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The “Fags Hate Fags” Reblog

The “Fags Hate Fags” Reblog

Papal Heresy Must Never Be Downplayed


Not. Smiling.


Every time Francis speaks from his lowest orifice (which is, as you all know, very often), I take a tour on “moderate” blogs to see what people comment there; that is: what your average non-traditionalist Catholic, who at least appears to give a damn, thinks. 

Normally I see three categories of people: those who are seriously upset and say so (they are possibly Traditionalists, though); the never-dying Pollyannas; and those who write something on the lines of: “Phew! This was said from an aeroplane/off the cuff… again! So it’s not infallible! Yahoo, the Magisterium hasn’t changed! I can now relax, smile, and keep thinking everything is fine!”.

The first position is, clearly, the only acceptable one. The second might well lead to damnation, because at this point it is nothing else than shameless, willed complicity with continued attacks to Christ and His Church for the sake of one’s comfort; the third, which I hope is mainly due to ignorance, must be eradicated fast.  

The Pope can’t change the Infallible Magisterium more than he can change the course of the planets. Therefore, this idea that we can smile and relax because the Pope has not changed what he cannot change anyway is a huge red herring. 

Unfortunately, too many very badly catechised Catholics still seem to think that Catholic Doctrine is something with which a Pope can do everything he wants, provided he does so “infallibly”.


Truth can never contradict truth. Nothing can be truthful, that contradicts established Truth. No Pope has, ever had, or will ever have any right to simply proclaim a “truth” today which is in contrast with Divine Truth. He is intrinsically unable to do it in the same way as you are intrinsically unable to grow wings. 

If the Pope were to wake up one morning, and were to infallibly proclaim that a new commandment,  “Thou Shalt not Condemn Fornication, Cohabitation, Sodomy, and Adultery” shall be added to the existing ones, there would be interesting discussions about when he has ceased/will cease to be a Pope, and whether he should be burnt at the stake after he has been deposed. There will be tons of ink employed in explaining that we must resist a heretical Pope pending his deposition or death. There would be interesting debates whether to use the paper with the new pronouncement as fish wrap, or toilet paper. But most certainly one thing would not change: the Commandments.

Therefore, it is perfectly absurd to rejoice and delude oneself that things are fine (or only moderately uncomfortable; as in the case of the embarrassing uncle always prone to put his foot in his mouth) merely because Francis hasn’t changed the course of the planets, or transformed himself into an elephant, or grown a third foot.

The scandal of a heretical Pope does not consist in his doing what is impossible to do, but in doing what is very possible for a Pope to do, and which we are witnessing every day: spreading heresy and blasphemy, attacking the Sacraments, criticising everything that is holy, praising everything that is evil.

This is what is happening, and therein lies the problem.

Papal heresy must never be downplayed. It’s a huge evil. We have real problems here, we can’t just delude ourselves things are fine merely because we don’t have the imaginary ones. 







Reblog: Some Sobering Thoughts About Hell

Reblog: Some Sobering Thoughts About Hell

Breaking News: Pope About To Ban Baptism And First Communion Before Age 30

The Head of Wonderland's Health and Safety Department

Would make a better Pope


I have this from well-informed sources: 

Pope Francis is about to announce a complete ban on not only infant baptism, but baptism of anyone below age 30. The reason has been already abundantly stated by the Oh So Humble Wheelchair Hugger himself: if an adult can’t be sure of what a marriage entails, how can an infant child be sure of what a baptism entails? Nor can you claim the Godfather can fulfill this role: the Oh So Holy Father has already stated that they, like almost every other Catholic adult, have no idea of what they’re doing anyway. No: it will be no baptism below age 30, and only after reading Das Kapital and Fidel Castro’s opera omnia. This is, I was informed, in order to be sure one has understood what it means to be a good Catholic. 

 Similarly, First Communion will be subject to the same age limit, and for the same reasons. However, Francis will allow the faithful to be baptised and receive on the same day, “if they have shown sufficient environmental consciousness”. This will, my sources state, ensure that the baptismal candidate “loves the poor”. I am also informed the reading of Tucho “Elton” Fernandez’ seminal work, “Pervert me with your mouth: The Art Of Sodding”, might be required, though the Pope is waiting for Cardinal Kasper’s input on this. 

Simultaneously, the Vatican will announce that whilst it will not possible to be baptised before age 30, those cohabiting from the age of 16 will be considered baptised and communicated, if they show “fidelity” and “commitment”. This is a preferential option for the poor, because we must smell of the sheep, no? 

You read it here first. 

Please give credit with a link when the official announcement is released.




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