Girls, Playing With Dolls


I have written some time ago that our Cardinals resemble a bunch of girls, playing with dolls. 

We had another explanation recently, as it emerged that in the recent interview given about the SSPX (I have written about it here) Cardinal Yogurt found the way to kick Tucho “Tina” Fernandez (yes: this chap here; and yes, I think that, too…) in the shins about the latter’s statement, more than one year ago, that the Papacy could be moved away from Rome and the curia run by way of video conferences or, for all we know, tweets and wheelchairs. Cardinal Yogurt waits one year, substitutes Bogota’ for Medellin, and calls Tucho “Tania” Fernandez a heretic. 

Again: girls, playing with dolls. 

The most astonishingly heretical document in the history of the Church has just been published under his watch as the (deputed) guardian of the theological edifice of the Church, and this man has nothing better to do than to give interviews in which he profits to settle scores with  his enemies within Francis’ entourage like Tucho “Tara” Fernandez . And by the way, I can’t avoid the suspicion that he whispered himself the saucy details to some journalist, as obviously the matter had not been picked the first time.  

We should find a name for this girl, too. I don’t know what the accepted feminine equivalent of “Gerhard” is, and I doubt he would like “Tucho”.

“Gerda” Mueller might well work. He has certainly deserved such a beautiful name. 





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  1. Gerda Ludwiga perhaps? Girls love middle names.

    • By all means! However, seen the present fashion for Mediterranean names in Germany, he might want to go for something completely different. Monica Mueller, now how about that? 😉

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