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Today, We Are Not All Perverts.



For many of the fifty perverts indulging in their abominable so-called “lifestyle” in a mini-Sodom in Orlando, death came pretty much like a thief in the night.

One hopes – because every soul has infinite value; no matter how abominable the person to whim it belongs – that many of them found a way, on realising their hour rapidly approaching, to manage a perfect contrition. We all know nothing less was necessary to avoid eternal torment in hell.

We can hope that the Lord, in His mercy, found a way to move many to repentance; but realistically, what took place in the early hours of Sunday in Orlando must have been a rich harvest for Satan, then it is reasonable to assume very many of those killed were so engrossed in their perverted, godless world that the idea of perfect contrition wasn’t within their grasp; that they were, in other words, reprobates.

Allow me, therefore, to not join in the usual cry after this, obviously, terrible and cruel event. Today, we are not all perverts. I leave it to theologians to discuss the degrees of culpability of the bloodthirsty follower of the “religion of peace” as opposed to the one of his victims. It is, as they say, a quaestio de lana caprinaThe victims were marching toward hell just as surely as their executioner, and sin is an offence to God before it is the harming of another human being. 

The victims were offending God in the most gruesome way. Obviously, publicly, disgustingly so.

I pray for everyone. I call the murderer a murderer, and do not even begin to justify his murderous act. But I refuse to cry for public perverts, too; nor am I willing to shed even a word of sugary “support” for people like them. 

Pray for the victims, that they may have found the strength to save their (literally) sorry ass in the last minute. Every soul has infinite value, and it is God’s antecedent desire that every one of these souls be happy with him forever. But do not for a second give the slightest impression, in your circle of influence, that you sympathise with that bunch of perverts. 

The day of the Lord came like a thief in the night; and no, nowhere in our religion it says that the day of reckoning must come through just, or even lawful ways. The “clients” of Mini-Sodom were, all of them, marching toward hell one minute, and many of them were – thinking soundly – already there in the next. That’s how fast it goes. This is the first thing I thought when I heard. This is what I am not reading absolutely anywhere in the XXI Century Sodom Press.

Let every pervert who has ears hear. And let it this be a salutary lesson for him, and an infinitely better one than the sugary, emotional, self-satisfied sniffing and crying of those who will accompany them in the place of eternal torment.  

And again, no: today, we are not all perverts. 



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