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After The EU, Time To Settle The Score With The Council Of Europe

council of europe

Half a billion EUR a year to promote murder of children, war to Christianity, PC madness and much more. 

The Council of Europe is another of those blasted organisations scrounging an existence out of the stupidity (or ignorance) of the people of Europe.

This useless organisation, costing us half a billion euro a year, has recently severely criticised Poland. Why? But of course, because Poland is pro-life, and might get an improved anti-abortion legislation.

Promptly, the “human right” bitches start barking, and demand that Poland  decriminalise abortion, remove conscience protections for doctors and medical personnel, and enact mandatory comprehensive sexuality education. 

This already shows us that “human rights” is only the thinnest cover for “abortionist propaganda”. Interestingly enough (and very tellingly) the “criticism” of the “Commission” was partly base don a report from (wait for this) International Planned Parenthood Federation. 

Really? Half a billion euro a year of our money for this Planned Parenthood sponsored rubbish? 

Now, the Council of Europe profits from this: that he common man on the street thinks they are, in a way, “EU”. They aren’t, but it’s just the other side of an evil coin: the idea that you need European Nazi Nanny to conform all European citizens to the way their better think they should be. 

Well, you know what? Poland called Bullobama and reacted very vigorously, and without any ceremony, to the abortionist bitches.  

Now that the EU is coming under rigorous scrutiny, and the right of these arrogant scroungers to tell all of us what is right and wrong begins to be questioned, it is a good time to also question the existence of this most useless of useless “European” organisations, the Council of Europe. 

Poland doesn’t need any “human right watch”. Europe does not need all these human rights activist bitches. If Planned Parenthood wants to go on doing their satanic work, they should do without the cover of the European Council, and without the money of European taxpayers. 

I am fed up with seeing murder and perversion sponsored with taxpayer’s money. I am fed up with busy-bodies telling us what is “torture” and what is “racism”. I am fed up with idiots thinking they can tell us whether we can have a crucifix in our classrooms. Make all of them unemployed, and save the money. Then suggest to the unemployed bitches they get their money from Planned Parenthood and continues their work in Afghanistan, or Saudi Arabia, or any other Muslim Country of their choice.

Time to get rid of these scrounging bitches. All of them.  




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