Great Majority Of Marriages Invalid, Says Evil Clown

Your marriage is very likely invalid.

You read it correctly. This is what the man said.

This is, of course, part of the evil plan to destroy Sacraments in which he does not believe, and damage the Church he hates.

This is, plainly, Pope Francis The Atheist speaking.

The attack to Communion and Marriage goes through the attack to the sacramental life of every Catholic.

According to the Evil Clown, your marriage is likely invalid. Means your “divorce” and “remarriage” are ok. Not ok for Catholicism, of course, because for Catholicism you are still a concubine living in public sin. But ok for Francis because, if you are “committed”, who is he to judge? Therefore, you can receive communion anyway, and also go to confession, which is not made for the saints but for sinners.

Bam. Three sacraments torpedoed in one go. I suspect this is the usual childish, stupid reaction to the continued criticism of Amoris Laetitia. “Why do you keep blabbering about marriage?” – asks the man – “it's all rubbish anyway!”.

Please, Lord, rid us of this tool soon!



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  1. In addition, the Pope’s words are an attack on the Sacrament of Holy Orders, calling into question his OWN ordination as a Priest.

    If the great majority of Catholic Marriages are invalid because married couples (like my wife and I !!) didn’t properly understand “commitment”, and are committing fornication throughout our co-habitating lives, then the same or more can be said of our current Priests. So many of them are ordained today, under the impression they are not required to cease their sodomitical, homosexual ways, nor the commitment to perfect chastity. How many? The great majority perhaps? And how do we deal with that? ARE they Priests after all? How do we know?

    If our Sacraments are invalid simply because our human understanding and intent is “imperfect”, then ALL marriages are invalid, not just the “great majority”. But then, ALL Holy Orders are also invalid as well. Because we are not Saints at the moment of the Sacrament and therefor we are all imperfect by definition.

    Or is it, instead, that we rely on the CHURCH to judge levels of understanding and intent prior to the Sacrament; and based on HER judgement, “BINDS” on earth, as in heaven, in the name of God. And Grace flows IN SPITE of our imperfections. And then, by God’s Grace, we BECOME perfect THROUGH the Sacrament of Marriage, of Holy Orders.

    I trust the judgement of the Catholic Church in this matter, and not the current crop of unfaithful men who are out of communion with Her; who present “strange” doctrines of men, never heard before.

    • Very true! One would never stop writing about this buffoon! I just had to add a second post to the one of this morning because there is never time!

  2. Does he realize that by saying most marriages are invalid that the people now living in them are supposedly living in a public state of fornication? What does he plan on doing about that? And that the Church he leads is utterly inept in dispensing the Sacrament of Marriage?

    He is dropping yet more chaos onto the Church. Sounds like St. Francis of Assisi’s prophecy about a Destroyer Pastor is coming true before our eyes.

    God bless~

  3. Margaret, I think he plans on doing nothing, because that was PRECISELY his point.

    He is trying to break down the walls of Holy Matrimony, as with ALL the Sacraments, exposing those within its protective walls who are aiming at holiness to the moral anarchy outside. At the same time, those lowered and crumbled walls admit true perverts and sodomites and adulterers into the hallowed and holy space previously protected by the Sacramental wall.

    IOW, it is an act of sabatoge that cuts both ways in its destruction. It is an act of moral equivalence that lowers Hoky Matrimony to the level of adultery, while raising adultery to the level of what used to be known as “Holy Matrimony”. He destroys the one, and gives its good name to the fraudulent other.

  4. Payback for the criticism of Amoris Laetitia ,insinuating that couples who were married in a Catholic Church ,may not be married at all,therfore they are not in a position to criticise cohabitating couples for receiving the Blessed Sacrament .

  5. Terepher, I cancel your blog post because firstly too long, and secondly amplifying (unwittingly) the message of the enemy.
    Pollyannas (of the more or less evil sort) aren’t publicised. They are criticised.
    Keep pounding, but never copy and paste what they say.

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