Fags Hate Fags, Orlando Edition

And it came to pass it appears probable the man who massacred the 49 not-very-gay people in Orlando was a homo himself. Obviously, it can be that he had visited the place a dozen time to scout the theatre of operation, and it could also be that the reports he tried to “pull” people during his visits are lies. However, it seems all rather plausible to me.

This is not the first time I hear the like of this. I remember just on the spot at least one horrible murder in Italy and another one in Germany involving horrible suffering inflicted from sods to other sods. I also suspect this happens much more often than generally assumed, and the Buggers Broadcasting Communism (BBC) and their ilk simply choose to conveniently omit the “sexual orientation” of the murderer and victim because, ahem, “not relevant”.


Fags hate fags. Not only they hate each other with a passion, but they hate themselves (hence the real meaning of the word “homophobic”) just as much. We should not be surprised if the worst US massacre of perverts in living memory was perpetrated by another one of them. Actually, we should have suspected it before the news even come out.

Someone should start a campaign to protect perverts from the “homophobia” of other perverts. However, I think just the opposite will happen, and the Gaystapo will now be screeching everywhere in a very high pitched tone, decrying the cruelty of all those who have absolutely nothing to do with the massacre.



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  1. Dear M, I agree with you; after all, does not St Thomas tell us that lust darkens the intellect?

    However, consider another angle: cannabis. Peter Hitchens, English journalist and Anglican brother of the late Christopher, has argued for a long time that the potential correlation between a history of cannabis abuse and these explosions of murderous violence has been studiously ignored by all the commentariat.

    It all gets back to sin of one sort or another, but there are many tracks on the broad downwards highway.

  2. Sodomy is an intrinsic evil, tremendous violent act, so they are.

  3. ilovevictoriasbows

    Remembering the (now 2nd) Worst Mass Killing of LGBT People in U.S. History
    Forty years ago, dozens of people were trapped inside a New Orleans gay bar as it burned down.

    This night Nunez began to harass one of the regulars, Michael Scarborough, through an adjacent stall in the bathroom. There was a glory hole in the restroom, but Scarborough didn’t want anything to do with what Nunez had to offer……

  4. ilovevictoriasbows

    Sorry for not posting the url to the above story.

    And you probably haven’t heard of this one on the same day as The Pulse massacre:
    Santa Monica (CA) Police Chief Jacqueline Seabrooks initially said on Twitter that the 20-year-old man told one of her officers after he was arrested that he wanted “to harm Gay Pride event.”
    “witnesses also described Howell as having pointed his gun at his boyfriend in an earlier incident.”

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