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NBC: Whores By Choice


Selling well…


The “Creative Minority Report” alerts us to this exceptionally bad piece of sheer prostitution,   in which we are told that in a Country of 320 million a candidate chooses to hold events where the attendants could be less numerous than the press, in order for this selected, exalted company to see the Real Bitch (compare here) and then go around evangelising the people about the exceptional human qualities of the candidate. 

I immediately asked myself how these hacks and whores do not mention the big crowds left out of these intimate events.

Oh wait… that must be because there aren’t any…

Compare, please, with Donald Trump’s full venues, thousands of supporters at a time, big queues, and even a business of t-shirts and Trump accessories following him everywhere.

The scale of immorality is astonishing.

I bet these are the same people who push for “hate laws”.



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