Cohabitation Can Be A Marriage, Says Evil Clown

I have seen a lot of cohabitations that were real marriages

This is the other side of the medal. The first part is here.

In his disgraceful off-the-cuff godless madness, Francis did not only say that the great majority of marriages are null. He also said that he is sure that the “faithful” cohabitations he has seen in Argentina are real marriages.

This truly is a bizarro world, in which the married aren't married, but the concubines are, because they are “committed” or “faithful” or whatever.

This is the kind of nonsense you could hear from an atheist lesbian, not from a Pope. This is the kind of nonsense you could hear from people who have no idea of what a sacrament is, have no fear of the Lord, consider concubinage not only harmless but positive, and think they can make their own religion.

This man is an atheist. Nothing that the Church believes finds him aligned to it, unless it is in a twisted way that he managed to reconcile with his twisted, socialist, atheist ideology (as when he is against abortion because the unborn baby is “poor”, or “marginalised”). In all the rest, the man is pure Catholicusm-free space.

Not, mind, because he doesn't know better; but because he hates Catholicism and wants you to understand it. He abandons himself in public utterances to a completely secular ideology, whilst continually criticising the Catholic one. It isn't a coincidence. It's what he thinks, and what he wants to do.

Most marriages aren't such. Let us allow mass annulments. Many adulterers are “married”. Let us allow them to go to confession and receive communion. Sacraments don't count. Rules don't count. The feeling of the couple for each other is all that counts, it is the way this idiot thinks he can “recognise” a marriage in a cohabitation.

Please, Lord, free us from this scourge!



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  1. I found that proclamation of his especially jaw dropping. So grubby, so squalid. I just shake my head, absolutely bereft over this papacy. And yet he needs our prayers! The atmosphere of evil covering the earth is more and more palpable each week of this papacy. Holy Virgin, crush the head of the serpent!

  2. So the ones who refuse to commit i.e. those who cohabit, are married…whereas the ones who do commit are living in sin and public fornication. He is also condemning the Church he runs for being totally inept at administering the Sacrament of Matrimony as well as assuming people are so thick and dumb as to not understand the basic principle behind the vows they read and say out loud “until death do us part.” A six year old realizes that marriage vows say until death to us part and what it means.

    He is now accusing countless people of being in a state of mortal sin and concubinage who think they are sacramentally married. And wants them to go to the infected annulment mills to get a fake annulment (thus tearing their family apart) instead of teaching them about faithfulness and true constancy.

    This Pope is insane.

    God bless~

    • … or evil and atheist.

      Then everything makes perfect sense: destroy the sacraments as you tell those living in sin they have them.

  3. I was born as a catholic, and educated as a catholic. For personal reasons that I will not discuss here, I lived more than ten years in concubinate, and had a daughter. My “husband” left the family some years ago and then I felt it was the end of my life. Afterwards, I discovered that my husband made me a favor. I undertstood that, in some very painful way, God had saved me of keeping ans an probably die, in mortal sin. I need to express that all those years that we lived together, I lived completely convinced that our concubinate was a “marriage” just because I lived that union “in accordance with the catholic principles” of matrimony. Satan deceived me all that time and I fell into his trap!!! And many people today live as self deceived as I lived so many years. I need to say that I have the personal and painful experience that Francis’ statement is a satanic lie. Thamk you for your post, and God bless you.

    • Extremely lucid analysis: whilst you had managed to delude yourself, the probable outcome would have been hell nevertheless.
      I wish we had Popes with the same sensus catholicus as you.

  4. In reference to “Akita’s” comments above …. “And yet he needs our prayers!” Yes. Pope Francis needs our prayers. Not only that, but for the sake of our OWN souls, do we need to pray for him.

    I just read your current re-blog on the reality of hell, Mundabor. I remember that one now. Quite powerful. It is a crucial part of salvation, that first step of fear and sorrow leading to repentance. We can never think too much about it. It ties into the idea of “working out our salvation in fear and trembling”, (Phil 2:12). In reference to our current circumstances, I cannot imagine the punishment that awaits those most responsible for leading so many astray. And I am fearful on their behalf. I am certainly fearful on my own.

    So it would do good to practice the language of heaven and pray, in love, for our enemies who do so much damage to our Faith and thus risk epic damnation. May they be saved from it. May we all repent and be saved from it. Our prayers take on a sense of real urgency in the face of such epic punishment or reward.

    • Beautiful words.
      I never cease to be amazed at the average quality of commenters on this blog…
      (OK, I cull a lot of rubbish, too.. 😉 )

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