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More Catholic Than Francis? Of Course I Am!


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  1. Jorge Bergoglio is not a Catholic, because he denies not just one, but many doctrines of the Catholic Church. One of them is salvation through Christ alone, another is eternal hell fire, yet another – the insolubility of marriage.

    I am opposed to forcing him to believe that which he clearly doesn’t, but I insist that he should be forced out of papacy – since he has never had any intention of leaving, it seems. He already excluded himself from the Church, why then should he be her pope?

    • He is the Pope in virtue of the fact that he got elected. However, he is unworthy of the office in which he was elected because he doesn;t even believe in Catholicism. Therefore, he is Pope but he should be deposed. Still, as long as he remains in charge he is the Pope. We, the well instructed Catholics, must learn to cope with this.


  2. Mundabor, I want to say more.
    I know that you know, but I decided that – should a clergyman read this – I shouldn’t pass the opportunity to state the obvious, yet rarely spoken of.
    In the year of false mercy, have real mercy on Catholics who know and uphold Church teaching. Understand that those Catholics who know Church teaching, due to anti-Catholic activities of the current Pope, are constantly mocked as “more Catholic than the Pope”. You, the cowardly clergy, are allowing and enabling this injustice (to the mocked and the ones doing the mocking). Do not make the mistake of believing that honest Catholics who understand Church teaching are filled with hate and ready to judge everyone but themselves.
    There is a point at which a person instructed in the teaching of the Church knowingly rejects it. That person knows that by doing this, he/she is not Catholic any more. Yet they claim they are. This is a lie. They are not They are unrepentant hypocrites, liars, disobedient to God, merciless judges of Catholics as backward, hateful, legalistic.
    They can not force God to change, but they can cause a lot of pain and suffering to others and themselves as they pretend that they can. You, the priests, should speak out against it.

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