Robert Mickens, Enemy Of The Church, Outs Himself.


Another faggot dissected…


Oh well… why I am not surprised? 

Robert Mickens, the hack fired by (even) the Tablet for wishing death to Pope Benedict, and afterwards hired by an unspeakably un-Catholic “catholic” rag, outed himself as a pervert.  

Yep, you got it right. 

These people spend years of their useless lives criticising every piece of Church doctrine, but they do not tell you that they do so because they have espoused the cause of perversion instead. Unspeakable hypocrisy. 

Why does Mickens out himself now, then? I don’t know, because every fag is, in some way, unstable. Perhaps he was about to be outed by others. Perhaps the burden of his own hypocrisy weighted too heavily on him. Perhaps he had just had an attack of egomania. Perhaps the Orlando massacre persuaded him he now belongs among the martyrs and saints.

I have written many times, and got an additional confirmation today, that very many of those who criticise Church doctrine (be they clergymen or journalists) do so for their own private, unconfessed reasons, which very often are Mr Micken’s reasons.

Scratch the dissenter, and you are likely to find the fag.

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  1. HI:

    I just so happened to stumble onto this sight. It would appear that the fags have much more serious issues than just the “hidden agenda/hidden information” problem.

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