Ding, Dong! Brussels’ Witch Is Mortally Wounded!



I have not written a single blog post about Brexit. The main reason is that I had other, more directly Catholic issues to cover; the other reason is that I never thought the Brexit camp could win. Even when, some ten days ago, the polls started to indicate a Leave lead, I immediately thought the “scare” would cause a rebound of “remain” vote intentions in the following days. This punctually happened, to the extent that the financial markets – with the big actors commissioning their own polls, more accurate than your average newspaper will be able to afford – were already putting a lot of money where their polls were.

The surprise was, therefore, big. Nor was it only the weather (dismal in the strongerst “remain Country”, London; acceptable of beautiful in large part ps of “Leave” territory) which helped. The extent of the “Leave” victory makes abundantly clear that weather can be no excuse.

What helped is the resilience, self-confidence and sheer balls of a Country ready to dare what, before today, no other EU Country would have dared to do.

Hats off to the British people. Yesterday, they showed us the stuff out of which Empires are made.

I easily predict that this is a mortal stab wound, from which the EU will never recover. Surely, this evil institution will go on another decade or two, increasingly lacerated by internal strife and the stupidity of its ruling classes, who I'll go on exasperating the common people until even the Germans dare to revolt. But the writing is on the wall.

This day will be remembered in one thousand years. It is the mortal wounding of the most pernicious, subtle, dangerous project of subversion of democracy ever attempted. Not only this vote changes Britain forever. It changes the EU Countries forever.

Mind my words: in the next 10 or 15 years Brexit will prove not only a triumph of national sovereignty against the dictatorship of bureaucrats, but it will also prove such a success for the British economy (particularly if Scotland does us the favour and freaks off already) that will put to shame the undemocratic, anti-Christian, nannying EU elephant.

Yesterday, the Brits have shown that a remainder of those qualities that made their wonderful Empire (self-reliance, tenacity, and sheer courage) still runs through the Country's vein.

They should be proud.

Today it's a new dawn. It truly is the start of a new era. A day that will be remembered in one thousand years.

Hat offs to this nation of proud islanders. They may not fully realise it, but yesterday they have, inter alia, mortally wounded the biggest and most dangerous anti-Christian threat on the European soul.




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  1. Labour voters won this referendum by defying their masters. So too will trump be elected when the white working class who usually vote Democrat come out for him.

    • …or those who have stopped voting. As seeing rather massively in the UK yesterday.
      This is a great, great signal for Trump; and a very ominous one for Crooked Hillary.

  2. Great news. The New World Order takes a hit. Hopefully, there will be many more. Now, perhaps this will provide a message to the Catholic Church to get out of the political business and get back to the business of saving souls.

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  4. This is splendid news to awaken to. Equally pleasing will be the looks on the faces of the villainous Soros, Merkel, Obama, Clinton, Cameron, and the rest of that wretched cabal. The news states that Denmark and France are studying their own options now.

  5. I am surprised and extremely happy with the results, congratulations to the British people! I fully agree with you, the European Union is not only an economic disaster which wrecked most of Europe, it is also an evil institution which imposes anti-Christian values disguised of “human rights” (abortion, gay rights, gender politics, indiscriminate immigration) and doesn’t tolerate any kind of dissent in these aspects (see the recent examples of Poland and Hungary). I also hope this is the start of the end of the EU.
    On the other hand, let’s see if the results of the voting are accepted and followed. It has happened before that referenda against the EU were just ignored.

    • These are Brits.
      They don’t get “ignored” unpunished.
      There will be no tricks. There will be bickering and perhaps a somewhat acrimonious separation, but that’s it.

  6. I went to sleep hearing that the markets had surged on the apparent certainty of a Remain vote. I awoke drowsily at 4pm, my radio still on, to hear a speech from Mr Farage, not of proud defeat but delirious victory. Like you, I never dreamt this was possible. You are right in saying that this is a momentous day. In fact it’s the greatest day in our country’s history since the Second World War. All the prophets of masonic one-world government have been routed in one fell swoop: Obama, Cameron, Blair, Juncker, Sturgeon (for God’s sake take your rabble and go, Nicola. But remember the oil price has fallen somewhat since your last half-assed attempt to flounce off).

    And WE did it! God bless Our Lady’s Dowry!!

  7. I think this is fitting:

    Great Britain has voted for Independence, which is cause for great celebration all over Free Europe. Now they have to make sure they actually get it (the political class might try to squirm out of the clear result in many ways), and negotiate the process of adjustment smartly.

    After that, next up: Denmark, Netherlands, possibly Austria after the FPÖ wins the next elections (or earlier, if the doubtful result of the presidential election is overturned in July due to widespread counting irregularities).

    The Germans are very patient and cautious: We will put up with a lot, before we are moved to action. But when we finally wake up, we will swiftly and efficiently put an end to the EU insanity project.

    Germany is a dormant volcano. The fire is still there, but it is buried under layers of indoctrination and apathy. Strip them away – as current events are beginning to do – and the volcano will erupt. Unlike a real eruption, however, it is going to be thoroughly planned and efficiently executed. The EU will not survive it.

    The sovereign and free Peoples of Europe have been here long before the EU and we will survive long after the EU has been forgotten.

  8. There are fewer things finer, in political life, than a smiling Nigel Farage celebrating an overwhelming victory against all the odds.

    I agree with you that this is more than your average victory. This is a mortal blow, that goes to the heart of the Godless oppressors. It must be followed up quickly, and vigorously with further advance against the soulless, Godless, one-world-government project that stands like a dark castle of doom against the shining City of God.

    May this merry band achieve further victories against the faceless bureaucrats that would oppress us and against the Catholic Church’s misbegotten efforts to advance such an evil project.

  9. Our Lady of Walsingham, restore the Christian continent of Europe!

  10. Reminds me of the fall of the Berlin wall. A great victory of the British people against the usurpers in Brussels, the whole rotten edifice is springing disintegrating at an accelerated pace. I hope the Italians and others get their chance to join the wrecking crew soon.

    Yep, that bloodsucker Soros gave blew it when he blabbed to the press.

  11. Three cheers for Frodo Farage!

  12. England being the Dowry of Mary I was always confident that Our Blessed Lady would come to our aid in spite of the dreadful legislation that has been imposed upon us. Lets hope that we can now start to regain our Christian heritage.It was the votes of the English and Welsh ( also a land of saints ) that won the day. Scotland is a lovely place to visit but the nationalists never stop whining. If they think they will be better off in the EU then good luck to them because they will need it by the bucketload.

  13. I truly hope this is the beginning of the restoration of the Catholic Faith in Britain, without which, I’m convinced, Western Civilisation cannot be saved from the abyss.

    I think this result was almost miraculous.

  14. High hope for ripple effects to many EU nations especially Germany so that the Germans will awake and withdraw all support to the evil modernists Cardinals Max, Kasper and their gang. The Church may be much better without them. Thanks God for intervention.

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