Pastor Angelicus vs Evil Clown

Who will win this battle? Clearly, a rhetorical question. 

From thpius-xii-prayinge excellent Denzinger-Bergoglio, I attach their long list of ante litteram condemnations of Francis’ blasphemies, heresies and outright socialist bovine excreements from the very mouth of the last of the great Popes. 

You notice here an extremely strident contrast not only between an intelligent and pious Catholic and a stupid and corrupted Socialist, but also the difference between coherent thought and off-the-cuff, self-contradicting anarchy. 

I smile when I read article attributing to Francis the willful adherence to philosophical positions of the past. The man has no philosophical approach at all: firstly because he is too stupid for that, and secondly because he is too ignorant for that.

His populist rhetoric, his relentless enviro-madness, his attacks to the sacpopenoseraments, his insults to Christ and the Blessed Virgin, his very confusion about the difference between the Trinity and the false god of the Muslims are not the result of profound philosophical study. They are the same rubbish arrogant, uneducated idiots think and profess every day. And they are spouted with the same abundance of self-contradictions your typical illiterate peasant, or your typical self-righteous prostitute, would not be able to avoid.   

There’s nothing educated or in any way (even wrong way) “lofty” in what Francis says. You could have taken any semi-illiterate peasant from any field in Guatemala, and the “theology” would have been exactly the same. The man is simply too ignorant to think in philosophical terms, too stupid to think right even in simple things, and too stupid to notice it. It is a farce of a pope, running a farce of a papacy.

Mock him. Laugh at him. Bury him under a tidal wave of ridicule. 

Because of you, and by God’s grace, someone might wake up from his stupor. 



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  1. He is blinded by his pride disguised before himself as humility. He doesn’t care much about God, only for the smelly sheep.
    I am convinced that many a smelly sheep, many a simple peasant is wiser than that. A simple person can be very discerning and wise, but a proud narcissistic demagogue – no way.

    • Yep.
      I hail from a country of simple religiosity, of robust common sense, of people with only two years of school whose wisdom would have put this idiot to shame.

  2. I am now a regular recipient of the Denzinger-Bergoglio posts. They are very good arn’t they?! Pope Francis is to be pitied. As you say, he has no Philosophy background, nor, dare I say, theological background either

    • I’d say he has no intelligence, either.
      But the world is full of people willing to ignore that the emperor has no clothes, no class, no decency, and no brain.

  3. Hey, I’m from Guatemala, and I completely agree, it would have been the same

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