Yes, The Church Must Apologise To Homosexuals

I apologise for this idiot.

I would like to intervene in one of the last two or three controversies ignited by the Evil Clown (I think we also have the “Luther was right” in the meantime. Satan is strong in this one…) and agree with Pope Dope at least in this, that the Church should apologise to perverts.


She should apologise for the homosexual priests who have perverted the teaching of the Church as they tried (and still try) not only to confuse the faithful, but to find candidates to satisfy their perverted lust.


She should apologise for the weakness of not calling homosexuality a grave depravity nearly as often as she should, and for falling back to sensitive language like “intrinsically disordered”, which does not convey the idea of impending hell nearly as good as “perverted”.


She should apologise for a culture of “niceness” that is the most cruel, most uncharitable approach in the face of souls in danger of hell.


She should apologise for Pope Francis, a godless, entirely secular hater of the Church who does not care for their salvation because he does not even believe in his own (or else is a closet Satanist; at this point, no one would be surprised).


Yes, the Church should apologise to homos. She is allowing them to go to hell (and, unless they repent of their sins of sodomy, to hell they will go, as there is no invincible ignorance of natural law) just in order to look good with the enemies of Christ, even as a lewd buffoon leads, unwittingly or not, Satan's charge.


Mind: everyone who sends himself to hell has no right to be excused because the Church has left him alone. But this does not make the stain on the earthly Church smaller. Actually, it makes it bigger.





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  1. I couldn’t help but laugh at “Satan is strong in this one” but it was short lived when I remembered how much damage Darth Francis is inflicting on the Church and people’s souls.

  2. Agree with you Mundy…the apologies should come from the evil priests and bishops not doing all they can to fight against the depravity of sodomy that destroys lives and souls. Joseph Sciambra says the same thing at his blog too. The evil prelates need to apologize to us too for foisting this perversion onto us and most of all apologize to Our Lord for betraying Him and promoting such grave sin as normal. God bless~

  3. You’re exactly right. One Mad Mom posted very similar comments.

  4. Thank you, Mundy. Over this past year, you’ve made me laugh, cry, despair and remain hopeful…but most of all you have been my gyroscope : “a device consisting of a wheel or disk mounted so that it can spin rapidly about an axis that is itself free to alter in direction. The orientation of the axis is not affected by tilting of the mounting; so gyroscopes can be used to provide stability or maintain a reference direction in navigation systems, automatic pilots, and stabilizers.” Blessings, Mark

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  5. I want an apology from the College of Cardinals for electing this buffoon.

  6. St Francis warned us of the great destroyer to come – here he is looking almost akin to an angel of light. Mind you he is certainly less subtle than his last two predecessors whose ecumenism wrought massive damage on the church and their neglect of the priesthood as well as their liturgical miscreancy.

  7. Beautiful article! This betraying liar and his sodomitical, modern and heretical gang should apologize to all Catholics and repent to God for not doing their jobs (the work of God that assigned to them is undone) that causes even the best men of the Church are confused and blinded and convert no soul. By being unscrupulous, unprincipled and followed their “Father of Lies” they have turned the sacred, eternal things to things corruptible, let the death reigns, and encourage sinners over speed to hell. By signing the compact with devil they have all teflon-grade popularity, become corrupted themselves in death. They certainly knew that all sodomites will end up in self destruction and the Church always has tried to help those “mental disorder” people get out of death trap. Be wise, get redeemed and stop trying to make war against Jesus Christ, your Lord and your God whose death and resurrection of the body has conquered the darkness, He is the Archvictor. Go ahead bowing out and doing penance in monastery before it is too late. “More will be asked of a man to whom more has been entrusted” (Lk12:48). May God have mercy on this pope and his minions.

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