Lewandowski’s Departure Is Not A Good Sign

No, “you’re fired!” is way too cheap…



The departure of Mr Lewandowski from Team Trump is, if you ask me, a very bad sign.

I fear that Trump might – at least to an extent – Romneyfy himself, and become – at least to an extent – that kind of tofu neocon candidate who never wins.

I agree that Trump needs to become more statesmanlike. I also agree he needs to ramp up his fundraising effort. But I understand this to mean better prepared with journalist and better organised on the ground, not more cautious and afraid of displeasing people, or of tomorrow’s polls. Trump damages himself when he does not know whether aborting women should be punished much more than he ever could by just keep doing what served him so well up to now.

It would be atrocious if this opportunity went lost, then what will happen to the Country if Hillary seize power is something I do not even want to think about.

Let us hope and pray that Trump gets his conservative act together, but still remains Trump. The voters have enough of politicians who ask pollsters what they should think and say.



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  1. Polish-American, Catholic, married to high school sweetheart, father of four children –what’s not to like about Mr. Leeandowski😉?

    Sad to hear of it. It seems his influence on Mr. Trump would have been edifying.

  2. “The voters have enough of politicians who ask pollsters what they should think and say. ”
    Precisely. Trump will get a lot of votes from people who do not necessarily agree with him on all or even most political issues, just because he seems to say what he believes, even if it gets him in trouble with powerful lobby groups.
    He needs to campaign on his “America first” platform, cutting right through the fog of political correctness, knowing that his “scandalous” views are just common sense to most Americans.

    One thing I liked very much about Trump was the way he stood by Lewandowski when he was under heavy fire for the “incident” involving Michelle Fields. Such loyalty is very rare in politics. Normally, he would have been sacrificed or at least forced to “apologize”.

    If Clinton is elected, she will shape the Supreme Court for decades, which would kill the first and second amendments, both of which are under heavy assault by activist judges even now, in addition to cementing the radical leftist social agenda for a generation. In addition to the two radical Obama appointees, Clinton would appoint Scalia’s successor and Breyer and Ginsburg would resign in her first tirm. That means five young, radical judges, even if the three conservatives and Kennedy hold out for another four years, which is unlikely by itself.

    Anyone still plotting a convention coup, looking for a third-party candidate or holding out on endorsing Trump and campaigning and fundraising for him until he drops, has lost any right to call himself a “conservative”.

    • I agree with everything. And by the by, Lewandowski seems to me a man of integrity, too. I hope his departure does not damage Trump’s campaign too much.

  3. He was interviewed last night (on Fox News, I believe it was), and the man exuded class. Very impressive man.

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