt) to pervert them. With us, the issue is never whether rules can be changed. The issue is merely with the bastards who want you to believe the rules cannot be changed, but we must now interpret them differently. This is a stupid game, that never fooled one sincere heart. It deceives only those bent on being deceived.

Come to us, confused Proddies tossed here and there by your confused “pastors”. Leave your sinking boat and ask permission to board the Barque, where sincere Christians willing to learn and obey – and willing to learn to obey – are always welcome. The Barque will never sink, though she will be dirty at times. The Barque will give you a security impossible to be found elsewhere, because based on two thousand years of truth, not on your long hours toiling on your Bible.

By God’s grace, you will grow in wisdom, and therefore in obedience. And one day you will proudly say, to your mocking friends, that you “believe everything the Church believes, and profess everything the Church professes”. You will say this as they smile at you mockingly, and you will know what a great grace it is to be mocked in this way. You will know you are on the side of unshakeable Truth, that no “Yearly Meeting” will ever be able to sabotage, that no “vote” will ever be able to change. What a grace, what a grace!

Ask to board the Barque, confused Proddie friend. You will find a security beyond your wildest dreams, beyond the individual conviction created by thousands of hours of bible studies; because it is not an individual, home-made conviction, but a security based on Christ Himself.






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  1. Last night I went to sleep with Schubert; this morning I woke up to this neat, tidy package of Catholicism.

    What would I do without you?

  2. It would be a great thing to have Dr.Albert Mohler, president of The Southern Baptist Convention Seminary and his fellow Christians profess the Catholic Faith. The main thing I see lacking with them is they are not ‘comfortable’ with the idea of the of the Pope, elected successor of St. Peter as the legitimate supreme head of the Church.

    Conservative Protestants in the USA have great respect for Benedict xvi and his work with the Protestants to come to agreement on numerous doctrinal issues. They also revere the Catechism of the Catholic Church which they attribute largely to him as head of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith when the Catechism was assembled.

    What surprises me the most in listening to various well known conservative Protestants on the Youtube is that they
    often refer to all of Christianity, including Catholics as “The Church”.
    This post brings to mind Jesus’s words at the Last Supper,
    ..”That they all may be one as Thou Father in Me and I in Thee, That they also may be one in Us.”

    • They are very confused if they think that “the Church” is made of Catholics and Proddie together.
      Christians they are. But as to the Church, they are out.
      A pity. A lot of well-intentioned people among them.

  3. It sickens me that Richard III, a Catholic man was denied a Catholic funeral. God have mercy on those treacherous, oh-so-ecumenical Catholic and Proddy churchmen responsible. Might there be hell to pay?

  4. The post (linked here: is in responce to the comment exchange we had a few days back.

    It tries to give the “lay of the land” about what is in facct happening inside the Universal Church and Francis’ responces.

    Excuse its length, but the first 500 or so are key and worth the read.

    When you have a minute that is…. 😉

  5. (…) 500 or so “words” are key…

  6. This is what makes you question the sincerity of Protestants. Do they not see the absurdity of making up God’s law according to their own whims? Do they not realise that there needs to be a divinely appointed Chair to govern these matters, just like the chair of the High Priest in the Old Testament?
    Obviously, the only Chair that has an even remote claim to such authority is the Chair of Peter, which they would are committed to hating because that’s the first principle of their religion – the pope is evil.

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