Culpable Pretended Ignorance

Cuncta Stricte Discussurus

You might be asked (as I was) whether it is possible that the unrepentant sodomites killed in Orlando might have escaped hell because (don't laugh) “they did not know sodomy is a mortal sin”.

I replied (as you should) with the following arguments:

Firstly, sodomy goes against natural law. No one can claim ignorance of natural law, because its rules are “imprinted” in every soul at birth. The argument of the sodomite who “did not know” dies already at this point. Note also the vaguely blasphemous undertone of this “question”: that sodomy may be a kind of accident due to lack of information.

Secondly, we must not lie to ourselves to the point of idiocy. It is more probable that a snowball in hell does not melt, than a sod in Orlando, Florida, USA “does not know” what the Church says about sodomy. You can safely assume that – even leaving aside the first argument – everyone among the victims in possession of a halfway functioning brain knew.

Thirdly, “ignorance” in Catholic doctrine never extends to “I have deluded myself into believing that the Church does not mean what she has always meant”. If this were the case, one could claim innocence for any atrocity. It would be pure “Francis church”: if you follow your “conscience”, you will be fine. Hitler, Biden, Pelosi & Co. would be as pure as snow. Francis would be a wonderful Catholic.

Fourthly, the entire propaganda lie of the last decades is based exactly on this assumption: that Christians condemn perverts as sinner. Everything these people say and do (from calling themselves “gay” to congregate in “gay bars”) is the result of their being in opposition to traditional, and therefore Christian, morality.


No, it does not work that way. The argument is non-existent.

The question is not whether an unrepentant sodomite will be saved. Of course he won't, or Christianity is a lie; and woe to those (as be they Popes) who try to smuggle a new religion of “niceness” as Christianity.

The question is, on the contrary, whether the single sodomite was saved by being given the grace of final repentance. We can hope for this or that good outcome in individual cases, well knowing that the fox at the bottom of the hole is, on hearing the hound approaching, greatly encouraged to a fox-ish contrition. However, Catholic doctrine teaches us that unrepented mortal sin will not even be forgiven – outside of valid confession – thank to an imperfect contrition, and that a perfect contrition is required instead. Imagine what a mockery and an exercise in futility and stupidity Christianity would be, if “ignorance” could be used by merely claiming it.

The “man” texting to his mother “I am gonna die” should have texted after that: “Lord, have mercy on me, a sinner”, and one could have pointed out to this as a reason to have some hope for him. Coincidentally or not, such messages never seem to make it to the Mainstream Sodom Press. But honestly, I think the majority of the victims never thought about contrition. The idea of persevering in faith and trying to live a good life is that this strengthens our resolution, provides us with good habits, and as a result increases our chances of salvation. It is absurd to think that a person may dig for himself a hole of depravity and lye in it without this greatly increasing the probability that he is a reprobate. There is a difference between striving to live a Christian life (sinners as we all are) and striding towards hell day in and day out.

The bottom line is this: God will not be mocked, and those who think they can mock God by kidding themselves into their own convenient set of beliefs are, exactly, kidding themselves.

We wish salvation to everyone, even to those disgusting sods who were “celebrating” their perversion until they heard the first shots. We hope that many of them may have been saved, though we can reasonably assume that their number was limited. But we know as a certainty of the faith that all those who died unrepentant of their sin of sodomy are now in hell, because God shall not be mocked.

Sobering, uh? But that's how it is.

Beware of those (and may they be Popes) who suggest to you that one only needs to kid oneself out of natural law to avoid damnation.




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  1. Yes to all of that and we mustn’t be discouraged by a Modernist Pope & Hierarchy from speaking the TRUTH. Bishop Robert Lynch should resign immediately – it’s absurd that a Catholic Bishop should publicly claim that Catholicism had anything to do with this atrocity, upholding those who also publicly & daily attack Catholicism for all society’s ills. The people of his Diocese should be on the street demanding it!

  2. Because of their Hispanic heritage, most of the victims were probably baptized Catholics, and some would have been taught about the Faith, so I doubt they had invincible ignorance of what they were doing. I hope that through the grace of God, they were conscious in their final moments, and they repented of their sins and asked for God’s forgiveness. This tragedy is a reminder to all of us that we don’t know the hour of our death. Sudden death can happen to anyone whether it’s by murder, accident, heart attack, etc. Personally, I’m taking this as a warning to live right and go to confession more often.

  3. It may have been mentioned already, but Ann Barnhardt has an excellent meditation on the reality of hell, the mind-numbing enormity of what hellish punishment will be, (small wonder that all will fall prostrate before the Judgement Seat of God). It is a needed reminder to those sinners who may willfully blind themselves to their impending doom, who may not heed your warnings on perdition; that maybe they’d prefer hell to heaven, if it meant they could retain their personal favorite sins, deluding themselves hell may be a better place for them than heaven.

    I have spent much of my life thinking, at various times, in my own way, of heaven and hell. But as bad as I know hell will be, I never came close to appreciating the hellish horror that comes with living in a pit of hate until I read her essay last week. Hell is void of love and the hope of love, but more importantly and immediately concerning, it is a place consumed by ever-living volcanic hatred. Personal hate. Surrounded by people and demons who hate equally, with soul consuming hate. They specifically will hate you (in the metaphorical PERSONAL sense in which I think about it) forever. Even Dante doesn’t make Hell’s hellish punishment as personal and real as Barnhardt’s brief blog meditation.

    It has been a sobering thing for me, since I read it; both for myself and on behalf of those I love. Thanks for your continued clear reminders on the Straight and Narrow Path that leads to Life.

  4. I guess the person asking you was considering the fact that our culture here in the US pretty much presents sodomy as good and natural. These young people might have had the natural law sown into their hearts but the culture, media, educational establishment, family life and even Church has lied to them constantly about the sin of sodomy.

    What do you do when the people entrusted to lead, form and guide you…from the President of the United States, the Congress, every teacher you’ve ever had, your parents, the media and even the Church in many places…lie to you about the sin of sodomy, telling you it’s natural and just the way God made you. That’s a tough wall to overcome when you’re young and stupid. I guess I remember how young and stupid I was…and yes clueless to many of the Churches teachings since my generation was never catechized. Did I know sodomy was wrong? Of course. But I had a culture, family and then Church to back that up and I didn’t have homosexual attractions. These days, it’s chaos and the culture, family and even Church either silent or promoting evil as good.

    My real problem with the situation is making it seem like they are martyrs. No way. We wouldn’t think that if it were a pedophile shooting up a club of fellow pedophiles. Let’s hope pedophilia stays in the disgraced position is now holds…and that sodomy returns to that same position in the culture and Church…the sexual depravity dung heap…for the good of souls.

    God bless~

    • You see: the very concept of “gay culture” is steeped in the fundamental tenet that Christianity is against it. There is just no excuse.
      What you call “young and stupid”, I call “wilfully blind”. And this goes, of course, particularly for those who went to the point of committing disgusting acts.

  5. Let’s be honest: We wouldn’t be talking about homosexuality if the murderer killed 50 tourists at Walt Disney World. You are all missing a salient fact: The Muslim world wants to destroy all things Western and Judeo-Christian. Homosexuality, as immoral as it is, is only one miniscule factor. Let’s focus on the real evil: That exercise in religious Nazism and genocide known as Islam.

    • A bit of a moot point; Islam wants to destroy you whether homo or hetero. However, this is nothign to do with the blog post, so I suggest you read the blog post first.

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