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Titian, "Doge Antonio Grimani before the Allegory of Faith"

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I was a lapsed Catholic. Moved by the obvious disinterest which priests around me showed in Catholic values and Mass attendance, badly catechised, and surrounded by a more and more secular world, I started to lose the habit of thinking with the Church that had been rudimentally transmitted to me as a child. Slowly, other things went out of the window, due to the influence of the secular values when one stops seeking the nourishment only the Sacraments can give. I preferred to consider abortion a terrible evil I would not have the courage to avoid, and preferred to leave it at that. I refused, or rather neglected, to think rationally about the necessary consequences of being a Catholic. I was the socially conservative version of the Cafeteria Catholic. I was disgusted by fags; but mainly only out of common decency, rather than of deeply felt religious values.

In all this, never one day, never one minute did I lose the faith in God. Feeling abandoned by the platitudes of the V II Church and not yet acquainted with Traditionalism (a movement I really discovered only in 2005, thanks to the Internet), I spent countless hours with “do it yourself” exercises, with up to seven different Bibles on my table, trying to understand and deepen the faith about which I felt so strongly, if confusedly, and which made me despise the secular priests of questionable virility I saw around me and on TV, and the shallow rhetoric of poverty and social justice that had nothing supernatural in it.

Faith is the biggest grace I ever received, and never losing faith for one second is, in itself, a grace in the grace. I feel as if a good God would patiently wait, through my Years Of Stupidity, until I finally found the fountain of pure water, Catholicism as it was always intended and had never been taught to me. Coherent, logical, manly, as beautiful and as hard as a diamond.


I confess that I suffer of “excessive doctrinal security”. I could, if it depended on me, depose Francis, defrock him, and send him to die at the stake without flinching; and I would be ready and proud to be called at my own judgment there, on the spot, whilst the Argentinian’s corpse is still burning, and the smoke still rising high in the Roman sky.

Faith is a grace, that I have obviously not deserved. But I think it my duty to make use of it, and help others along the way.

And I want you to see it, this faith. I want you to feel it, I want it to jump on you unexpectedly, like a lion. You may disagree with me, hate me, mock me. But my faith, you will not be able to deny or even ignore.

It is a grace. Fully undeserved. Given to a wretched sinner, concerned about his own salvation more than it’s comfortable to him. Given to him, I think, so that he may use it to help others.


However, even if I had not been graced with a strong faith, and had gone through periods of doubt – something up to now always spared to me, but common to even many saints in form of perceived distance of God from them, or of punishing spiritual aridity – never would I dare to present my doubts, my trembling and wobbling faith, as something desirable, or that makes me more “complete” than the one who never had such doubts.

“Never doubted God? You’re missing something, my boy’!”

Who would be such an idiot as to express himself in that way? Someone without faith, of course. Someone who cannot avoid thinking in totally secular terms, and likes it, and wants you to think in the same way. Someone who thinks so much in terms of moral relativism and pensiero debole, that he boasts of his own lack of faith.

Someone, in short, like this one.



Lewandowski’s Departure Is Not A Good Sign

No, “you’re fired!” is way too cheap…



The departure of Mr Lewandowski from Team Trump is, if you ask me, a very bad sign.

I fear that Trump might – at least to an extent – Romneyfy himself, and become – at least to an extent – that kind of tofu neocon candidate who never wins.

I agree that Trump needs to become more statesmanlike. I also agree he needs to ramp up his fundraising effort. But I understand this to mean better prepared with journalist and better organised on the ground, not more cautious and afraid of displeasing people, or of tomorrow’s polls. Trump damages himself when he does not know whether aborting women should be punished much more than he ever could by just keep doing what served him so well up to now.

It would be atrocious if this opportunity went lost, then what will happen to the Country if Hillary seize power is something I do not even want to think about.

Let us hope and pray that Trump gets his conservative act together, but still remains Trump. The voters have enough of politicians who ask pollsters what they should think and say.



Meet Pope Demented Hypocrite

The Pope is here caught in one of those rare moments of closed mouth.

The Evil Clown was caught red handed.

Not only is MarriageGate in obvious contrast with the most elementary concept of Catholicism. It is, also, in contrast to what Francis himself said, in public, merely months ago.

From this, we understand (not that we did not know it) the following:

  • The scripted statements are not written by him. They are written by (by and large) Catholics.
  • Francis hates Catholicism. He hates all that Catholicism is and represents. At times he must go through the motions of pretending to be a Catholic. When he does so, he does not even pay attention to what he says. He does not reflect on it. He cannot or does not want to remember what he (officially) stands for. He does not profit from his newly found access to Catholic scripts to learn. He just doesn't understand, doesn't care, or both.
  • When he speaks “off-the-cuff”, Francis feels free to express his own opinion. But being too stupid to even understand how little he ever understood of Catholicism, he causes an earthquake after the other.

I wonder if the man really wants all these scandals. Some of them are certainly planned, but I have the impression a lot of this “off the cuff” mess is just an idiot who is too stupid, too vain, and too full of himself to understand when to shut up; or else understands that he will do harm to himself but, like a stubborn child, wants to have it his way nevertheless.

In the first comment of the linked post, a smart commenter compares the Pope (concerning another matter) with a “demented/drugged person”, and calls what Francis said “demonic”. The comment was published, and I am very happy to see that more and more people understand that we need strong words if we want to at least counteract the immense damage this man is causing.

A lot had to happen before faithful Catholic expressed themselves in this way, in a mainstream/soft conservative Catholic blog, about the man we used to call the Holy Father.




Fags Hate Fags, Orlando Edition

And it came to pass it appears probable the man who massacred the 49 not-very-gay people in Orlando was a homo himself. Obviously, it can be that he had visited the place a dozen time to scout the theatre of operation, and it could also be that the reports he tried to “pull” people during his visits are lies. However, it seems all rather plausible to me.

This is not the first time I hear the like of this. I remember just on the spot at least one horrible murder in Italy and another one in Germany involving horrible suffering inflicted from sods to other sods. I also suspect this happens much more often than generally assumed, and the Buggers Broadcasting Communism (BBC) and their ilk simply choose to conveniently omit the “sexual orientation” of the murderer and victim because, ahem, “not relevant”.


Fags hate fags. Not only they hate each other with a passion, but they hate themselves (hence the real meaning of the word “homophobic”) just as much. We should not be surprised if the worst US massacre of perverts in living memory was perpetrated by another one of them. Actually, we should have suspected it before the news even come out.

Someone should start a campaign to protect perverts from the “homophobia” of other perverts. However, I think just the opposite will happen, and the Gaystapo will now be screeching everywhere in a very high pitched tone, decrying the cruelty of all those who have absolutely nothing to do with the massacre.



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