Let’s Stop Talking The Language Of Our Enemies

Only days after the Orlando massacre, the wrong vocabulary is everywhere. “Gays”, “LGBT”, “homophobia”, all that rubbish.

It angers me no end.

When will people understand (even conservative pundits) that you can never win a battle by accepting the vocabulary of your enemy?

The Libtards have created a new vocabulary to reprogram the brain of the simple. If we want to deprogram the brain of the simple, we must go back to the old vocabulary.

It’s not “gays”, it’s “homosexuals” (which refers to the sexual perversion) or “sodomites” (which refers to the acting on the perversion). It’s not “LGBT”, it’s “perverts”. It’s not “homophobia”, it’s Christian feeling and Christian decency.

This, if you write for an official publication, or if you are a priest.

All the others should, if you ask me, be more assertive than that, and assertively use language to shame wrong behaviour. Fag, Dyke, Fudge Packer, Pillow Biter, Elton, and so on. It’s like flying a flag. It does get noticed. Be ready to double down whenever necessary.

It astonishes me how many people do not understand this simple concept: words shape thinking. We can’t escape this reality. We can avoid the issue, but it will came back to bite us when we are then forced to fight with one hand bound.

Let’s stop talking the language of our enemies.

Let’s start talking the language of our grandfathers instead.



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  1. Agree. Euphemisms are a form of lying.

  2. Amen! Call a spade a spade!

  3. This is EXACTLY what obama is doing on the whole muslim terrorism issue also, not willing to name the enemy…did you you hear the drama queen’s hissy fit yesterday?.

    Hell has really and truly been unleashed.


  4. Well, using those words will surely get a response. Of course if one calls people names by the sexual acts you think they are performing, eg “fudge packer” (though not all “homosexual” males enjoy anal intercourse and some “heterosexuals” do) you risk them doing the same to you. For example straights can be called “breeders”. The majority of straight younger women are “cocksuckers”. So that seems s downside of using such words. It descends to name calling, and reasoned argument gets lost.

    • Spoken like a true fag.

    • It is mainly due to the homosexual agenda of overhauling our Christian morality, achieved via media, indoctrination (formerly education), and judicial activism that the majority of straight young women are what you say they are. Because, as you know, what we do affects who we are. We are dealing with the consequences, not causes of this overhaul, and using proper language is a must, if young people should have any idea of what normalcy and civilization sound and look like, even though they were made into “cocksuckers”. They are not at fault, and they deserve truth.

    • Well, they are still at fault. However, their culpability may be diminished because of the epochal circumstances in which they were born. And again, the wrong age is the one which needs the right words the most.
      Just one generation ago, most women did not do things that appear normal today.

    • You are right. They are responsible for what they do.

  5. I agree.
    Those who use the language of homosexualists will not change it though.
    To many Catholic bishops and cardinals “homophobia” is now a proper term for despising the sin of sodomy.
    Do I have a mental condition that needs to be treated (obligatory re-education, no gun permit, removal form job, taking of my children) when I hate sodomy?
    Any Catholic should respond: This is not a mental condition, a phobia, this is discernment of evil and good. Shunning evil and warning others about evil is spiritual health, not a phobia.

  6. Many of the Traditionalist websites are chattering the “gay” meme…We’re surrounded.

  7. Speaking about this kind of Newspeak, see what a libtard bishop (Robert Lynch, St. Petersburg, Florida) wrote:

    “Bishop Blames Catholicism for Orlando Massacre”


    He is just not more idiot because he does not train.

  8. Hahaha, this Macri guy is a genius:

    “Pope rejects a donation from Macri: ‘I do not like the number 666’”.


    The amount of the donation to Scholas Occurentes was 16.666.000$ (about 1M€).

    • That would be €10+m ?

    • No, “$“ is ARS, Argentinean “pesos”, not US$. Although Argentine is half dollarized, It is a strange number, it seems a round-up of 1.2MUS$ to the closest Antichrist’s amount. I don’t know why Macri chose it, except perhaps mockery… or coincidence: USD/ARS exchange rate is growing slowly.

      Today, 16,666,000.00 ARS = 1,200,785.30 USD

  9. Traditionalist bloggers blithely use the term “gay.” We are surrounded.

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