Meet Pope Demented Hypocrite

The Pope is here caught in one of those rare moments of closed mouth.

The Evil Clown was caught red handed.

Not only is MarriageGate in obvious contrast with the most elementary concept of Catholicism. It is, also, in contrast to what Francis himself said, in public, merely months ago.

From this, we understand (not that we did not know it) the following:

  • The scripted statements are not written by him. They are written by (by and large) Catholics.
  • Francis hates Catholicism. He hates all that Catholicism is and represents. At times he must go through the motions of pretending to be a Catholic. When he does so, he does not even pay attention to what he says. He does not reflect on it. He cannot or does not want to remember what he (officially) stands for. He does not profit from his newly found access to Catholic scripts to learn. He just doesn't understand, doesn't care, or both.
  • When he speaks “off-the-cuff”, Francis feels free to express his own opinion. But being too stupid to even understand how little he ever understood of Catholicism, he causes an earthquake after the other.

I wonder if the man really wants all these scandals. Some of them are certainly planned, but I have the impression a lot of this “off the cuff” mess is just an idiot who is too stupid, too vain, and too full of himself to understand when to shut up; or else understands that he will do harm to himself but, like a stubborn child, wants to have it his way nevertheless.

In the first comment of the linked post, a smart commenter compares the Pope (concerning another matter) with a “demented/drugged person”, and calls what Francis said “demonic”. The comment was published, and I am very happy to see that more and more people understand that we need strong words if we want to at least counteract the immense damage this man is causing.

A lot had to happen before faithful Catholic expressed themselves in this way, in a mainstream/soft conservative Catholic blog, about the man we used to call the Holy Father.




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  1. God send sometimes good and saint popes; normally He tolerates mediocre popes and sometimes He afflicts us with horrible popes by our sins: Judas Bergoglio is indubitably one of them.

    This is the last sample of his mental diarrhea:

    IMPORTANT: Pope Francis: “On many occasions I find myself in a crisis of faith”, even as Pope; DENIES there is Christian genocide in the Middle East

  2. If you will permit me to provide a link, an article of great encouragement to me from a secular magazine, by a secular author (Michael Dougherty writes for the NYTimes, ESPN, Slate), on the latest Papal attack on matrimony. He sees reality and the lethal threat more clearly than the vast majority of Catholics, Bishops, Priests and various so called learned commentariat.

    This article is a joy to read because of its unusual clarity and bluntness, it’s devastatingly accurate diagnosis, but especially because it is written for the secular masses, of whom the Pope flatters himself to lead. Perhaps the secular crowd see his moral authority slipping away and see less use for his Office than they once did.

    This latest dual attack on Holy Matrimony from Pope Francis is a bedrock attack on Catholicism and the Western Civilization it birthed millennia ago. And no one in authority seems to care! This fellow certainly does. Oh, how I hope the tide is turning.

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